Newbie Listen UP! Do Not Factory Reset Your Rooted Phone

Yesterday alone, I received about 6 emails from different
people that bricked their phone just today. I thought for a moment and resolved
to writing the below.


1. Do not, I Repeat DO NOT Factory reset your phone using the phone settings
menu if you have a custom ROM installed on your Android device or optimus V
EVER! Every day there is a new comment in here with the title “I think I
bricked my phone!
” Or “My phone keeps booting into Recovery” and
lo and behold the first sentence I read is “I reset my phone to

2. READ the directions on installing a ROM first before you do it, Not while
you are doing it. If you have questions please ask away a lot of good people
here are happy to help.

3.Learn to be patient rushing something like this will only cause you to be the
proud owner of an expensive paper weight.

4. Make a backup first before flashing a new ROM even if you didn’t in the past
it’s only a matter of time before something breaks. Don’t get stuck without a

5. DO NOT Factory reset EVER! I don’t care if you did it on an old phone or if
you did it with x rom and nothing bad happened. Why even take that risk to
begin with?

Hopefully this helped someone new so I don’t have to roll my eyes and groan
because I’m reading yet another “I bricked my phone email or comments”

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23 thoughts on “Newbie Listen UP! Do Not Factory Reset Your Rooted Phone”

  1. please I need your help.. I bricked my galaxy tab 10.1 via factory reset and it has been bootlooping ever since… I will appreciate any help rendered… thanks

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  3. This is coming days after have already done it… i sent u msg here asking for help on how to fix my H7 dat keep hanging but u dont reply my post. Now that the did has been done, what can i do to it? D fone will jes dsplay "enjoy smartphone" t times it will load yo tecno logo and hang. pls what do i need to do?

    • I definitely replied you, that you didn't go back to check where you posted it.

      Boot your phone into recovery mode, and use your volume up and down to scroll down to wipe cache.
      Do that and reboot your device.

  4. I av done it juat now but after revooting it still hang at tecno… pls whatelse can i do to get my fone back. Pls Prof! Am putting d blame on u o cos had it been u posted itdis earlier i wud not be a victim so u beta find a means to fix ny fone o #Crying #Begging

  5. Av read d post and i understand it well enof but i av questionsv
    *Using d methods does d fone need to be root?
    *And using d 1st method, can i use tecno M6 back up folder for tecno H7?
    *do i av to try d 1st method b4 using d oneclick method. Quick reply pls Prof…

    • Yes, your phone need to be rooted… And for your second question, yes you can but it will not give you thesame functionality(s)

      You can use any of those methods.

  6. yomi it's me again….. i downloaded cwm recovery and flashed it through mobile uncle…. since then my phone fail to install the new update, am speaking of infinix hote note. please is there a way to go back to the phone stuck recovery so i can upgrade…. pleasssse, i need your help

  7. Av already downloaded d software, pls reply me so i can go ahead to unbrock it. … u don say make we no dey o hurryyy ooo!

  8. How on earth am i goin to root d fone now dat d fone is not coming up? and i unrooted it when i sense it doin rubbish with d hope dat it was d rooting or something dat caused d hamging. Is there a way to root it again as it is? Am patiently waiting for a lasting solution and order before i go ahead. #ShunSir

  9. Instead if u want 2 factory reset ur rooted fone. Boot to recovery TWRp or CWM wipe data factory reset option, wipe cache, wioe dalvik cache under advance option. Hope dis helps. Happy flashing /Rooting


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