Must Read: What do You do Majorly With Your Smartphone?

Some people use phones for different purposes, some just to
take selfie, some just to hype while some others are only involved on all the
social platform, chatting, pinging and all that.
Regardless of the category you fall, there is section ment’
for you and I bet you’ll love it.
==>Selfie Category: For those who love to take selfie, there
is a cool apps out their good that allow you take selfie without you touching
your phone. It’s called Snapi.

With Snapi you can now capture photos without touching the
phone! Simply raise your open palm in front of camera, close it into a fist and
open again – the photo will be captured. Snapi works up to 13 feet (4m) away –
just put the phone down and get that group shot. So what are you waiting for?
Start Snaping!
==>Movie Categories: I know there are some mobile users
who are movies addicted… a day can’t go without you watching a movie on your
device. I’ve got good news for you, you can get some of the best site to
download latest movies on your device… 
Click here to see the best movies site. You can also add the
ones not listed using the comment box.
==>Game Categories: some people are gamers to the call. A
smartphone without a game  is like a
smartphone without an engine… There are lots of games that suit your mood. To
ease away stress easily, I’ll recommend Candy Crush Saga. It helps you to relax
your brain and forget about the days stress.
To fight boredom and bring out the creative genius in you, I’ll
recommend Monument valley. If you don’t have this game on your device, then you
are missing a lot.
Its available for Android,  iOS and windows
For Android you can download here or the crack here
For iOS, you can download here
And for windows you can download here
I can’t list all the games here, but you list some other cool
ones using the comment box.
==>IMEI tweakers: Majority of the dudes in the hood falls
within this categories; I’m sure all telecom are on their own if they ever
promise to give you free 3GB on activation of new phones… because all the IMEI
of even smart android phones that has not been manufactured are already used.  Tweak wisely!
==>Music Categories: This categories of individual are diehard
fans of music and they just can’t leave a moment without listening to music. I’ve
got something interesting for you. Either while you sleep, work or stretch, you
can always get the remix of music.
If you are gospel lovers download Praiseworld radio app here
For general, download spotify from playstore … Your
music experience just took a new turn.
==>Internet Surfers and Downloaders: Uhmm! This category
actually got your eyes glued, if your job is just to be downloading online,
always know that there is a plan that suite you.
So which category did you fall? Is yours not mention? List it
below using the comment box.
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