MTN Magic Sim – Browse Unlimited For Life, Learn How To Activate Yours Now!

Guys  I think this is going to  be a smile filled morning to all internet
geeks as I will be  introducing you to  MTN unlimited free browsing Sim to you guys. 
The other day i shared a tutorial on how you can use your Mtn bis to download unlimited. Today, you can call it magic Sim.

This Sim will  be hacked to browse
unlimitedly, download unlimitedly, watch live tv, you tube and other live
It works with computers, android, iphone, ipad, and all other browsing devices.
It also works with blackberry just that it can’t ping.

Mtn magic Sim

No hidden charges! You can load and make call with the Sim with high speed internet

Follow This Simple Steps To Browse
With Your Mtn Sim Till Jah Comes
1.      Recharge your mtn sim(use mtn pulse
line for better  result) with nothing
less than #250
2.       Send 2H to 131. By so doing you are
subscribing for 2hours internet browsing on your pc.
3.      Insert the sim into your modem then  connect  it with your pc and browse with it within that
4.      Remove the sim from the modem and
leave the Sim unused for 24hours.
5.      After the 24hours, insert your sim to
your phone or modem; and browse till your last day on earth. 
This tweak has been tested and it works perfectly.    
NB: My next post will on how to browse with etisalat bis on system with unlimited downloading. keep a date with us.
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282 thoughts on “MTN Magic Sim – Browse Unlimited For Life, Learn How To Activate Yours Now!”

  1. This is a perfect tweak. It works perfectly. Sometimes in the past someone gave a similar tweak of loading N250 MTN air time for 2 Hours browsing. At the expiration of the 2 hours, the system will automatically switch to MTN Website and at that point, we should send "reset" to 131. Since then, I have been enjoying the tweak. Initially I used to reload but as time went on, later it stopped to be exhausted again; hence your write up is genuine – tested and trusted. I must sincerely commend you for your good work.

  2. You are the main man Yomi, your tweak works like magic and i am a partaker of the good tidings.
    You tutorial have been saving me plenty of money that i would have spent on recharging my modem.

    I Will always keep a date with this wonderful and insightful blog

    • Chioma.. Internet geeks must not suffer from all the network stuffs. Thank God it work out for you. Just download and surf until you are tied of using the net.

  3. Yomi do i need 2 put it in a modem after subscribing 4 it 2 wrk? Or i can use d 2h stuf on my phone n continue using it..asin subscribe witout usin it in a modem b4 usin it on my phone?

  4. Please, its over 8hrs now and ive nt browse with it before i removed it. Hope it can still work or i should insert it and browse before the 24hrs?

  5. whether u use it for it or not the major thing is to keep the sim for 24hrs.I don't know if it is still working but I will try and get back with result

    • I learn't Mtn have stopped 2Hrs subscription but am still yet to confirm it. I will try and figure out another way out to those who did not succeed in getting their Magic Sim activated. To the one who succeeded in activating theirs, Congrats!

  6. oga i hav a sim that i subsribed for 2hr plan since 17th, it has not expire, how do i go about it to work as magic sim, cos wen i sent 2 to 131 they said i hav used 0mins of my 2hr which wil expire on the 18th

  7. Someone told me it has been finally blocked, is this true or is there any new method? please update us on this ASAP.

  8. guys it stl workn,no new method..even if it shws
    u hv used0mins outta bla bla..continue wil remain 0mins continualy..tanx yall,u guys rock.

    • Tank you for the update. I tried it too and it is still working. You guys should keep flexing it ooo because i don't trust MTN. Love ya all!

  9. Oga Yomi, I just converted my mtn Family and Friends to Pulse and subscribed to 2Hrs by calling customer care. Now, my question is, when I browse and exhaust my data, after leaving the sim for 24hrs. What will I set in my ipad as the apn, username and password to be able to use it to browse. Please get ready to send me ur account number if this works for me.

  10. I followed the guide, subscribed yesterday morning on MTN pulse, and am rocking wella now. who says it has stopped working should try again. May be it is the mtn network in the area One. This same tutorial you posted here Free of Charge some individual ask me to pay #3,500 to get the manual. You are just God sent. I will bookmark your blog righ now.

