Unfortunately, MTN 7GB For N2000 Ends Tonight 23rd July

It is sad to annouce to you that the newly 7GB for #2000 announced by MTN during the TechPlus event held in Lagos is a promo and not a package.

The Promo ends today 23rd July 2016. Meaning if you don’t subscribe today, you won’t be able to subscribe again to the package.

I was able to confirmed from an insider that it ends today. How I wish they can make it a package.

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22 thoughts on “Unfortunately, MTN 7GB For N2000 Ends Tonight 23rd July”

  1. Prof Yomi help
    i tried installing a custom rom in my gionee m5.. But ended in a boot loop using twrp recovery..
    But now twrp is no longer there and its displaying no OS installed.
    Tried flashing the fone wd my stock rom but its in my sd card.. Adn normal recovery aint reading that.. Pls help
    [email protected]

  2. Hello prof. Pls I can't flash my Andy A6M. I downloaded the custom ROM from needrom.com but SP flash tool can't flash it. Its showing UBOOT error. I have searched online to download a fresh ROM. I cannot find it. The phone screen touch is not very sensitive, sometimes I have to touch many times before it can work. I was thinking its a calibrator issue but its a new phone. So I intended flashing it to know if its a software issue.Pls send any solution to [email protected]. Thanks.

    • Hello Mr Fancis,
      The screen touch issue is the phone issue. Its not all smartphone whose screen touch are actively sensitive. Flashing it might worsen the case. I guess the custom rom you downloaded from needrom has bugs that was why you got that ridiculous error message.

      Try to google online to see if others who own that kind of smartphone have thesame complain as yours… If they do, then you'll definitely find a solution to it.

    • The airtel night plan works, why it happened that way to you was because as at the time you subbed airtel hadn't finished setting up the service , I personally used more than 8gb yesterday with that plan
      Commenting from blazeteks.com

  3. Yomiprof well done. I have been waiting for a blog review trend, but it seems you are not ready for that. Please help me and review mine, UpGhetto.

    Also, I am considering moving to WordPress. As a successful Blogspot blogger that you are, tell me why I should still stick to Blogspot.

    Contributions are also welcome from anyone, not only Oga Yomi.


    • Search for the stock ROM of the device online
      Download it and then install d stock ROM again
      Check blazeteks.com nd search for how to use Sp flash tool to install ROM to know how to go about it

      Or goto Google and search for the stock recovery then download flashify to easily flash it into d phone
      Commenting from blazeteks.com


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