It’s Now Easier to Share Longer Videos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, is making it easier for users to share longer videos as their status updates. Before, you could only post videos up to 30 seconds long, but now, some users in a special testing group can share videos up to one minute long. This brings WhatsApp up to speed with other apps like Instagram and Messenger, which already let users post one-minute video updates.

Currently, when you update your status on WhatsApp, you can either record a new video right in the app or choose one from your phone’s storage. But the old 30-second limit sometimes made it hard to share longer moments or more complicated messages.

By doubling the video length, WhatsApp is giving users more freedom to tell stories and express themselves. Now, you can capture experiences in more detail without worrying about running out of time. Plus, it makes the experience more consistent for users who switch between WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger, since all three now allow one-minute video updates.

This new feature is still being tested by a small group of users, so it’s not available to everyone just yet. This testing phase lets WhatsApp find and fix any problems before releasing it to everyone.

Overall, this update shows that WhatsApp is listening to its users and trying to make the app better for everyone. It also shows how important videos are becoming in social media.

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  1. Hello prof, please what could be the issue? I just bought an iphone and I kept getting “can’t contact you at the moment, please try after an hour” My sim is airtel. My glo gets the notification though. Called airtel and they said they resolved it but still persist. Please help me out.


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