  11. The sim was on PAYGO plan then i subscribed for the 2 hrs stuff then later switch to MTN Pulse,.. will it still work when the 2 hours is finished?.

  12. @yomi, after 24hrs, i sent 2 to 131 and i was told i had use 8min outta my 2hrs plan, and its suppose to xpire by 8:44pm today(21st) and am postin this msg 8:58 wil it stl work?

  13. subscribed for 2hrs,i browsed for few hrs(like 1hr 40min), removed the sim, after 24hrs, i inserted it bk into my phone.4hrs after puting my sim bk in ma phone, i received a msg dat i had used 50percent of my data and few minutes later, it stopped

    • thanks Yomi, u are a gud man. I subscribd and usd myn 4 abt 1 hr and den removed my sim, im waiting 4 24hrs,i pray it works, i wil be glad. Thanks again!

  14. Pls my oga @ Yomi,, some pple talked about sending the word reset to 131 under d comment box,,but dats not part of wat u posted,,so is it part of it nd if yes wen am i to send d reset

  15. when u send 2 to wud shw ur 2hrs plan is still active..the main tin is dat..d plan has to myt take up to 48hrs to xpire,den u gud to blaze..yomi..u been doing a great job..mre grease to ur elbow..Dennis

  16. @yomi,u said we should browse within the 2hours,meaning we can browse for like 30min and keep the sim for 24hours,but now u are saying we should browse for exactly 2hours b4 removing the sim for 24hours… pls wat r u really saying???

  17. Pls yomi,shuld we use our frequently used mtn line or shuld we buy a new 1??..nd it we use our main mtn sim,wil dey b deductin our money anytime we recharge?

  18. @Yomi dey sent me Y'ello! You have exhausted your 2H Data plan. Activate another bundle or text RESET to 131 to browse @ 5kobo/KB. Den I remove me sim, will it still work?

  19. @David, still remove the sim and keep it for 24hours
    @Eric2002… Don't text any reset to them oo. Remove your Sim and still keep it for 24hours.(Though the 7sims i have done, i did'nt finish my subscription. Let's hope it will work

  20. @yomiprof pls I migrated to pulse frm mtn zone today and immediately sent 2h to 131 and since I still haven't seen any reply and my #250 is still intact pls help.

    • Keep sending it. If you send it like 3-5 time and they did not reply you, just call there customer care and they will automatically activate it for you. Don't tell them say na me ooo.

  21. @yomi,i migrated to pulse and load 100 and they gave me 10mb and i load another 100 and i now transfer 50naira to d line making 250,i sent 2h to 131 and they remove the 250 but the 10mb is still there,i browse for 30mins and removed the sim,do u think it will activate?wat wil happen to the unused 10mb?pls reply.thanks!

    • @John It will activate. Forget about the 10mb inside. so you are able to subscribe for the 2hrs plan, it will work. Enjoy my oga at the top!

  22. @yomi…..pls o, i subscribed yday by 7 n browse for lik 30mins n removed it. Then i put it back today by 12 n it browsed for lik 5mins n stopd…..n sinc den notin else. Pls wats wrng and wt cn i do? Tnx

  23. Mr Yomi i did mine exactly the way u ask us to. After the 24 hours i insert the sim and it browse for like 3 minutes and stop. It directs me to MTN home page instead of taking me to the page i requested. Pls help me out.

  24. I just notice another problem now, i have been browsing with it for over 2 hours now but i think it also includes about 150MB Limit, if you are browsing for several hours it could stop when you reach the limit of 150MB… what do you think?

    • did you just subscribed? Or you have undergo all the 24hrs processes… If you have under all the 24hrs processes, it will continue to browse. I am still using my own to browse.

  25. Oga mi,,av got a big prob, afta
    subcribin,,my money was deduct
    i was not given any notification d
    sucribe for 2hrs data plan,, so i d
    send 2 to 131 nd i was told i was
    my 2hr has exprd ,,pls wats sud i
    do,,am, confused ,

    • Wait ooo…you don't even need to send anything to 131. Once you discover that you have used your 2Hrs, remove your sim and keep it for 24hrs. This thing is still blazing hot oooo.

