You Can Re-Activate Back Your Magic Sim Using The 1Hr Method

It is
obvious that some people have been unable to browse for the past few days due
to the issue  of their Mtn sim being blocked. But the truth still remain, you
can still use the 1Hr method to re-activate your magic sim back. I have written
something about that before, just to bring to our notice that it is still working
fine. Just make sure that when doing that, you do not have 10Mb at your
disposal. You can always transfer the #100 from another Mtn line to avoid the
10mb stuff. This is
still the normal procedure because i activated 2 Sims for someone yesterday using the 1Hr method.
How Can I
Activate My Magic Sim Using 1hr Method?
Load #400 recharge card on your phone
Send BBDay to 21600. Wait till you get the BB subscription message that it is

Send 2Hrs to 131  to activate the 2Hrs
Once the 2Hrs Plan is activated, and you confirm it
Remove your sim and keep it for 1Hr
After the 1hr, insert your sim back to your device and start browsing.
Mind you,
once you send 2Hrs to 131, you will not receive any notification that your 2Hrs
plan is active but your money will be deducted.
Once it is
activated, it will connect and disconnect for sometime but you can always
stabilize the network with Hotspot Shield or other VPN. Guys that is
it. No long story.
Like I said
earlier  that in the game of Magic sim, risk is involve. If you can’t risk it,
don’t try it.
So easy and
simple but risky.
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117 thoughts on “You Can Re-Activate Back Your Magic Sim Using The 1Hr Method”

  1. Lol oga prof I will prefer make u give us risk free ooo
    Have wasted a lot on this 2H stuff though Iuckily get 2 sim working
    But it stop few days ago, u don't think I can go with any method that's is not 90% sure again ooo Bcos I wasted a lot on previous and different method

  2. @Tony, just recharge ur sim wit 400 to do all doz stuffs bt avoid d 10mb. Bbday is #100 and d 2hrs plan is 250.

    @Anonymous, Magic sim na risk oooo. Though I activated 2sims yesterday with diz method and it works well.

  3. Prof u didt say any tin about the plan i.e ipulse,supersaver etc abi e no matter,and y will there b #100 left to cos 10mb problem wen bbday is #100 and 2h is #250=350 bal 50

  4. I tried this 3days ago before Yomi posted this using the 1hr method and it worked for me.. Only that it is slow and disconnecting.

  5. Dat BBday is not workin on all device…i tried it on my Nokia phone and cudnt browse it despite d fact i rcvd a msg dt it was active…i call customer care to complain bt, al dey cud tel me is to find a bb phone n browse wt it cox, dt plan is solely for bb and again i activated anoda 2h plan in whc i used abt 90pcent n dereafta off my phone evn for more dn 1hr but all to no avail….I just wasted 400l naira …d point is Mtn is very much in charge …no more loopholes @least for now

    • OneFace… BB plan is only for bb fones, you shouldnt call the cc for complaint on a service dat was not meant for your fone. You're only using it as a TWEAK!!!

  6. I believe diz 1hr tin is all about luck. I activated try activating 3 sims, only one work the other two refused to work. Mind u, I used the one hour method Oooo. So if it did't work for u, meaning u are so unlucky like me.

  7. @ yomiprof, when you said we should not have the 10mb at our disposal, what do you mean by that, does it mean that we should exhaust all the 10mg before activating or how? am not clear on that. pls explain

  8. Oga Prof.. You're not clear in this part "When we send 2h to 131 and do not receive a message of succefull subcription" Are we to wait till we get it or we just assume it has been activated since the money is detected.? Thanks

  9. @anonymous , yes I kno its mainly for bb phones bt, i av red it on one of d previous post dt it can work for every oda phone n dt was wat convinced me to try it out….i dd it to ascertain dt post bt, it proved odawys…

  10. Oneface I believe d poster said bbday and 2hrs plan to reactivate the magic sim again and not just bbday. Aside of that, if u change ur apn from ur nokia phone to will work fine and fast on ur fone. @yomi, tnx anyway for this info.

  11. U Dont still get me….i didn't do d Bbday to re activate any magic sim…i only go a bit further wen i saw ds post n dt was wat prompted me to subscribe for d 2h….dt apn is predefined in mtn settings in my phone morver, i stl configure it manually n yet d BB plan didn't work ….its eida it nvr workd normaly or as a TWEAk lik u emphasised…i op u got me now

  12. I cnt blv it oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! My magic sim has started workin, I left it 4 24hrs witout using it, and an it has started workin nw

  13. My magic sim is still working, tried it dis evening and it worked…. But it disconnects afta every few seconds, nt even up to a minute.

