Danger! Popular Most Downloaded Android Keyboard, Spies on You, Do Not Install!

Android is good but it is too expose to Malware. In as much
as you love to explore your device, tweak it and try various keyboards app,
this particular keyboard called Flash keyboard already have more than 50 Million
installs but, it is a malware.

Flash Keyboard
was found by a UK-based cyber-security firm, Pentest to be asking for
“excessive permissions”, displaying infected ads, asking for admin privileges
in order to make uninstall more difficult, tracking user behavior, and then
sending data to servers in China without the user’s permission. In other words
the Flash Keyboard app was spying on Android smartphone users and security
experts have already classified the app  as “malware.”
Flash Keyboard
is a keyboard app for Android that supports multiple languages and describes
itself as being “extremely adaptive to guarantee a fluent input in any
situation.” Pentest estimates that the app has been installed on more devices
than WhatsApp. With over 50 million
Flash Keyboard was ranked #11 in Google’s most popular Android apps
before the Pentest report.
Pentest found that the app requires unwanted access to a
phone’s Bluetooth connection, geo-location feature, or Wi-Fi status which a
normal keyboard app would not require. In addition, the app would ask for
access to kill background processes, read SMS messages, show system overlays,
or remove download notifications. Pentest says there are no reasons for a
keyboard app to require these intrusive permissions.
Flash Keyboard
was asking for device admin permissions, and was using these powers to take
over the smartphone’s lock screen and show ads even if users opted out.
To make matter worst, Flash Keyboard
secretly transfers data to secret servers situated in China and other
foreign countries.  The app transmitted
sensitive user data including the owner’s email address, device manufacturer,
model number, IMEI and Android version to what it believes to be analytics
servers in the US, Netherlands and China. 
It also sends details of the
currently connected Wi-Fi network and others in the proximity, the identity of
the mobile network being used and GPS coordinates that are accurate to within
three meters of the user.
It is does not worth downloading… Do not install or else the
app becomes your boss!
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17 thoughts on “Danger! Popular Most Downloaded Android Keyboard, Spies on You, Do Not Install!”

  1. I neva like that keyboard. Because anywhere you enter be it bbm, browser and so on,there's always an advert to install flash keyboard. I knew there was something up.

    SwiftKey keyboard still rules

  2. as long as Android remaineth.. Swiftkey keyboard shall not seize to exist on my phone. to hell with this malware keyboard.

  3. Prof yomi I know this is the wrong thread but please help because airtel bis stopped working after subscribing for almost three weeks now and am left with just four more days before it expires untouched. I have called customer service to no avail even changing imei unlimited to different bb 10 device still nothing. My 1k mustn't waste pls

    • Hello Khalid,
      Sorry about that… Some people are equally complaining about this problem and it is working perfectly on my device. I'll make my findings and get back to you tomorrow. Just be patience bro.


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