Airtel Blackberry Subscription Slashed Down To #1,000

It is obvious that all networks across the countries, most
especially in Nigeria are seriously competing and the competition will not stop
until my dream come through. Like I said that I still wait when blackberry
subscription will be #200 for one month. 
I was just surfing through Airtel page yesterday, when I stumbled
on their new tariff plan for BB users. Just like Mtn and Etisalat slashed down
their Blackberry tariff plan few months ago, Airtel

have also done the same yesterday.
According to what they posted on their Facebook fan page,

BB Complete Month -N1,000. Dial *440*19# or send ‘bbcm’ to
BB Unlimited Month- N1,500. Dial *440*16# or send ‘bbum’ to 440
Dial *141*1# for more information or visit their Facebook fan page here to see for yourself.
Though I know some people have already subscribed for the so
called 2gig capped Airtel unlimited

plan and can’t used it on system, but to effectively
use it on your system, do this:

Look for another airtel sim
Transfer 10mb to the sim subscribed
Then, try using it on your system and it will
In my opinion, I will suggest you use the best network that
is good in your location. If it is mtn network that is okay in your location,
use it. After all with Mtn Bis plan, you can download up to 4GB data if not
more than at the same time browse with it on any device; and their BBC plan, you can download up to 1.5gb data if not more
than. Customer care will not always tell you the truth so that you won’t finish
your data cap. 
Tested and Confirmed by me.
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11 thoughts on “Airtel Blackberry Subscription Slashed Down To #1,000”

  1. Even i have a dream when blackberry subscription in Nigeria will be #40. Then all network will be hacked for magic sim

  2. After subscribing for any of the bb plan, for me to be able to use on my system do I need additional config.? thanks

  3. @Prince Tunde mila, that is just the basic truth ooo
    @Anonymous, you dont need any special configuration. Just make sure that your apn is
    Password and username:internet

  4. Dear Prof,
    Pls how can I transfer 10gb to my bb subscription plan?
    The details are not giving in the blog above.
    Thanks for all your efforts.


    • To Transfer Airtel 10mb Dial *141*712*11*recipent#
      To Transfer Airtel 25mb Dial *141*712*9*recipent number#
      To Transfer Airtel 60mb Dial *141*712*4*recipentnumber#.

      Recipent Number is the number you want to
      transfer the megabyte
      Example: if you are
      transferring 10mb to
      This Number 08021234567 you will dial *141*712*11*08021234567# and press SEND.

  5. Actually, i am still using mine, and i can't really say if it will stop working after that. We need someone to confirm this.

  6. it 'll definitely stop working after exhausting your bandwidth… Airtel is the best network so far, but i think the Airtel Unlimited Subs is business strategy, not meant for customers beneficiaries.


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