  14. @ambassador are u sure yurs stopped working initially? And did u removed it the same day it stopped working?…cuz i have don alot of tinz wit ma sim since 2 days ago. Dont knw if it will work if i remove ma sim for d nxt 48hrs

    • @Bissy- just remove ur sim card from ur phone for 48hrs. After 48hrs insert it on ur phone. Recharge #100, use the #100 until it finishes so that you will get 10MB. Start browsing with the MB until you are tired of browsing…

    • Mine is working now. But i think theres a prob. After the subscription of the 2 plan (BIS and 2hr) I removed for 1hr +… When i inserted and started browsing, i began to get the 25%, 50% and finally exhausted message. But i still got my N30 balance. It was going but i was like discovering it wanted to stop, but i was still connected! So i sent Reset to 131 and got a message that my data has been reset and that i now browse @ 5k per kb bla bla bla. But i was still connected and my browsing was working. I wanted to be sure, so i was monitoring my balance, i called,after the call, the balance i get is normal to what i should. But after surfing with the sim on my pc and my pc battery got low. I had to swap back into my phone. When i checked my balance on my fone, my credit is gone. But my sim still browse. With N0.00 naira, I just downloaded like 6 movies from Movies mobile. So i;m scared if i have airtime, i would be charged,but without airtime, I;m still on the Magic Level. Anyways i fit dey recharge my etisalat to use call.. Thanks Prof.

  15. [email protected] want to migrate to one of dis plan which is mtn zone and mtn family and friend but i cant migrate and i called customer care and reply was dat d two is no more existing for people who want to migrate but exist for people usin it recently..pls and pls somebody should help me out i need to migrate to one of d plan pls..thanks

  16. Somebody help, I downloaded the software for recharge card but it is not opening in my system, it is saying I should buy WinZip. Please reply.

    • The reason why it's not opening on your system is because the WinZip app you installed on your system has expired. So you need to download another Winzip or Winrar App to be able to open the Recharge card software.

    • Prof, I have WinZip in my system but it is saying I should enter the registeration/activation code or buy WinZip b/4 I would open the software.

    • First of all i need to know the version of Winzip you are using so that i can verify it if i have your version serial key.
      Secondly, download winrar app so that you can use it to open the recharge card software.

    • Okay, try this
      Registerd to:
      Registered code:2EHTZ-4VHEW-3NGHF-0V8YE-NLZZA-TEDCLZ0

      If it did not work on your winzip 14.5 version, download winzip 15 version

  17. I sent 2Hrs to 131 but my credit was not collected, is like they have stopped activating it . Somebody help.

  18. Prof tanx a lot and other pple who have been keeping us abraced with the new happenings in the use of magic sim.please prof I followed ur above instruction,it was browsing after they sent that I have used 25perc of my data the battle of my phone went off, what next should I do.

    • Any type of sim can be used but 32k sim normally connect and disconnect while 128k sim connect and hardly disconnect except the China hacker interfere with you sim

  19. adesina na true oooh i just change my apn to,it is working oooh.
    prof, God go bless u and others weh deh make this forum a fun

  20. @ Yomiprof – My MTN Magic Sim is not working again. It connects and disconnects immediately I try to log in. However, you mentioned that one can always stabilize the network with Hotspot Shield or other VPN. How can I do this to enable me continuing enjoy the free browsing.

  21. This is to the solution to your disconnecting network.
    Dont connect through the Modem Graphical Interface
    Go to Internet Explorer and select Files>Tools>Internet Options and select the Profile name you use in connecting through your modem. Select: Always dial my default connection. Make sure the default connection is the working profile name you connect with through your modem. Click apply and ok. Thats all. your will be always connected whenever d modem is present. Say thanks if it works for you. [email protected]

  22. I activated yesterday and it was browsing but now it has stopped browsing, after MTN sent me that"Your BlackBerry subscription has expired." Is it bad network or my has been track by the China tracker.I'm using 32k sim. Pls help me.

    • Na wa ooo. But the tin work for me sha… Maybe its bcos of your 32k sim. Mine is 128k sim.
      Did you send 2 to 131 to verify the status of your 2hrs plan?

