Airtel Introduced Timely Based Data Plan For Unlimited Downloading

Yea! This is just what I’m talking about and have been
anticipating this feature for a very long time. That is if its not deception
from the pit of Airtel Network.
I can tell you that there is nothing as good as a timely
based unlimited data plan in an environment of good network reception.

Despite the fact that I’m hating Airtel network, I think I’m
going to give this a try just for downloading purposes.
Airtel one of the giant Telecom company silently introduced
a timely based unlimited data plan which is different from all their packages. This timely based plan works with time, as soon as your time expires, it seizes to connect. But while your time is on sessiosion, you can downloaded Dubai hotel inside your smartphone or PC.
The plans are;
5min for  N15

10min for N30

30min for N90

60min for N180
Airtel NG says this data subscription are not capped but are
Will it Work on my Device?

It works on all devices without any strange configuration
How Can I Subscribe For This Package?

Dial *439# and follow the prompt to get you started.
This plan is suitable for downloading and not for normal
surfing of the internet. So if you have any heavy files to download in gigs, go
ahead and kill Airtel server until your N180 expires.
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