9mobile introduces 900% bonus offer to Subscribers

This is more like wooing new customers as well as enticing old subscribers to come back on board. 9mobile is offering you a new promo that gives you 900% bonus offer on recharges from N200 or more.

9mobile 900% bonus offer is a newly introduced offer that gives subscribers 9X bonus of their recharges. Take for instances, if you recharge N200, you get N1800 to make calls to every network. Meaning you are getting 9 times extra values of what you recharged.

900% bonus offer

What if You are Unable to Recharge upto N200?

Customers who are unable to recharge upto N200 will get 4 times the bonus airtime purchased.  The 9mobile 9X reward program is one of the way the telco is saying thank you to all subscribers.

How to Participate in 900% 9mobile bonus offer

Existing subscribers should dial *611*20# to opt in, while new subscribers should simply get a new 9mobile sim, and they’ll automatically be eligible for this new offer.

New subscribers can also get 1GB for N500 + 3hours of uninterupted streaming. simply dial *253*20# to activate this extra value offer.

Finally, 9mobile 1GB for N200 is still very much active, if you have a 9mobile sim, you can simply dial *929*10# get the offer, its valid for 3 days.

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14 thoughts on “9mobile introduces 900% bonus offer to Subscribers”

  1. I have a total of 40gb worth of series to download using torrent, yomiprof which of the data package do you recommend? Would have opted for spectranet unlimited but their service is not in my location.

  2. i just got a new etisalat sim and i tried subscribing to 200 naira 1gig plan but i keep getting “Sorry, this data plan is not available to you for purchase”. what do i do please


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