Tweakware Upgraded to V3.0 Rocking With Airtel N0.0

No long stories… 
Tweakware vpn has been upgraded to version 3.0 and I guess a lot of you
are already rocking Airtel 0.0 free net surfing with your psiphon. However,
with these latest upgrade, you can easily connect without needing to bug your
head with strange settings. 

It works just fine and very fast in my locations.
Download or upgrade your tweakware vpn to version 3.0 from
playstore or here.
>>Go to settings as seen in the image
>>Click on bundle settings>> Select bundle
>>Choose Airtel 0.0
back to your tweakware vpn and hit the connect button.
it while it last.
Make you you have registered an account with tweakware or else it won’t connect.
that free users are limited to 200MB per day with only free servers… You can go
premium and enjoy unlimited download with all the servers or use the magic of ID charger to rock premium.
rocks, it is fast and I know you need it.
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24 thoughts on “Tweakware Upgraded to V3.0 Rocking With Airtel N0.0”

  1. Yes, it rocks, I'm using it with Psiphon. and its very fast

    Doanload and Launch Psiphon >>set it as below

    +Tick remove port

    +Proxy Type: Real Host

    +Proxy Server:

    +Real Proxy Type: Inject

    +Real Proxy Server:

    +Real Proxy Port: 80

    +click Save

    +Tunnel whole device.

    +Select Region: United States

    +Click on More Option

    Don't Tick connect through an HTTP Tick use the following settings Host Address:

    Go back and hit the connect button.

    I pray it last a little

  2. Let me explain on behalf of Mr Yomi.
    You can use ID CHANGER whenever you've hit the 200MB daily limit or when affected by speed throttling. However, this wouldn't affect premium user!

    Anyways, you can rectify that issue by using below steps:
    1. Rooting your phone with kingroot or any other rooting app!

    2. Then Download Device ID changer from playstore and launch it.

    3. It will ask you for root permission, grant it the permission.

    4. You'll see your device current ID, write down the ID. (It's case sensitive)

    5. Now click on Random ID

    6. Disconnect your tweakware if connected.

    7. Then connect it again. That's all.

    So, Anytime you exhaust your 200mb daily limit, goto Device ID changer to change your Device ID by tapping on Random ID. Then disconnect your Tweakware if connected, now reconnect and that's all.
    You will be on another 200mb limit again. Just keep repeating the steps.
    try checking for updates like these. Enjoy!

  3. wen working on android fone can i share it tru hotsopt and would it work if i instaled the app on bb10 as bb uses some andriod apps


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