What is Your Preferred Keyboard/Input Method & Why?

In those days when smartphones weren’t too popular, the
keyboard and T9 prediction used to be the bomb. You could press once on the key
and have the phone predict your word… but now that even little children are
using smartphones, keyboard and even input Methods have been modernized.

Today’s modern keyboard not only try to predict what you
want to type, but they also tailor results based on what you have in mind to
type or have typed in the past… ranging from your frequent error, social media
typing methods etc.
Input methods are not restricted to typing; you can choose
to go completely touch-less by using voice dictation.
So let me ask you this day, what is your currently preferred
keyboard or input method?
Why do you prefer what you prefer? Do you have a keyboard
you completely detest as well?
Let us know via your comments.
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21 thoughts on “What is Your Preferred Keyboard/Input Method & Why?”

    • I thought I'm the only one in this oooo… I just need something that i can surely receive with. and yet they jump naija to Zimbabwe. Its leaving me with no choice than to open a USA paypal account.

  1. Ait.Type keyboard and swift but swiftkeyboard remain the best it always predict ur next type. It saves what u are typing and this is what I have not found on other keyboard.


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