TextMe – Free Texting And Calling App For Android,Iphones And Ipad Users

Morning guys, I want to quickly introduce you to an
application that will blow your iPhones and Android device. 
Since Android and iPhones are gradually taking over the market, i don’t know what will become of Symbian and Java users.All thanks to Benjamin Oscar for this info, you are the best bro.
It’s often said that the man with the right information set the pace for others
to follow; this information am about to share with you  will greatly benefit everyone. This
application will allow you to make free calls over the internet, free text, get
a free personal phone number  etc. I will
call this application auto refill,

because the more you use it the more you refill
the credit  either by watching video,

games or more application; therefore saving your pocket of buying
credits online. In other words, the more you download, the more you earn
credit for calling.

I call this app Textme and it is design for Android, Window
phones,  iPhones and iPad alone. Blackberry
and Symbian users are exceptionally exempted.
How Can I Download Textme?

Visit iTunes store and search for Textme  for Iphone users; Android users should visit Google play and search for Textme or you can download it from this link download TextMe.

It is a great application and i bet you are going to love it. Happy New Months!

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13 thoughts on “TextMe – Free Texting And Calling App For Android,Iphones And Ipad Users

  1. Our Prof, thanks very much for your concern for us all here at least to make life more easier for everyone of us patronizing your site. please, we really need your assistance, this Magic Sim stuff is not working again, activation process, Null, and even i don't have anyone left for me just to use, in fact it is very disgusting that i now go to cafe to browse with #250 so as just to get updated, please My prof, kindly assist me and i will definitely be grateful as God will forever be grateful unto you for your efforts on making life more easier for all of us patronizing yomiprof. Thanks for the update on Magic calls, and i don't know if it is still working, if it is working, i will be interested as my email is olawale_[email protected].
    Thanks so very much.

  2. Oga yomi my unlimited browsin stopped yesterday. Any new trick? From wat i experience on dat magic call is a luck to work wit u and also is limited not unlimited, bcos i only call wit it for 15mins an it stopped

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