How To Use Etisalat Bis On PC & Android

It is high time we decide the best data plan as an
alternative to Airtel bis that can suite your device since Airtel telecom want
to block its bis usage on non bb device. Though  Airtel bis is still working and some people
still subscribed today and it worked perfectly but it’s still good you have an
alternative should in case this stuff get blocked.

I’m going to engage you in a simple tutorial using Etisalat
Bis subscription to browse on PC and android instead of Airtel bis. Ideally,
Etisalat Bis will give you 3GB for 1K and the speed is awesome while Airtel
will only give you 2GB for #1,500 and they are still hammering on blocking it
on non bb device.
Judiciously follow these easy steps on how to set up your
Etisalat Bis on non bb device.
How Can I Set Up Etisalat Bis To Work On PC and Android
Subscribe to monthly blackberry complete  plan by dialing *499*3# or weekly plan by dialing
*499*3*1#. Monthly cost #1,000 while weekly cost #500
==> Once
the 1month bb complete plan has been confirmed successful, subscribe again to
blackberry 10 daily plan by dialing *599*3*2# (it goes for #100 and 15mb will
be giving to you).
your apn to “” without the quote.
and exit. Connect and surf.
Note: The
bb10 daily plan help clears all the mucus  of bb complete data so that you will be able
to browse with it on non bb device. It has been tested and confirmed working.

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162 thoughts on “How To Use Etisalat Bis On PC & Android”

  1. Yomi thank you so so very much. Tho i haven't tested it but i always know there's away to catch the rat. lol. Because all BB subs have a certain APN they use. Even MTN could block theirs because they changed bb APN.

    • I actually haven'nt try it on Nokia window but instead of risking it, you can sub for their daily plan. if it works then their monthly plan too will work.

    • it doesn't have anything thing to do with modem stuff @Anonym. Re-check your apn again, or better still, create a new apn on your modem and set it at default apn, save it. and make sure it's the bb10 15 you sub for or else it's not going to work.

    • Thanks Prof for prompt response. I used d above codes( *499*3# and *599*3*2# cost me N1,100) in subscription not anything else. It's displaying standstill 00.00kps up and down speed,also at d notification bar unidentified network with no internet access. Thank you

    • thanks prof I Av successfully unlock my modem mf631 thanks so much prof….. Hw I wish am lady I swear na prof I for marry Bt so sad am nt…. once again kudos to prof

  2. thnx yomi pls can you help me with unlock and reseting my unlock counter for my etisalat E303 modem.i got the unlock code from diff sites all the same but didnt unlock it unfortunatly i used all my attempts,hve been trying for a long i used dc to reset the unlock couter with my new algo code still didnt work.need your help.

  3. guess what guys….am currently using my etisalat bis subscription with my openvpn account and it connected am even posting with it…i hope it will turn it to unlimited sha….God please oooo

  4. Prof. thanx for d info…I did followed all instructions to d letter but after d 15mb from d bb10 plan was exhausted, it stopped… should I resubscribe for d bb10 again or what ?

  5. Thanks prof. its blazing like thunder! Ajiboro frm Abuja.
    Sorry if any body is doubting it, he should try it with just N200, N100 for BB daily 50MB and N100 for BB10 daily 15MB. You have nothing to lose. Bravo Prof. God Bless Sir!

  6. Morning prof!
    I have a problem. A friend gave me his modem (EC226 – MultiLinks) about 2 months ago to unlock and I've not been able to do that up till now! My major problem is that I can't locate the IMEI number anywhere.
    Plc any help about how to do the unlocking? Thanks.
    My email: [email protected].
    Thanks again!

  7. pls prof need reply i tried to subcribe for the bb complete they say dear customer your device does not support the requested service.

  8. Dear Yomi, pls can i use this apn you gave here ( on pc? or should i remove the x?

    Thanks for your prompt response as always!

    You da man!

