Twitter finally remove 140-character limit from Direct Messages

Finally twitter has removed the 140 character limit on
direct message (DM)according to what the report on their blog. Meaning you can
now send messages unlimited to your love one’s via direct messages without any
limitation. This is only applicable to DM. 

Note that this change will not affect the public tweets, as
the 140 character limit stays the same. So if you have your Android, iOS, TwitterDeck or Twitter for Mac you can check it out.
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6 thoughts on “Twitter finally remove 140-character limit from Direct Messages”

  1. Hello sir, thanks for the post first of all. secondly, i have been sending you emails and it seems you're not replying. why? please endeavour to reply you mails. thanks

  2. Pls how can we benefit all this in S.A. especially how to configure the bis on android be sincere am a big fan prof


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