WhatsApp to Introduce ‘Edit’ and ‘Unsend’ Features

Without much doubts WhatsApp Messaging app is
seriously making a lot of improvements every now and then. I’m pretty sure you
are all enjoying the video call features now.
Another update will soon be unleash, and I
bet, you’ll love it because so many times you might have sent messages that are
meant to be for your friend to someone else and you don’t know how to delete
it… but with the feature coming, it will tackle it.

Latest reports suggest that WhatsApp is
testing a new feature that will allow users to ‘revoke’ a sent message, edit it
and send it again.

For the same, reports said WhatsApp is getting
Gmail’s coolest feature: Recalling sent messages.
This feature is also said to have appeared on
WhatsApp beta version on iOS.
While ‘revoke’ and edit is definitely a cool
thing, what is more magical about the feature is that the ‘recalled’ message
will reportedly disappear or get deleted from the recipients mobile too.
Those who have groups will find this feature
handy, as you will be able to edit sent messages, delete sent messages. This is
going to make a lot of sense I must say.

Source: WABetaInfo

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17 thoughts on “WhatsApp to Introduce ‘Edit’ and ‘Unsend’ Features”

  1. **"Heat Ass Bean Awhile Half Bean Ear"**.

    I certainly like the new features.
    I'm a Beta Tester and i can Delete sent messages, just thinking it's having similar function with the upcoming "revoke/recall" thingy.
    But the 'Edit' feature will make it more fun as errors/mistake(s) made especially typographical can be amended and corrected to save the user from Embarrasment.

  2. Uncle Yomi Prof, kindly bring back MMM topic again and let every one that participate post how much each individual lost or gain.
    I want those people making noise about it then, to come out now and make that same noise again.
    Those i expected to know the truth , so that thr truth can set them free, they are the ones promoting lies over lies.


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