Browse And Download Unlimited With Your MTN Sim For Free

I have been thinking of posting this tweak  tutorial for quite some
time, but  I needed to confirm if this Mtn tweak will work. Am glad it
worked perfectly. You all knew that Mtn just stopped the unlimited BIS
subscription data plan. I don’t know if they are actually competing with
Airtel, because with my airtel sim, I have 8.8gb of data cap left.
Don’t ask me how but follow the tutorial step by step.  Initially you
can download unlimited with  your Mtn Blackberry Internet Service  but
cannot watch Youtube videos; now reverse is the case.  But then, before
you can use it on system, you will need to make sure that you have some
installed software like Spotflux etc. But now, you don’t need to install
any software before it will browse on you PC. Just  insert your 
subscribed BIS Sim into
your modem and it will connect straight away.

their new data cap has been reduced to 3gigabytes and if you are a
heavy internet user like me, surely that wouldn’t be enough . As long as
I am concern, within the time frame of two weeks,   you will just
exhaust your 3gb data cap; which means it can finish at any time.

Don’t too worry, as their will always be a way out.  This is now the latest development.
you discovered  that your MTN BIS Complete has stop working, and  has
not yet reach the required expiration period, just  do  the following:

  1. Load 250 naira airtime on your Mtn Sim
  2. Subscribe for Mtn 2H plan by sending 2H to 131
  3. Then keep surfing and downloading until you are tied of the internet.

this time, it will just be blazing like fire. I do tell people, if you
keep  subscribing for MTN night plan which goes for #2,500 or any of
their plans, then you are not wise. Bis complete which goes for #1,500
is the inn thing now. You don’t need to have a blackberry phone before
you can do this, even with your Nokia phone, you can subscribe for Bis
complete and browse from your Nokia phone. 

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54 thoughts on “Browse And Download Unlimited With Your MTN Sim For Free”

  1. Good Job Prof! i got the info yesterday and i tried it cos i exhausted my 3gb while my BIS validity is still intact. Since yesterday, i have been browsing like i own the internet. lol

    unfortunately, the more this info goes round, the higher the chances of it getting blocked.

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  2. plz yomi, does d sim continue browsing even afta d expiration of my bis or i'll need to subscribe again 4 another bis nd repeat d same process

  3. Hello Mr Kola, The sim will stop browsing the moment your BIS expire. After then, resubscribe for another bis plan and repeat the process. But within this time before it's expiration period, you can download unlimited. For your information, i downloaded file of 10gb a day before yesterday. So flex it while it last.

  4. This tutorial is 100% blazzing and faster. I am a still blazing it. If u follow what d poster said above, u will get d result above. Tnks for diz post Yomi. I will bookmark ur blog.

  5. Pls is it stil working,my airtel bcm1gig jus finished but d service wil expire may 10.should I do d mtn 1 or dere's airtel tweak.please reply

    • For now, i will advice you subscribe to the Mtn tweak. My Airtel data cap as not yet expire so i can't guarantee you if the tweak i used will work for you. (I have been using my airtel data cap for the past 2months and i have 3.4gb data cap left now.)

  6. D #1000 BBC has a 2.5gig cap.I just finished mine n stil av till june 1 4 d service to i still do 2 2hrs tweak or dere is another tweak available.thanks

  7. D #1000 BBC has a 2.5gig cap.I just finished mine n stil av till june 1 4 d service to i still do 2 2hrs tweak or dere is another tweak available.thanks

    • This is serious. So MTN don't want us to know the truth? Gregory you mean you just finish the datacap? Ok, this is what you will do, subscribe for the 2hrs plan and you are on for unlimited till June when your data cap will expire.

  8. @seun @yomi thks.i sent 2H to 131 dey took d 250 but no message yet n its connecting but not dis normal or i should change d apn

  9. you have to ensure that the 2Hrs is given to you oooo or else it will not browse. Send 2 to 131 to know if it has bn given to you. If it has been given to you, you can then use this APN:

  10. Send 2 to 131, u shud receive a message that u have used 0mins of ur 2hrs bundle plan.
    then proceed to the next step of resting ur SIM for minimum 24hrs.

  11. I did d magic sim stuff wit family nd frnds bt i kip getin, dear customer u av used 0mins of ur 2hrs bundle, ur service wil xpire 9th may, its may 11 nd its nt browsing even tho i stl get d msg

  12. Wen u convert dis ur mtn bis to unlimited data plan will it still ping wit bb username…or just 4 only downloading..pls my dear's reply me am confuse

  13. Let it sleep for atleat 48hrs, insert your sim into a torchlight like phone. You should get a message that your 2h plan has expired. After getting the message, dial this code
    *123*4*5*2*4#. Ignore whatever u see u just answer the
    query with

    After answering; another message will come in telling you that you don't have sufficient credit to perform the operation. Ignore the message and try to connect your
    sim to browse for free now using mtn default.

    Or Use d sim to browse for less than two hours like for 1hrs 30min then remove the sim for 24hrs.

    After the 24hrs the sim is ready to browse

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  15. Hello Yomi Prof! Is this package still going or has it been changd? So tired of paying much for a little data cap from mtn. Thanks


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