Mobogenie: Your All-in-one-Android Manager

To all Android users, if you are not using this app, then
you are wrong. Some of you might have heard of it at the same time some persons
are just seeing it for the very first time. If there is anything you value most
about your Android device be it Samsung or techno are the data’s you have on

I’ll quickly introduce you to a must install app on your
Android and even on your PC. Mobogenie is a manager for your Android
Smartphone. And just like a smart manager, Mobogenie helps manage, back up and
restore the all-important data in your phone.
With this application, you can easily transfer anything from PC to your Android, download most paid app for free, manage all your contacts
in one place, download lots of videos for free, back up and restore your data
with just one click and even control your phone with Mobo desktop manager.
In other words, even if you keep changing phone every month,
your data will still be intact without fear of loosing any data or your contact.
Where Can I Download Mobogenie?
It is available for PC and for your Android phone. Download
for PC here and download for Android here.
Note: Back up is very important…
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  1. The Prof abeg if i reset my Motorola android phone to manufacturing setting, will it return to android 4.1.1 ? because it has been upgraded to 4.1.2, i want to confirm it it will return to the version that it on the phone out of box


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