  26. I am still rocking it and i have downloaded over 20gb worth of movies from youtube and still downloading as i am typing this post.

    I was using the MTN BIS which is 3gb and when it finished, i still had until 29th of April till my BIS expires but i had exhausted my 3gb.

    Yomi you are the genius Can i please have your number so that i can appreciate you wella?Please inbox it to me [email protected] I am just happy this night.

    • @ MTN STAFF shey u be one of those people wen de collect money 4 people hand!!!! E de pain u 2 see d trick free of charge 4 here? Fool!!!

  27. Bro yomi, I recharged with 400 naira yesterday, I was on paygo so I got 5mb, I then migrated to pulse but my 400 was still there, I browsed with the 5mb for sometime before activating the 2hours plan, when my 5mb finished I noticed they were deducting the 150 naira left on my line instead of the 2hours I activated so I sent 2 to 131 and got a reply that my 2hours plan has expired… Strange! I didn't even use it but I removed my sim anyway. Please will it still work when I put it back tonight? Thanks.

    • i did mine on sunday against monday, though i was in super saver and didnt browse wit d sim. yesterda being mon i send reset to 131 invalid command as d msg.i surf d net throughout.dis mornin they redirected me to mtn site.i then send 106 to 131 they told me its active i hav used 120 mins of 2hrs to expire 22 april.i send again reset to 131 and 2 to 131 finally i was told

    • i did mine on sunday against monday, though i was in super saver and didnt browse wit d sim. yesterda being mon i send reset to 131 invalid command as d msg.i surf d net throughout.dis mornin they redirected me to mtn site.i then send 106 to 131 they told me its active i hav used 120 mins of 2hrs to expire 22 april.i send again reset to 131 and 2 to they deduct my money. what should i do now. I have more 5 sims on mtn pulse which i subscribed yesterday very soon it wil b up to 24 hrs. wil they stil be hacked or any new method. pls help urgently as my N1250 is at stake now.

    • @Deon dazzy, lets wait and see hw it will go once it complete that 24hours

      @IK,sending 106 to 131 will only give you 10mb subscription. Relax, mtn will always look for away to extract money from their customers but their will always be a way out. Let's wait and see after 24hrs if the sims will successfully be hacked. i will keep you posted.

  28. i browsed for 45mins, removed my sim, set my alarm for 24hrs after that i inserted my sim back. I received a message.. ''u have used 90% of ur 2hr plan.. I removed my sim again at night… Around 1 in d aftunoon i put my sim back and i started browsing like madt .. I browsed till i didnt knw what to browse again.. Just dis morn i tried it again but its mtn site dats showing… I want to knw if dis cheat is still working or should i subscirbe again? I've removed d sim anyway.

  29. Sori for d typin error,,Wat am tryin to say is dat.. I sent 2H to 131 to subscrb nd my 250 was deducted nd i wasnt given any mb notification dat i bot 2hrs mb,, so i sent 2 to 131 to chek balance nd i was told,my 2Hrs has expired

  30. Dont Mind this mtn people, i know they will be trying every possible means to block this tweak but it will not work. It is high time we milk them dry.
    I have another suggestion to some people who hv still not succeeded in getting their magic sim activated. I just discovered that I have subscribed for mtnBis (Blackberry Internet Services) but of a sudden it just stop browsing. So i subscribed for Mtn 2Hrs and guess what? I have been downloading as if na my papa get mtn. My suggestion therefore is this. If you did not succeed in activating magic sim, subscrib for this bis unlimited. Mr Yomi what do you think?

    • Mtn are aware that they have loopholes with their 2hrs plan and bobo's are already hacking into their server. I wil suggest you try to subscribe after 2hrs.

