Etisalat Bis Users – Before You Resubscribe, Read This

To all eti bis users, it is an undiluted fact that eti bis plan
on non bb device is the fastest network I have used so far this month. I was
almost tempted to call customer care to please reduce the speed rate because it
is just too fast. Meanwhile, while others are blazing this tweak, some other
persons are lamenting bitterly about this stuff not working or subscribing
and etisalat giving them 200mb or so.

First of all, to those who have subscribed before but have
exhausted their 3GB and to those who are about to subscribe, instead of dialing
the initial code  that led to etisalat
given some people 265mb, just send COM to 399 and your 3GB will be given to
you. Please confirm that your 3GB is been given to you before you re-subscribe
for the bb10 day plan. And also make sure that you received a message
confirming the activation of your bb10 day plan before you used it on any device.
Secondly, those who subscribed and got 3GB but are unable to
surf with it, should resubscribe to the bb10 day plan, then create a new apn on
your device with 

Thirdly, to those who have never subscribed before and just want to opt into this tweak, if you’ve ever used your sim to activate any etisalat data plan before, just dial *229*0# to deactivate auto renewal.
And finally, etisalat will always look for way to get back
to us by refusing to deactivate you from auto renewal. So immediately you confirm you’re your both subscriptions, just call customer care by dialing 200
to deactivate auto renewal  for you if
not etisalat will be deducting your money every day.
If you’ve got any other issues relating to this, feel free
to post it below.
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48 thoughts on “Etisalat Bis Users – Before You Resubscribe, Read This”

  1. Oga Prof, thanks for the update. But Etisalat don already chop my money after I finish the first 3GB.

    Abeg, is there any way to boost this to unlimited?

    Let us quick quick download before etisalat block this sweet speed

    • Hello T,
      if you want to subscribe for this afresh, just send COM to 399 and make sure you confirm it been activated before you opt in for the bb10 bis daily package. the reason for this new code is because of various complain from people getting 265mb instead of 3GB

  2. I dont understand why the eti bis is working for some people and not working for others, i sent the code an got the welcome to etisalat bis i even checked my bundle with *228# code.afterward i sent code for the 10mb an i got a fedback as well welcome to apn is set rightly.the first time i did it i was able to browse for just few mins immediately the 10mb was exhausted it stoped working negating the claim that the 10mb is not been charged.i dailed the *228# again still having my 3g.i went ahead loaded another 100 sent the code for 10mb it started browsing again until the 10 was done with….pls what can i do prof

    • hello bro, which 10mb is that? i think maybe that is where you are getting it wrong ooo. You are supposed to be given 15mb if you correctly send the code. If not 15mb, it means you missed out something

    • i still have my 3g can i still buy 100 and send *559*3*2#, will it still work? i have my apn set rightly the last time i dialed *559*3*2# what i got was 10mb

    • i still have my 3g can i still buy 100 and send *559*3*2#, will it still work? i have my apn set rightly the last time i dialed *559*3*2# what i got was 10mb.

  3. What a wonderful world Prof….On Tuesday, 10 Dec, After subscription i checked my data balance and to my amazement i was given 15MB…I was a bit shocked but went ahead to browse accepting my fate. Since then i have downloaded about 9GB worth of data with my initial 15MB still intact…..IS THIS MAGIC OR LUCK? help me thank ETTIMUMU ….May you LIVE LONG yomiprof…AMEN.

    • It simply means the sim has not been registered. I'll suggest you re-register the sim again.
      Or if you have another mobile phone, switch the sim and activate it and switch it back.

  4. Bro,I got a lil problem,wen I sub it,I was able to browse,buh wen I called d customer care to disable autorenew,since den av nt been able to browse again,pls help

    • Just make sure your apn is well set to, and then resubscribe for the bb10 daily bis package.

      Once your resub for that package, don't load anymoney inside it until your exhaust your data. I beleive etimumu are seriously planning on getting back to people real hard.

    • Just a piece of advice, call cc and explain to them that you subscribe for bis plan but it's not active on your blackberry device. Dont' tell them you are using an android phone ooo.

      This is how i got my own working I called cc and i was told my bb subscription is not active cos i couldnt browse or do anything. they said it will be solved in 24hour and behold, i was credited back with 1k. i re subcribed turning data off,got confirmation b4 going to the bb 10 and now it is blazing hot.. so fast.

    1.yeah prof Yomi my question is the bb10 plan will expire on the next of subscription. will it auto-renew wen u load.
    2. after the 1day which the bb10 plan give will you still be able to suff if you still have data remaining?
    3. after exhausted ur data & want to reactivate it do you need to deactivate it first & reactivate it again?

  6. pls i jus bought a new etisalat line and i want to subscribe to the #1000 naira for 3GIG bundle…what code do i send and how do i go about it…help a brother…10x

  7. see prof mine stopped working since the midnight of Sunday/Monday and I still have 2700mb or so of data left, I had 77 naira or so left on my phone so they couldn't deduct my money for auto renewal but I still called them to cancel auto renewal I think that's where my problem came from or has it been blocked everywhere else too? help plss

  8. Please Prof, i subscribe mine dis morning bt i did not receive any confirmation message and i was given 3078mb, bt stil is nt goin.. Plz help me oo

  9. bro yomi, I sub today and got d 3gb then I sub for d bb10 and got msg for 15mb but wen I started browsing after a min I got a msg that my bb flux account is lower than 10mb but I kept browsing and after d bb10 sub finish it stopped browsing and I still have d 3gb intact. bro help o d 1k na ma last card o.

  10. plese mine stop working since yesterday afternoon and uptil d time am sendin dis comment is not goin stil… please help me pple in da house.

  11. hey niga….i sub for 3G buy sending *499*3# they later give me message and the i sub for 15mb with *599*3*2# then i set mt apn so the are deduct my 15mb after that they deduct from my money and i still have the 3G pls what should i do

  12. Prof I deactivated my bb plan bcos I finished d 3G b4 d usual day it shd get exhausted, I v loaded 1k to resubscribe wit COM to 399 but is not workin, wat shd I do. Plsssss is urgent. Thanks

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