Watermelon Challenge – If your phone can’t survive this, ditch it out

Forget it, if your smartphone can’t do this, you don’t have a phone yet. Ditch it and get Redmi Note 7.

In case you are not following Xiaomi latest escapade focused on the latest pocket friendly newly launched Redmi Note 7 with 48MP rear camera, 6.3inch LCD display screen housed by a huge battery capacity of 4000mAh.

The 15 seconds video shows the durability of the phone breaking Watermelon and the second video shows the high impact test of the phone.

If your current smartphone can’t survive the high impact and watermelon challenge, then you don’t have a phone yet. Ditch it out and get this $150 smartphone.


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26 thoughts on “Watermelon Challenge – If your phone can’t survive this, ditch it out”

  1. Well i am not doing that with my phone..
    when will this device be available to the public here in Nigeria?
    I still don’t believe it will come that cheap to us.

  2. No my phone can’t do this… Ah dunno sha coz my antibreak hasn’t crack in two years now noticing matter how it falls.

  3. Thus is just a marketing strategies. We have seen videos of phone that can withstand hammer pressure, car tire test, fall from tall building e. t. c. without breaking. But after spending 100s of thousand to buy those phones (new) you’ll not be told by anyone to buy porch to protect the screen.

  4. please Prof…have been trying to decide which to buy.. the new note 7 without global rom for nw n the mi 8 lite which weighs less to my taste ,,whats ur say please


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