  31. i did mine on sunday against monday, though i was in super saver and didnt browse wit d sim. yesterda being mon i send reset to 131 invalid command as d msg.i surf d net throughout.dis mornin they redirected me to mtn site.i then send 106 to 131 they told me its active i hav used 120 mins of 2hrs to expire 22 april.i send again reset to 131 and 2 to they deduct my money. what should i do now. I have more 5 sims on mtn pulse which i subscribed yesterday very soon it wil b up to 24 hrs. wil they stil be hacked or any new method. pls help urgently as my N1250 is at stake now. pls reply me now the time is close.

    • They gave me message now that i have use 50 percent of my…….. will it stop going when it gets to 100 percent.should i do anything to it now like sending reset to 131 and secondly i didn't browse with the sim after subscription yesterday,i just removed the battery.pls update me now

  32. after 24 hrs i inserted one of the sim back,i didnt send anytin to 131.and It is Browsing now. Is it unlimited? do i need to do any thing to it now

  33. I discovered that those who have successfully subscribed for like 4days ago, can still blaze it well… Don't worry if you own have not work, it is their server because i have been trying to subscribe for some of my colleague at work but 2Hrs is not even going to 131. Let's watch how it go from now till tomorow morning but i will always keep you guys updated.

  34. Please i sent 2hrs to 131. nd d next mesage i saw is ur 2hrs for 1 day has expired plz wat do i do next cuz i av removed d sim frm ma fone

    • Please don't send 2hrs again to 131 if they have deducted your money. Just remove the sim and keep it for same 24hrs. Like i said that they have bn havin server problem because i tried activating for two of my colleague but their own case was that 2hrs to 131 was not going at all. So relax let's see how it goes after 24hrs. If it happen to still be like this, i will look for another quick alternative to this magic sim of a thing because my own sim is still downloading unlimited and i don't want you guys to keep dashin mtn ur money.

  35. Pls yomi,i subscrib 4 d 2h plan,nd i got reply dat i hv activatd d 2hrs 1day bundle..shuld i brows 4 2hrs nd leav d sim 4 24hrs despite d 2hrs 1day givin 2 me??pls..ansa bcos i nid ur help

  36. They gave me message now that i have use 50 percent of my…….. will it stop going when it gets to 100 percent.should i do anything to it now like sending reset to 131 and secondly i didn't browse with the sim after subscription yesterday,i just removed the battery.pls update me now its urgent

  37. Bro Yomi, I've wasted my 400 naira man, like I said yesterday, I inserted the sim this night and was really browsing but I kept on checking my remaining 150 naira it was there until about a few minutes when it just stopped opening pages then I checked my balance and it was gone… No magic sim bro and ma dough's been wiped like that. What do you suggest I do next. Thanks man.

  38. You can still subscribe to the 2 hour plan by calling customer care. This way u avoid non activation or being told that ur plan has expired when u just activated it. The only downside to this method is that u have to wait for minutes in order to speak to some1.

    Thanks Yomi for this thread. Great job ur doing…

  39. oga yomi, i really appreciate ur gudwork, i pray dat u ll never lack good thing in life in jesus name, guyz for my area sell diz magic sim for 5k, i almost pay 15k to learn it, bt now u gave us free. Anyway hv done mine,i sent 2h to 131, and browse for 2hrs as u said, bt u said i should insert d sim back after 2hrs, is it d time i subscribe i ll count, or i ll start counting after d 2hrs i browse.

    • Since you are on active bis, once you notice that ur bis stop browsing, you can then subscribe for the 2Hrs plan. it will work. This i can guarantee you

  40. pleas o prof yomi…im on mtn pulse nd i did mine around 11.30am on tue nd i browse till 1.30pm then i remove my sim nd i insert it back aroun 2pm on weds… then i only browse till around 10 in the night nd it stopped working o … pls help me o …z it d ntwork or wot?

  41. pls sir i forgot the time i left the sim..but is just 1hr late can i leave it for like 25hr b4 i insert the sim back? Gud morning

  42. Ma Boss!on an attempt 2 try d mtn magicsim,I reloaded n subscribed for d 2H plan as instructed;I got a msg immediately dat it was succesful.without sufin; I got 2 other msgs within 1mins,the first was that I hav used 50% n den anoda that I hav used 90% . d next ting was dat I hav consumd my data plan n i didnt even browse @ al.after d 2 hours I stil removed my sim n kept it unused for d 24H,dat was yesterday n my sim hav faild 2 conect through out 2day.wat shud i do pliz??

