R.I.P Mtn Magic Sim For 32Kb And 64kb Sim

Guys it seems MTN has started tracking down Magic sim; my
inbox was flooded with mails of the Magic sim stuff not going again. A friend
of mine who activated his own about a month ago lamented bitterly how Mtn wipe
all his money today without any genuine explanation why they did that. Another
colleague of mine who activated his own barely 8months ago also lamented that
his 64k sim was unable to browse throughout today.

 It seems like MTN recently
employed a China Hacker to track all free browsing sim in Nigeria. And

all 32k Sims seems to have stop working. Now, the guy has already started with
64K sims and 128k sims. When he finally completes his job we will know what
will become of Mtn Magic sim.

Meanwhile, my magic sim is still working fine without any
interruption. I will therefore urge all  those whose sim is still browsing freely  to download all they can download this night
before the China hacker will get to your domain.
One thing I know is that this is not the end of Mtn Magic
sim. Loophole will continue to exist in all telecommunication system. Don’t
worry guys, I will always update you about the latest info on magic sim.
Let me download all I needed to download now before the
China hacker will get to my door  post.
RIP Magic Sim!
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37 thoughts on “R.I.P Mtn Magic Sim For 32Kb And 64kb Sim”

  1. Am just returning from the funeral ceremony of my mtn magic sim…we just hope for a quick miracle of rising from the dead tins o…thanx for the good work prof

  2. in my street here, area boiz are now protesting bcus one boy beside my back yard use is last card to buy the magic sim, hopefully that the magic SIM will not R.I.P…….But to the boy surprise the China hacker start from the boy SIM wishing him happy new month by blocking the SIM, in the new month night according to those that witness it the boy fainted and was taken to the hospital now receiving treatment from that glorious imagination!!!!!!!

    • Hahahahahahaha nice 1 Mr Anonymous. I hope the boi didn't die o. well concerning the R.I.P MTN magic sim, they got to my 128k sim too but I just activated another one using a very simple, easy and risk free method, I hope it will last. Am still watching it, if the Mr China hacker didn't get to it, I will notify everyone here and we'll try to keep it secure by sending it to individuals email.

  3. Prof. Pls help me out. I v a glo ZTE mf110 modem, which i need to unlock. Pls help me with the unlocking software or u can also help me to unlock it. This is my unlock code sir; 356420047060389. I wud be waiting as am anxious to unlock it. Thanks.

  4. MTN'S Trick, Beware!!!

    Morning dudes and Chics, av you noticed that MTN has been doing some unannouced promos like,
    1. get 1gig browsing data on recharge, if you are on Ipulse package.
    2. Make free kals on migrating to mtn SuperSaver within the last 3days.

    This is all a trick, all this promos will stop soonest,

    MTN Tariffs has been generally raised, and only those on MTN ZONE can make the cheapest calls.
    NOTE! New subscribers cannot migrate to mtnZONE anymore as it isnt one of the new available tariff plans. For those Currently on MTN zone, MTN wants you all to migrate out, so all these unannounced promos are made available, once you migrate out, you are stalked as you cannot migrate back…

    IN CONCLUSION! If you are still lucky to be on MTN Zone at the moment, and you wanna remain, Beware of MTN's trick…

  5. Mine is still blazing faster than ever. Though it stop working for d last 2 days,but has started working again. The speed is incredible.

  6. wow guys u need the new magic sim blaze like fire i just finished downloading a movie magic sim still rock i used the 1 hour method to renew it you too can try it see yah

  7. Please help out. I did d 1 hr method using 32k yesterday and I browsed tru out yesterday. After 24hrs it said I've exhausted my data plan n it was redirecting me to mtn homepage. Til now it's still redirecting me but my #30 is til intact

    • Remove the sim and keep it for another 8hours. After that insert it into a touchlight fone and send 106 to 131. but don't send reset to 131 oooo. it will browse once you do the above

  8. guys am sorry for not replying you guys the method i use is method

    Method 1: To Reactivate Magic Sim: Remove Mtn Magic Sim that is no more working from the Phone and keep it for 12 hours Put it back after 12 hours Send RESET to 131 [make sure you don't have up to #250 on your account before sending the code] If you receive a message that: Dear customer, your 2 hrs 1-Day Data plan is still active. Congrat! your line is reactivated, you can then continue enjoy your free browsing again. But if you receive a message that: Sorry, you do not have sufficient credit to perform this operation. You have to load money on your line and follow one of the below methods. Method 2: To Reactivate Or Activate New Magic Sim [1 Hour Old Method Still Working]: Load #400 recharge card on your line Send BBDay to 21600. Wait till you get the BB subscription message that it is active Send 2H to 131 to activate the 2 Hours plan Once the 2 Hours Plan is activated, and you confirm it Remove your SIM and keep it for 1Hour After the 1 hour, insert your SIM back to your device and start browsing. Mind you, once you send 2H to 131, you may not receive any notification that your 2 Hours plan is active but your money will be deducted. Just proceed with the next procedure. Method 3: To Reactivate Or Activate New Magic Sim [8 Hours Method] Load #250 recharge card on your line Send 2H to 131, after that send 106 to 131 Remove your Sim from your phone and keep it for 8 Hours At exact 8 Hours insert your Sim back and start surfing and download for free Guys that is it. No long story. Like I said earlier that in the game of Magic SIM, risk is involved. If you can't risk it, don’t try it. So easy and simple but risky. Am sure one must work for you out of the three methods. God luck! –

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