  23. @anonymous mine i just activated mine 2day and am getting a message dat i have used 25% of my data…are u sure its not gonna stop when it gets to 100%…did u get same kinda message wen u did urs??? Pls repply me urgently

    • Yes i got that kind of message. Just remove it before it they send you that you have used 100%. Remove the sim and keep it for 2hrs. After then, insert it into your phone or modem and keep browsing. i am enjoyin mine now without any superior interference

    • Just turn the back of your simcard and you will see whc class your own sim falls. 128k sim seems to be faster than 32k and 64k sim.

  24. I just got a message dat i have used 100 percent of my data nd my sim stoppd browsimg immediately..pls help me o

    • I believe it stop working due to the upgrade mtn is doing on thier systm. mine did like that 3days ago and started working again today.

  25. Prof reply ohhh or anybody pls mine stop workin yesterday so i removed it from my phone and keep it and dis evenin i inserted it intoo my phone again and it didnt work but after some minute is connect like 2minute&disconnect and since then it didnt connect again..pls me out prof and @all pls..

  26. Pls prof,i did as stated in your instructions but got msgs like 30% used,70% used,90% used and finally that its exausted.and the sim stopped browsing immediately.i even left the sim for 24hrs after it stopped but got a msg the next day that the bb subscription is expired.till now,no browsing

  27. My God, this Magic sim is faster than Jetli moves, "Je tai chi mei, tai lui". Yomi tank you. I activated mine 2days ago with using the 1hr method, and till now i am still rocking it. How can we repay you yomi….

    • meaning yoou have activated it now. What advice did you need again? Just keep flexing your magic sim anonymous

  28. i did mine on monday evening, it worked throughout and stopped working on tuesday evening. den i tried all by workin 2 make it work again bt it didnt work. den i decided 2 keep it 4 24hrs n i did soo n inserted it after 24hrs nw its wworking 4 me again. if urs stopped working, u cn keep it 4 24hrs or more n c d magic.m afraid to disconnect nw coz if i do, m nt sure if its stl gonna connect. tnx alot yomiprof n others

    • Sodiq i am really sory for what you are going thru, you know at times this mtn magic sim cannot just be predicted. Like this method works for some people and did not work for some people while the direct 2hrs plan works for some people too. I will suggest you give it a trial bro. I just pray it work out for you because you have so much tried.

  29. oga prof please reply. i have successfully opened the recharge card software with winra. it says i should enter the USER NAME and PASSWORD to access it.


    • It is you who will creat the user name and password that you will use in login in. Just refer to the manual on how to use the software. Everything is in thier

    • @Anony, the first time you make use of the software, a space was provided for you to create your login details which include your username and passwrd. It is that username you will use to re-log in otherwise, you won't be able to see the Cafe console interface. If paradventure you forgot your login details, i will advice you unistall the software Cafe console and re install it afresh. Create your username and password. And please write it down so that you will easily remember.

    • What kind of Challenge do you have on the recharge card software location? You mean you can't download it or what? If you want to download the software, click HERE
      But make sure you have installed on your PC Winrar app so that you will be able to open it after download

    • yes i have downloaded the recharge card software and installed in my system, now it says "PLEASE CREATE THE USER NAME AND PASSWORD TO ENTER MARKETPLACE. i have done that yet it's not opening.

      PLEASE NEED ASSISTANCE. thanks alot for your effort.

  30. yes i have downloaded the recharge card software and installed in my system, now it says "PLEASE CREATE THE USER NAME AND PASSWORD TO ENTER MARKETPLACE. i have done that yet it's not opening.

    PLEASE NEED ASSISTANCE. thanks alot for your effort.

  31. Prof abeg dis is really urgent..I activated my MTN BBC bt I hv nw actually exceeded my fairly usage policy…pls I want to knw if the 2H trick still works..And pls which on is magic sim I use the normal sim, where can I gt d magic sim.

    • It been a while i use the 2hrs strike to activate unlimited, though the 2hrs plan is still available but i can't tell if it works or not.
      You will be the one to configure your sim to be magic sim.

  32. @Anonymous, What plan are u on? I have never seen unauthourised access when sub for bbday abi mtn wan stop bbday?

  33. Good evening prof,after subscribing for bbday and received confirmation message and 2H to 131,you said,one will not receive confirmation notification ,but i received it.I t worked and later stoped ,what should i do.

  34. @anonymous, i beleive MTn has simply made adjustment to dir server. So how long did it worked before it stopped?
    Did you keep it for an hour or more?

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