  43. Magic sim is still going, i did 5 sims monday against Tuesday. This is the update, subscribe and don't browse with it, just pull your battery,leave ur sim ,for like 25hrs or more,insert it back sim hacked. .mtn might be sending u msg that u ve used some percentage of ur bundle,ignore such msg.Browse for like some hours,then send 106 to 131,if u received msg like this Dear customer, your 2 hrs 1-Day Data plan is still active. You have used 0 mins of 2 hrs. Expires: 23-Apr-2013 16:03. Start surfin its now unlimited. as you can see mine suppose to expire on 23 but it is still active. Note Never send 2 to 131 it will be deactivated or exhausted,use mtn pulse

  44. @yomI, i subscribe for d 2hours, i browsed for 30mins and i removed my sim for 24hours…wen i put it back on phone it was blazing…i browse for almost 3hours on phone, i discovered dt they removed d 10Mb that they gave me but its still going…so i now put remove d sim and put it inside my modem and it browse for like 30mins and started showing mtn page…up till my its not browsing…pls wat should i do…i beg reply me!

  45. @ Everyone, A fellow commenter posted this on this thread, and i think if we can give it a trial, it will work. According to what IK posted "Magic sim is still going, i did 5 sims monday against Tuesday. This is the update, subscribe and don't browse with it, just pull your battery,leave ur sim ,for like 25hrs or more,insert it back sim hacked. .mtn might be sending u msg that u ve used some percentage of ur bundle,ignore such msg.Browse for like some hours,then send 106 to 131,if u received msg like this Dear customer, your 2 hrs 1-Day Data plan is still active. You have used 0 mins of 2 hrs. Expires: 23-Apr-2013 16:03. Start surfin its now unlimited. as you can see mine suppose to expire on 23 but it is still active. Note Never send 2 to 131 it will be deactivated or exhausted,use mtn pulse". So lets try it out.

  46. @yomizie,high day try to activate the 2h bundle mtn de tell me tory say i cant activate that the bundle is not available…war shu lai do? Help la blother

    • Shoowww..! Mtn no well oo. Hope they are not planning to block 2hrs plan? I know their will always be a way out sha.

  47. i call customer care to activate my 2h plan but they are telling me d application is nt available..pls let us know wen its available.thanks!

  48. @Yomi…the connection on my hacked sim card is nt connectin well,doh it does browse atyms bt my other sim cards with MB r browsing very well.Am tinkin of subscribin d 5MB for 5naira daily plan to boost d netwk on my hackd sim. Do u tink it is a good idea? Is it likely to spoil d tweak once it xpires @ midnight? Am confused cos browsing on the hackd sim is jus off and on. I believe if I subscribe dat 5MB daily on d sim it will enhance d network bt am scared if it will spoil d tweak and den will it b unlimited? Or will I b restrictd to the 5MB I bought for dat day. Am doin dis on d hackd sim card o

    • Don't subscribe for 5mb on the hacked sim as it may turn it back to normal. Instead, check if this is the current apn you have on your modem settings

  49. i subscribed to d 2hrs plan last night by 9:30pm n i didnt get any notification dat its successful den i checked my balance, N250 had bin deducted den i knw m already subscribed to d plan. I didnt browse wit d sim, i kept it as JK and Yomi said. M stl waitin for it to get to the 24hrs wait-time b4 i try it. I jst hope it work coz i rili nid dis. May God save us frm mtn. More grease to your elbow @ Yomi n JK. M a programmer, also wanna learn hacking and cracking

  50. Pls why is my already hacked sim(used 4 8 days)not connecting since yesternight.Any network problem?I stay in surulere

  51. It is Network issue. Mine waz cracked 9days ago. I noticed the network has been fluctuating even lastnight till diz morning. I cracked 13 sim(s), I sold 6 3days ago. Kudoz to Yomi!

    • @abdul Ariz,Tanks 4 d reply.Pls let me know d latest working tweak on mtn unlimited.D 1 used 4 cracking mine(8-9 days ago,i payed 1k ) is not workin on other sims again.