  9. please prof how do I subscribe for Etisalat bb daily plan and is the daily plan unlimited and when subscribing for the daily plan must I add the bb10 stuff? thanks

  10. please prof how do I subscribe for Etisalat bb daily plan and is the daily plan unlimited and when subscribing for the daily plan must I add the bb10 stuff? thanks

  11. thanks yomi. pls what if I exhaust my mb what do I do. can I still renew immediately or send any code to deactivate. Thanks again

  12. Sorry about all this question but is your sim a new sim? if yes, it means this thing might be sim selective. I'll suggest you check your data balance by dialing *228# to be sure it as been activated for you. If it has been activated, uninstall your modem drivers and re-install it back again (if you are using a pc) and if it's an android phone, delete the existing apn and re enter a new apn. Also confirm tht the bb10 packaage was activated if not you will need to reactivate the bb10 package again

  13. waoaoooo a very big thankssssssssss to you yomi prof and as for me you remain the baddest guy ever liveth because the tweak you posted above is blazing like thunderbolt as at today i tried it and for those doubting i urge you all to follow the procedures carefully so you can benefit from it and also i really appreciate your works yomi prof..God bless

  14. still blazing like eti baba, am using it on my unlocked glo modem and its blazing like mad….have download movie like 500mb now….kudos to you indeed yomi prof (best blogger)…

  15. Prof ive activated both the monthly bis and the 10mb both has been successfully activated balance is 3086mb. Im on easy cliq apn still not working. Pls help

    • Okay, Just create a new apn without password or username, no port or proxy. the only thing you need do is just to put the apn alone "" save it as your default and connect

    • Tuzzy, the reason why its not working for you is simply because you did not receive comfirmation that your bb10 daily plan is active. resub again and it will connect

  16. I have been waiting for something cheap n fast to come up so that I will download my win 8.1 pro
    Thanks so much Prof you deserved a bottle of beer.
    Give me your email account so that I will send any type of recharge card that you want tomorrow

    • After subscribing you have to confirmed that the 3gig has been given to you before subscribing to that of BB10 daily and once the 15mb has been added to your phone flex on

    • Just like what ben said, you must confirmed that the bb plan is activated before optin into the bb10 package. Now that it's taken you to, Resubscribe to the bb10 15mb and wait till you receive a comfirmation messaage that it is active.

  17. well done yomi the GREAT, pl etisalat is deducting my money by force, after the bb subscription, i opt out by dialling *229*0# and that of stop to 229 ,but still i didnt get confirmation from them. they continued auto subscribe me what should do

    • if they are deducting your money, it simply means you are not surfing with the mb you have. I beleive you have activated bb complete… but i am not sure of bb10 daily subscription. I'll suggest you subscribe again for the bb10 daily and wait until you get a message that your bb sub is now active. If you didn't get any message, don't remove it from your fone. after then they won't charge you again.

  18. Hi, wanna know, are we going to keep renewing the bb 10 subscription daily for the bis to keep working or just for the first time. Since Etisalat do "autorenewal", won't the service stop if we unsubscribe from the bb10 autorenewal? Thanks

  19. Good evening Mr Yomi… thanks For The the cheat, Pls i Tried reusing the sim on my blackberry but the bis didnt work on my blackberry again, boss pls what's the problem?

    • Sorry man, your sim has already been disvirgin by the bb10 so bis can nolonger work on it except you subscribe for norm bb 10mb to knit it together. What bb10 package does is to disvirgin bb complete.

  20. hi prof i created a new apn on my nokia lumia 520 and activated it but it still the setting from d sent etisalat setting that is still working making me not able to browse, pls what should i do.

    • Hello man, clear all the apn, totally delete them again. And if that etisalat apn is still showing, manually edit it and insert the main apn. Save it and set it as your default. If it still show the same old default apn, insert a non eti sim inside your lumia and manually create a new apn save it as yur default and insert back ur eti sim. it will browse after then.

