Which Network is Currently The Fastest in Your Location?

Let’s do a simple analysis because I’m personally fed up
with slow motion, epileptic movement network. I can’t imagine having 5GB data
on my MTN line and the rate at which it slows in connection can be so
frustrating. I noticed since they reduced the price of data, the speed has been
so slow like a baby snail. 

Now I don’t know who I should give the award of Baba
go slow Golden medal
between MTN and glo.
I have 6GB on my Etisalat line, connection during the day is
another story for 2018… because you’ll connect, it will disconnect like a woman
you are asking for her hand in marriage while she’s crushing on another dude.
Airtel on the other hand can be liken to Usain bolt, connect
it anytime and Piaaam.. it has connected. The speed is completely out of this
world; and the package I am doesn’t zap. So for now where I currently find
myself, Airtel is the best network so far in Nigeria.
I bet if Airtel should mistakenly launch 4G LTE network in
Nigeria, they’ll out shine other network.
I don’t know about you, but you can tell us the best network
so far in your location and the worst network in your location.
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39 thoughts on “Which Network is Currently The Fastest in Your Location?”

  1. Etisalat is king in my abode. it's damn fast on the other hand, EMPTY-hen and airtel slow pass snail. Glo is fair.. … Ile-Ife, Osun state

  2. ntel all the way… I don't know how I'll feel If I ever try all this 3G slow crappy network again in my life. I'll be hospitalized.

    • By the time u finished ur ntel free data u will come back to 3g oo. Those people their subscription na thunder. only good for business. 1k for 2days. 3k for a week, 10k for a month. So u must know what u want to do with the data before subscribing with such amount.

  3. I normally use Glo, it's fast and doesn't zap…but recently I decided to try Airtel's #50 for 1.5gig and d speed at which I was downloading amazed me! I was seeing 7mb/sec and the good thing is that, it doesn't zap at all! it gives you exactly the 1.5gig!

  4. little secret about Glo speed although funny. Glo is fast everywhere although it depends on where ur standing or sitting or lieing down or squatting. just look for where u fit get full bar on ur phone and gbam u go see speed. when the rolled out dis their awoof plans i rush go buy glo sim come subscribe 5000 for 24gb only for the stuff to be sooo slow. after two weeks of suffer i carry my phone enter bathroom dey bath when i star to dey hear different updates, twitter, whatsapp, badoo, tafoo, etc. i checked my network bar it was full. i come download 1gb game from playstore the tin download under 5 mins. since then bathroom don turn to my favourite spot for house. next nah to mount plasma.

    • I agree with you on this glo is cool but you must stand or sit in a specific spot while i was in Delta state my room got great glo network bad others room in the Barrack

      In Kano i use Hotspot and drop my phone at the left top of my bed to get cool Speed…

      3. Etisalat

      But in Nigeria Etisalat is the best in Internet Speed

    • My brother, i get glo network full bar for my house. Their data services no good for my area. Only in the night from 12am.

  5. i can't say Airtel is faster than MTN, becauz in my Aous i dey receive 2mb/secs On MtN .. but if i reach my office Airtel faster like mad, sometimes 3mb/secs
    An i preferred browsing in my Aous Than office

  6. I have all sims and discovereed that Airtel is the most reliable and stable in terms of speed, durability and efficiency next is glo in terms of speed glo beats airtel but they are not stable with their speed sometimes etisalat is also good in my area but emptyhen are just thieves I do not use them most times.——————-hefairohluwa

  7. Etisalat>Airtel>MTN>Glo in descending order. Phase 2 area Ilesa road , ILE-IFE. Etisalat na Maigida while Glo na Yaro.

  8. People say airtel blackberry 1k for 3gb no dey zap. The thing dey zap oh. I subscribed to it, in 1 week, data has finish. I was surprised. Browsing? managable, download? Poor. I dey wonder wetin finish my data. The only network i know their data those not zap is glo.


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