  52. Tnx vry much yomi,i jst did mine nd it is blazin cn i recharge my sim nd mak call wif it??abi it is 4 only browsin?

  53. can i use mtn modem software dat has d function of calling on my unlocked etisalat modem dat doesnt have d capacity to call?

    • Hello, your question seems not to be clear. Are you saying "Can you use etisalat sim on mtn modem that has the function of calling? Please rephrase your question so that i can answer u better.

    • yes you can use the hacked sim to make calls; but make sure you load the a reasonable amount you can finish in making call before you browse wt it on your system. I don't want a situation where mtn will now be chargin you.

  54. yomi thank u mine is working.that is what i am using to post shall never lack in your life.bcos givers shall never lack

  55. i said cn i use mtn modem software on my etisalat modem?
    M jst browsing wit d sim n i sent 106 to 131 i got a reply dat "sorry, u do not have sufficient balance…….." i didnt get "dear customer, u've used ….." can it stl work for me?

  56. i'm now browsing on my system. i dont knw yet maybe its my 10mb m using bt i'll find out soon. d reply i got wen i sent 106 to 131 was sorry you do not have sufficient balance

  57. Pls I subscribe as Yomi and lK said and after 25 hrs I inserted back the sum and it was blazing I browsed for like 2hrs and I sent 106 to 131 and,mtn sent,a msg as Yomi and ik said but since then I've been unable to connect pls help.

  58. @Anonymous.. You can't use Mtn modem software on etisalat modem since they are not dsame, so it would't work. Sending 106 to 131 simply means u wana subscribe for 10mb. If mtn reply dat u dnt hv sufficient bal, means d amount u hv on ur chip is nt enough to get the 10mb. So tell me, what do u want to do exactly?
    @Omotola, if u are now browsing on ur systm and at dsam time u sent 106 to 131, dat reply u got simply means its nt from ur 10mb u r browsing.
    @Ola, try it after some time as it could be a temporary network problem.
    @Anonymous2…don't send reset to 131.


    • I noticed the same thing.. i send 106 to 131 they sent me a message saying dear customer, your 2hrs 1 day data plan is still active… which ought to expire a day before… but the network as been bad throughout.. later i now connected with a PC it's now redirecting me to mtn bundle site.. i now checked my balance it's still same but i noticed it's only 9mb i'm having left which i can't use.. help please

  60. Hello prof. Thanks again. I did mi on wen. Then on Thursday I inserted the sim on phone. I started browsing wit it. But later I noticed that they re deducting from the free MB they gave to me. Then this morning the MB is remains 9.MB. I insert It in mi modem. It connects and disconnects though I am not in a good network area. Mi questions is, am I on magic sim already? Or is it from free mi MB dat I am browsing

  61. its me omotola, @yomi, it stopped browsing wen my MB n airtime exhaused. Wen i subscribed to 2hrs, i didnt get any notification bt my 250 was deducted. My questions nw are, am i on magic sim or not? and is d cheat is working or not?

  62. @Everyone, i will solely advice us not to subscribe to the magic Sim tweak for now, in order not to just be given away our precious 250 to Mtn. Like i said in my other post, that for now nobody should subscribe to the magic plan except i have verified it's functionality again. The reason being is that mtn has been having network issues since on Tuesday, inshort, as i am typing this message, i don't have network on my BB device, I am currently using Airtel subscription to post this message.
    Just keep your magic sim should in case you have subscribe before, when the network is ok, i will device another means of getting it back fixed. I love you guys for your patience and continual understanding. YomiProf!



