WhatsApp For Android Just Got Better With New Privacy Settings

WhatsApp just got better after it was acquired few days ago
by  Facebook for just $19 billion.  WhatsApp has finally released a new update
for Android which brings the much awaited privacy settings that enables you to customize
WhatsApp the way you want it. 

The new update brings new Privacy options under
Account section in Settings. Now, you can finally hide your “Last Seen“,
Profile Photo” and “Status” from anyone.
This has nothing to do with downloading an app on play store to hide your last seen
TimeStamp but originally coming from them.
Using the new privacy feature, you can
allow everyone to see your personal info (last seen, profile pic and
status) or only your contacts or nobody.
No more any duke and harry stalking your last appearance on
WhatsApp or whatsoever.
This new WhatsApp update is not yet available on the Google
Play Store, but you can download the new WhatsApp v2.11.169 update APK file
from the official WhatsApp website here.
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8 thoughts on “WhatsApp For Android Just Got Better With New Privacy Settings”

  1. Hello, @yomi prof loving ur blog. I want to ask u a question, i've been hearing a rumor about glo bis working on android. I don't know if it's true. Can u shed more light on the issue?

    • Ok bro, i already did it but i have a little problem. I subscribed with *440*161# but was given 2gb instead of 4gb but that's not the worst part, the connection is damn slow even with 3g dunno what to do. And also it started working even b4 i added the extra #100 (weird as hell)

  2. Pls Prof. I want to learn how to flash phones, Pls help me with d system requirement, d files to download and the websites i can get them. Thanks n God bless

    • Hello @Anonymous, their are different ways of flahing different phones. The question is which phones exactly do you want to learn how to flash…BB, Android, Nokia, windows iphone etc?


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