Custom Rom Upgrade For N3 & P3 To Android 4.0

This tutorial is specifically men’t for N3 and P3 users who
have anticipated for custom ROM for a very long time. Well just fasten your
seat belt as I engage you in a few minutes tutorial on how to upgrade your
custom rom to 4.0 ICS. With this newer updates on you device, you will be able
atleast to use BBM.

Below are some of the features your N3/P3 will look like
once you’ve successfully  upgraded it.

==>Full ics interface
==>Transparent notification
==>Good lock screen
==>ICS camera
==>Full Odex ROM
==>RAM Manager,Less
Lags,better Multitasking
==>Automatic Zipalign (Zipalign
xbin is included)
==>TCP and 3G Tweaks For
Better Network
==>Better Battery Life through
Battery Tweaks
And lot more. No more stories
lets’ just dive into the main thing.

1. It is always adviceable you back up your present ROM before flashing it with a custom ROM
2. Before we begin, you need a CWM
recovery for your N3/P3 download it and do as well read more
about it here

How To Install Custom Rom For
N3 & P3

Eblak_N7  (ROM) here  and su-bin-3.1.1-arm-signed(FOR ROOTING) here
place it on
your sdcard root
Boot to
recovery >>wipe data factory reset and wipe cache partition
Goto Advance
“wipe dalvik cache”
Select +++go
back+++ àThen, select ‘install zip from sd card’. Choose
zip from sd card
Select then Navigate to “YES”. As soon as you see
“installation complete”, select choose zip from sd card
And choose When you are through, select “+++go back+++” and
choose “power off”. You can then restart your device.

For P3 Users alone (Patch Installing)
==>Download P3_Patch here
==>Save the downloaded file on
your sd card
==>Go to clockworkmod and
install the zip. Their is no need to wipe anything, just install the zip from clockworkmod.

That’s it guys. You should now have a branded ics custom rom running 4.0 installed on your device.

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55 thoughts on “Custom Rom Upgrade For N3 & P3 To Android 4.0”

  1. please its not working on my Tecno N3
    Please help
    Below was the response I received on attempt to install any of the files
    Finding update package…
    Opening Update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E: signature verification failed
    Installation failed

  2. abegi…..bros weh dey use anonymous p3 user..please explain how you did your own cos am using p3 too and its saying
    Finding update package…
    Opening Update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E: signature verification failed
    Installation failed…..explain exactly how you do urs??thanks

  3. @YOMIPROF…yes… p3 is rooted and i have rom manager cwm..i download it from playstore is der another type of rom manager cwm?i dunno y its not working for me yet…help ooo or maybe you should forward your cwm to ma mail…[email protected]…thanks

  4. i have rom manager Cwm installed on my N3 please tell me what next to do
    I spent a lot downloading the EblakN7 ROM please tell me what next to do.

    • I know you spent a lot of mb downloading the Eblak but if you've tried all the steps above correctly and it is still not installing, don't force it, just leave it and i'll look for another higher compatible ROM suitable for your device.

    • You don't need to create the cwm at all, you just download it, and back up your existing ROM before you install this one.

      How To Backup Your Existing Rom:
      Step 1: Launch ROM Manager and tap on Reboot to Recovery. Your phone will reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery.

      Note that if booting into CWM from ROM Manager fails, you can always shut down your device, press and hold a specific combination of buttons to manually boot into CWM.

      Step 2: Using your volume up/down keys and the home/power button, navigate to backup and restore > backup to begin a complete backup of your phone’s current state. This is called creating a nandroid backup.

      Taking a nandroid backup can take up to 10-15 minutes if you have loads of data saved, so you’ll have to be a little patient.

      Step 3: That’s it! Your nandroid backup is now ready! To continue using your device, select reboot system now from the main menu.

  5. Hi I'm smmaabz, The eblak rom is fantastic, however I feel its still lacking when it comes to bbm. Pls try to do sth asap… For others who would prefer quicker solutions Google: BBMGingerbread.apk
    Personally I'd prefer one that's running on the 4.0


  7. Good day, I tried to install cwm, but I realized that after follown d prompts of an app cald mobileuncle as directed, my tecno n3 couldnt load into recovery mode. all other attempts that i made also failed including using an app cald quickboot. I've rooted my phone. any help pls?

    • Do this if you've rooted your device, just get rootexplorer from google play and install it

      go to the phone memory and click mount r/w

      goto the systemui.apk under /system/app/

      long press and tap change permissions

      check the top nine options.
      After that, your notification bar will be visible

  8. My own problem is on the bbm thing? I actually got a bbm that worked for me but I can't upgrade my bbm and i also can't download certain apps from play atore. Please help me

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