  64. @yomi,abeg as i de jolli wit the magic sim now,if i con load on my sim and them give me 10mb on loading on pulse.will the mb affect my unlimited mb? Confused

  65. @martins u r absolutely wrong. dont u knw that de can as well act like a mole too? the only way if u wanna safeguard anything is by keeping it 2 oneself. kudos 2 u Boss YOMI

  66. My mtn magic sim is working , and it working very fast, (700kbps-1),thumbs up Prof Yomi, i was almost tempted to pay #3000 for this untill i tried it myself, have been able to download close to 3gb now since ystday without disconnecting, only little fluctuation some times. make sure you are on mtn pulse, load your credit and send 2h to 131, when you get a confirmation that you can now browse for the 2hrs they browse for like 1hr:30min or less(make sure you dont download more than 100mb when you r browsing) then later remove the sim from your modem, and calculate 25hrs from the time you removed the sim from your modem.Insert it after the 25hrs, then you start browsing till GOd knows!( NOTE: if you are not too desperate to get the mtn magic sim, i will advise dont risk it, based on what prof yomi said you can wait till he confirm it generally working, but on my side its working fine.OVA N OUT)

  67. Magic Sim is not blocked ooooooo. Mine is still going well. Tanks prof. I don't know how i managed stumbled on this site but it has bn helpful and worthwhile. How i wish i can meet Yomiprof in person. This same tweak, i almost pay 5K for. Well tanks Prof for this insightful tutorial. Even if they happen to block it tomorow, i have partake from it.

  68. good day pls i just activated mine on thursday but it started opening mtn data bundle page on friday nite, but it work later yesternite for like 1hr:30min n dey send a msg dat my data has expired… pls what is it i can do… pls send me d steps to take tru [email protected]

  69. Its working very fast and am even tired of downloading. Last night i downloaded files worth 5gb with torrent. Insert the sim in a torch light phone, load the N250 recharge card, then wait for the message, then dial *107# then remove the sim and off the phone for 24hours.. Then send reset to 131 and send reset to 4777 again. Then you are good to

  70. this forum is progressing coz have been enjoying my magic sim. Thanks to Mr Yomi. Coz naijaloaded offer this for #3,500. More grease to ur elbow.

    • Yes… You can use it to browse on your phone for that two hours… Mine is still working but i don't know if it will work for new commers.

  71. I tried to hack my sim, it didn't work oo, I subscribed, then I left fo 24 hours after that when I plugged in it was browsing but its always sometimes switching to No Internet acces on my taskbar, and until the second day, (today), its not browsing at all its just bringing no internet acces and its always referring me to that mtn data bundle page. Can you help???

  72. hallo gus . i crack my sim yesterday it was originally browsin wel but later showin me mtn websit wen i brows on my pc , pls elp ,me what can i do .

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  74. I had been browsing with it successfully. All of a sudden it started to redirect my page to mtnonline page. What should i do?


  76. @Matinz…so in your "over-experienced" mind,those MTN employees dont have emails ba?? Abegi..carry ur negativity go elsewhere…like some1 rightly posited the only way for it to lat long is for Yomi 2 keep it 2 himself.
    But as long it is being shared for free..we all would take the risk..Thimns up 2 u Yomi..keep it up

  77. Please mr. Yomi, I'm have d magic sim currently and I wish to subscribe for a blackberry plan. Just want t know if it will affect the magic sim stuff. Thanks.

    • You can subscribe for your Bis subscription but i don't know if it will affect your magic sim status. Since your package is still on pulse, their is 70% possibilities that it will not affect it.

  78. Oga yomi, mine is not activating to 2hrs plan. Sent more than 50 sms 2H to 131 and no response. I have 2 mtn sim. Activated the other sim 3 days ago. But when i tried to browse for some minutes with d first sim, it expired after 10 mins and left it for 24 hrs but it never browsed. So i had to load 300 on the other sim but can't activate 2hrs. Pls what do i do boss.

    • For now,to activate 2hrs plan you need to call customer care to do that for you. And secondly, magic sim does'nt work on new mtn lines except the old ones; i just confirm this. The question is on which sim did you activated the magic, old or new line?

  79. Can i still activate d mtn magic sim. I av 250 in my account, pls i need correct procedures on hw to go abt it… Plssss

    • The procedures above is correct. but make sure you migrate to pulse. and don't activate it on new lines but old lines if not it won't work

  80. Plz is mtn magic sim still working? I av 250 in my balance nw, i nid procedures as to how to activate it. Thx

  81. Bro Yomi, I will be interesting if the new way of magic sim is discovered. alert me the new way with this email ([email protected]) and also your account no. I promise you, if it work Mehn! your account must blink trust me. i will be glad to see your reply. Thanks.


