Unlock Your Stubborn Modem Now – Ranging From Mf631,691, 591,100,190 Etc

Evening guys, I guess we are all enjoying the Prey tracker?
Well I just want to bring this to our notice for those who have a stubborn
modem that refuses to unlock, and you have tried all you can but to no avail.
Modem like Mf 190, 100, 631 etc. Just bring them to the
house and we will deal with them tentatively. But before you do that,  you must be sure that your modem is such that
can be unlock.
ZTE modems generally cannot be unlocked via the use of
Master Codes  alone or sorts hence they
need the use of Unlocking Software like DC-Unlocker and DC-Unlocker works well
in unlocking any MF631 etc modems and probably other  ZTE modems.

Why Should I Unlock My Modem
 Unlocking your modem
generally will give you access to use other network on that modem. Imaging you using your  Mtn magic sim on Etisalat
modem or using my crazy Airtel gigabytes on Glo modem; it sounds so great
friends. Don’t just keep your modem in bondage when you can turn it to a
universal modem now.

turn it to a universal modem.Have got the original DC-unclocker client for you guys,
without buying any credit on it. Use my credit, rock it hard to unlock it.

How Do I Unlock My Stubborn Modem With DC-Unclocker Clients Original?
Send your email address to me so that I can mail
it directly to you because the file is a little bit large and I can’t attach it
Once you have downloaded it, use winrar app to
extract it to your desktop.
Connect your modem to your PC with another Sim
inside it
the Most Dc-unlocker software and scroll down to ZTE then click on the search
tab for it to locate the modem.
You will see it once it finish
searching as locked MF whatever.., but don’t too worry we will unlock it right
the right hand side of the dc unlock client, you will see unlock tab… so
click on it to unlock it. Wait for little seconds for the unlocking to
complete. Once it complete, you should now see the chip network appearing.
Anything you don’t understand please don’t hesitate to let
me know. One Love house!
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188 thoughts on “Unlock Your Stubborn Modem Now – Ranging From Mf631,691, 591,100,190 Etc”

  1. Thanks very much for the riple, please i still need your help because i dont really know wht to do on the riple to make money on, please kindly teach me, and about the unlocking stuff, my mail is here.

    [email protected]

    Thanks our Prof.
    Every of your enemies will die of HIV/AIDS, Cancer, e.t.c.

    • This is what you will do; log on to your control panel, you will see 5 players, click on player one and invite someone. use the five player to invite someone and that is it. The app will soon be lunched at any moment from now. once the app is lunched, you will receive ur entitlement. Check ur mail i have sent the software.

    • Thanks my prof, i have seen the software, kudos to you, but my problem is they did not ask for the account they are going to pay the entitlements to, and how much are we really going to get, while inviting the 5 personnels, and when that is paid for the 5, is the earnings closed, after collecting the earnings for the 5, and if not, what are the other ways of earning in this programme, please enlighten me, i have millions of people lining up for me to make them join, but u know i need good convincting evidence to show to them, so i will expect ur reply on this. John.

    • My prof, thanks very much for the software o, but the problem is the software was unable to break ZTE MF190 which is the one airtel and MTN is selling now, please help us with that one. and please dont forget to tlk to me about the rippl.

    • Prof, you dont answer my question, assist me my prof.

      My prof, thanks very much for the software o, but the problem is the software was unable to break ZTE MF190 which is the one airtel and MTN is selling now, please help us with that one. and please dont forget to tlk to me about the rippl.

    • if you want to know if it will work on this modem, just put another sim inside and if it shows inside security code, then it will work.

  2. Hi Prof,

    Thanks a lot for your help on my etisalat mf 631 but now it is unlocked all thanks to Prof. People,this is just to tell you that this software works!

    Prof, you are awesome. Like a reader just wrote, every enemy that says you won't live to fulfil your days will die by fire,by thunder,by lightning, by cancer…emm,make I swallow small. Lol!

    Thanks bro. You rock- otolorin

  3. @All, you can now check your mail and unlock whatever. But those who have Hauwai modem like E173 can either use Universal master code or this software.

  4. dc unlocker is good but be careful so you dont lose your driver.mtn magic has not been functioning on 3g network but on 2g,can something be done about it prof?

  5. dc onlocker is good but you must be careful so you dont lose your driver,mtn magic sim is not working on 3g network for me but only on 2g.do anyone have same complain?what do i do prof?

    • @Anonymous, this Dc-unlocker is original, it does'nt damage driver like the crack. And concerning your magic sim, it's network. Mine wer i am, 3G works fine and 2G. Just try it again latter.

  6. Morning Friends! Kindly check your email, the DC-unclocker client has been sent. Please if you don't have a modem, their is no need of dropping your email oooo; this is just men't for the modems proven difficult to unlock.

  7. @Everyone, check your mail, the Dc-unclocker client has been sent. To those who are still unable to unlock their own, just chill we will find another means for you. Happy Unlocking!

  8. Thanks Profm got your mail but it didn't work for me am trying to unlock etisalat ZTE model MF631 but am getting result "card not found"

    selection :
    manufacturer – ZTE datacards
    model – Auto detect

    card not found !

  9. Pls I would like to know if this software unlocks Glo Bolt. As I would love to replace my Glo NetPro. thanks in advance.

    PS. your post on How To Easily Track Your phone, Laptops or Tablets When
    Stolen – Catch The Thief is not opening / legible. You might want to check that.

    • @Deji, i hav'nt try this out on Glo bolt but i will love if you can try it out and give us feed back. Ths software has been sent to you.

      concerning the post you made mention of, i beleive it should be your network. It's perfectly okay and opening well.

  10. prof you are the info master. i tried it and it worked perfectly on Etisalat modem. thanks and God bless.

  11. prof, this is my imei 867648010354049, again sir if modem is locked for input wrong code more than 10times can it be unlock again, more also i havent see the dc-unlocker in my box, its [email protected].
    i am very proud to say this is the best site so far. i have reason for saying that, sky is your starting point. Amen

  12. Good Morning friends, please kindly check your email as i have sent the Dc unlocker client. Should in case you encounter problems in the course of unlocking, please do let me know. Happy unlocking!

  13. blot
    and E303 modem unlock code and solution need?

    just email me [email protected]

    write email as subject : ' your country , modem model No'

    example models : india tamilnadu chennai

    e303 vodafone K1772 unlock E173bu-1 E173cs-1 E1731 airtel unlock E303d idea unlock

    any huawei or Blot or Zte type or cdma or telecon negiria E303 mtn modem .

    need help +91869545982 india tamilnadu

  14. prof baba..i beg i nid the dc-unlocker..i beg…d one i get dey request for username and password….i beg if you can help out i will be debt to you forever…and i know i will pay it one day, its shows i really need it….here is my mail…[email protected]…..plz am looking forward to hearing from you…thanks…zhiggymurphy….

  15. Yomi please help, can you kindly break my modem to become universal.
    My etisalat modem is permanently locked on my process of unlocking it with an unlocking code I got from a website.
    Modem info;
    Huawei E303

  16. Hello prof I have an etisalat Huawei E367 HSPA+ that needs unlocking. Please here is my email [email protected]. is the procedure same for the huawei as that of zte?….looking forward to yur response and kudos to you I've benefited from yu alot


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