MTN 4G LTE Speed Test… So discouraging

 Is this the MTN 4G
we are expecting? Someone posted the speed test of MTN 4G LTE in Abuja
yesterday and comparing it with ntel is not encouraging at all. I want to
believe this should be an error in connection.

Far below my expectations. If this is what MTN is planning to
give us as 4G LTE Network, then this is failure on arrival.
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11 thoughts on “MTN 4G LTE Speed Test… So discouraging”

  1. In download aspect, eMpTy heN still beat Ntel. Personally, i dont subscribe to those two telcos "14" and "15" mbps speed on 4G because even my 3G enabled speed do reach 2mbps. Their "upload" speed is nothing to write home about on 4G. Presently, South Korea is over 65% completed on its 5G network that makes you download 800mb of movie or app in less than "ONE(1) SECOND". That is why NCC Must mandate anyone offering us 4G to make sure they gave quality and TRUE 4G service that can download a 800mb of movie at just 40seconds which is the standard the world over.

  2. Very bad but ama still rock it…ntel is too expensive and if they're ready to win the hearts of Nigerians they should forget about the unlimited data thing and cap their data so people can choose what suit their pockets…. As for mtn.they are one of the reasons I got an LTE phone…speed is poor but its better than 3g and ama rock it if they are not as expensive as ntel

  3. If I am not mistaken here… That of the mtn only has two bars in the network bar area…. While the ntel has a full bar…. So I think it is a network problem…..

  4. One thing about Nigeria we are not ready for anything, all those speed you are seeing now is just because they are yet to be fully roll out and no customer or very few is on the network, all this speed will vanish by the time people start to suck them out.

  5. NBC is shouting all Nigeeia station should go digital but go to wharf and Alana 95% of the TV there are analog TV, I don't know when Nigeria govt will get something right.

  6. Please I know its d wrong thread… buh I need someone to to pls guide me on how to unlock my Huawei Mtn Mobile Wifi E5331 for free o.. . Cos av been scammed like 3 tyms… Please and its ugent



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