  83. my case is different i think. my cousin gave me the tweak and the 2h to 131 worked immediately. noone told me about pulling the sim for 24hrs.
    i browsed non stop for almost 20 hours and it just stopped. went to mr google and learnt about reset. i did that and it didnt work.. the browsing just ate my remaining airtime. i did something stupid and resend 2h to 131. my sim still isnt browsing. is there a solution to my problem?

  84. What is really happening? It seems not cooperating again bcs I have been on it since last week but refused to expire until yesterday..then browse for sometimes… after reconnection it has stopped flexing…[email protected] help pls.

  85. Goodmorning Mr. Yomi.
    Please, is there another way of activating mtn magic sim Apart from sending 2h to 131 for mtn magic sim to be activated on my simcard,cos is like the 2h stuff is not working anymore…thanks

  86. any one who needs the magic sim new style should mail me……..there is a new way which is rocking now……..
    the second is magic sim that works with bbm unlimitedly………

    to get this two packages you can mail me here ::::::[email protected]……

    i will then get back to you as soon as possible…
    guys make una no look for awoof ooooo, co he dey run bellee …lol

  87. prof i dont knw what to do with this my own sim.i did that magic sim ishh but it few weeks back and later put it in my moderm then it browse so later i got a message that have used 90% of my data plan ,immediately i removed it so the later day i inserted the sim into my moderm but it didnt browse again, i checked my bundle expired date it keeps telling me i still have an active bundle and it going to expire may 23…funny mehnn please what should i do …..i will really appreciate if anyone can come to my rescue

  88. Hi Yomi, am glad to be on board with genius man like you. 2H Activation is no longer working, i heard that there is another method to activate MTN MagiC SIM. PLS if u have it kindly give us i need to be online 247 to write my sch project. i dont have money to subscribe.

    God bless Yomi
    God bless all

  89. @Prof Yomi PLLLzzz I knw am late and all, But I need ur help. Is this tweak still workin as at 20th June?
    I want to know and if its not plz. Update us.
    Thanks a lot.

  90. YOmi prof, i did myne but after like 3days it stopped working…it seems its bn blocked/….and to that guy that says u shud nt post it..i guess he is among those exploiting ijnocent 9jarians else he wunt say dat….hw many fan u wan dey send to there boxx

  91. Nigerians atimes
    customer care : good morning how can I help
    you ?
    guy: I dnt knw what is happeningto my mtn
    sim. I have tried all I could to turn it to magic
    sim,but it didn't work
    customer care : magic sim !
    guy : yeah.that what my friend called,he had
    been browsing unlimitedly for thepast 1
    customer care : 1 year!
    guy : yeah
    customer care : ok,how did yu do ur ow dat
    didnt work out?
    guy: I recharge N300,then snt 2hrto 131, i
    then remove the sim for 25hrs.then I dialed
    and it didnt work
    customer care: is that the way your friend
    did his own
    guy: yes
    customer care : ok,am checking why your
    own is not working
    guy: ok
    customer care : are u caling me wit d number
    guy: no
    c c: call the numba for me
    guy : 0813215115*
    cc : checking,do you knw any other
    person using the magic sim?
    guy: yeah
    lola,femi,charles,innocent n other
    cc : do you knw their numbas:
    guy i av it on my phone book.let me check it.
    then he called the numbas one after d other
    cc: we are currently upgrading our server in
    oda to serve you better.
    Now mtn had blocked the guys magic sim
    frm browsing.and many others yesterday
    I gat dis msg frm sum1 last nite.whatz all dis
    why do some people behave lyk dis?

  92. i seriously ned ur help.i updated my modem to mobile partner and now my modem is not working.pc sees the modem as an SD disk

  93. feelgood, hey man thanks 4 d info, pls help me out can i d evrtin on phone, heigther subscribe or browse anyting can i start d processing on my phone. i'll appreciate ur immediate dnt tell dem say am among o0oooooooooo

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