    • Thanks Yomi prof, initially it wiped out all my airtime, but desparation made me try all channels to changing all available apns on my 620, now it works like charm…holy etisalat superfast speed

  21. Yomi baba, I followed the instructions and it is working perfectly, thanks so much. However, it is quite slow because all I have is EDGE network. My friends around me have 3G and theirs is blazing but mine is slow. Please how do rectify this? How can I get 3G on my simply? Please note that it is a new sum. Thanks for your anticipated response

  22. Prof I will soon opt to d etisal but I don't knw y my Airtel refuse to work on other apps except whatsapp while on d BB plan for Airtel. Tanx for quick response.

    • Maybe you didn't set your apn aright. Your apn should be and paswd and username;internet

      To check your data bundle, dial *123*10#

  23. prof, its not working even after trying the *559*3*2# on a blackberry device.
    After subscribing for the 3gig, the 15 mb plan is not going through
    Help i am struck. Thanks

  24. i am kachi. mine isnt working. it first clears my credit and the bonus then stops working. when i check the data balance the 3072mb is still intact. i used the bb10 daily which didnt work, it gave me 3087mb. when it expires it goes back to 3072mb . i subscribed to it with my android phone. must i use a blackberry ? pls what do i do ? thanks.

    • Kachi,
      Resubscribe to the bb10 daily bis, and you will be given 15mb. Please make sure you receive a text confirming your bb10 daily active. If you didn't rec any text, don't browse until the confirmation roll in.

      You mustn't use a bb phone before it will work.

    • Hello Celphon, accept my deep apologies for not replying you all this while but you can use your bis on bb again. Just sub for the daily biscomplete plan of #100 and it will get it working again.

  25. Prof Yomi, plz come to my aid, I did subscribe and follow the normal procedure and it worked but I was able use the 3gig in just 1week and I try to re-subScribe to the plan again , well I follow the usual process but this time, it didn't connect and I discover it keeps redirecting to blah blah….plZ sire what can I do to make it work again becoz I receive confirmations for both the monthly sub and also the daily sub yet it refuses to browse…plz what can I do right now to make it browse…..PLZ help my Prof Yomi.

    • Hello Anonym, please i want you to confirm that the plan has been activated on your device by checking your bal *228#. What device are you making use of ?

  26. Prof Yomi Please i need your help, i Have exhausted the 3gig, i Tried to resubscribe but the BB 10, 15mb isnt adding up to the 3gig…its only the 15mb dat is working boss please help me

  27. yomi please mine is not working I sub for the BIS monthly and I was given 3GB but I thought I can use it with doing the bbday, when I discover it doesnt work that way I sub. for BB day the next day yet it is not working

  28. Mine aint working bro, subscribed yesterday for d one month plan and den d bb flux 100 naira plan but they only deducted my 15MB and left d 3G, i did anoda bb10 subscription today and waited for abt 3hrs but i never received any welcome messge from dem. so i went on and browse but they still deducted only my 15mb and left my 3G untouched. whats d wat forward sir?

  29. "Please, help me send the dc unlocker
    unlimited to [email protected]. I will
    appreciate" I made this post since 9/12/2013 under this topic: "How To Reset Unlock Code Counter To Zero For Huawei Modems"

    Please i have not got it in my email.




  31. Hello Prof Yomi (as I see everyone calls you that here). I actually stumbled on you blog, yes you guessed right! I'm in search of the etisalat alternative. I heard about it and seen testimonies too so I decided to try it out. Sadly, it didn't work on my device. It seems after the 15mb plan zapped, the connection stopped and I'm left with the 3GB which I can't use. Would be nice if you could roll out a solution if you know any.
    Thanks in advance.

  32. Ooohh I tot I was d onli one oo… I actuali stumbled on dis blog lukin for a solution to ma Etisalat wahala…. Ma 15mb has vanished nd it even ate up ma credit yet d 3g is still intact…. PLs I NID HELP Ooo Prof pls reply us ASAP Na?

  33. Please no one should subscribe again for this package once you exhaust your current data except you want to waste ur money. Wait for an update about way forward.

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