Free MTN 3GB For #20….

Though this is coming late but if you are lucky enough, you should be rocking it. Mtn is currently dishing out 3G to lucky subscribers…
Just make sure you have upto #20 on your MTN SIM and dial this code repeated on you phone

*123*3*1*5*2# and you’ll receive a message from 556 telling you that your night plan package is successful. The trick is this, the more you dial the code, the more you get more 3GB.

To check your balance, send 2 to 131.

Keep dialing and your gigs will keep multiplying. But don’t forget that Etisalat 1.5GB is still on point. Happy Sunday guys

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73 thoughts on “Free MTN 3GB For #20….”

  1. Abeg,transaction failed e dey show here ooo.Av dialed it like 2times now.Dem give me nothing oooo.Those of u that were given,what plan are u on?

  2. prof i read somewhere that glo bis can now work without changing imei …given few steps which include using it in a bb fir some minute how true is it ….. thanks

  3. Hello prof, i was given d 3gb 4 weekend wich will expire by 12th nov but d problem is it didnt work after i was given. My moni was deducted but and i receive d activatn mssg but when i send 2 to 131, they wud say my 100hrs has expired. What else bro?

  4. I migrated to trutalk and i was given the data. It shows that it will expire today at 16.13pm, but am still using it. Total data stands at 5.98gb…

  5. It is really working. Don't dull urselves oooo, ignore the message they sent sent u. The more u dial d code, the more gigs u get. U can even get upto 20gigs dat will expire in one week.
    Or dial
    Dial *123*3*1*5*2# thirty time to get more gigs. It's time to cripple mtn data base

  6. After the 3gb stuff that was shared in the morning. I bought N100 card to tried the stuff it worked and my N20 was deducted while am still enjoying my 6gb, I tried to make call and my money was not deducted. since then have been making free calls. My money is sti5 intact.

  7. so sad I feel like crying; have Neva been lucky to receive 1 single mb from dis Etisalat imei changing or Mtn 3gb stuff. tried so hard through out the weekend, 2 no avail. Pls anyone/yomi prof Wu can help my case, kindly inbox me- [email protected]. Will so much appreciate

  8. Prof I migrated to tru tlk but still it Didn't work.. If I should check ma data twill say Dt I do no hv any mtn happy hour data plan. Pls wat Do I do

  9. Prof I migrated to tru tlk but still it Didn't work.. If I should check ma data twill say Dt I do no hv any mtn happy hour data plan. Pls wat Do I do

  10. Yomi…I dey vex!!…I did dis stuff in my bb, it worked cuz it showed me 5.99gb, I changed my bb apn to, nd I entered ucweb nd changed it to tcp, I thought it was working, meanwhile it took all my MONEY!!!!…AS IN, I DEY VEX…WHAT D WAY. PLS TELL ME

  11. Omg! I have jst bin given 12GIG after several trials of d free mtn bundle(night).. Finally woow! Bin rocking it since.. D idea is.. Have upto #100 on ur fone.. + ipulse den kip dialing d code *123*3*1*5*2# u will kip getting transaction fail.. Chill e go enta.. To activate d gigs given.. buy an ordinary plan say 10mb or 25mb..wooooowww


  13. @fred..Dey won't even deduct d money completely.. It might jst b #5 or so.. @8.9g don't knw abt additional settings oo.. buh it activated mine by buying extra 25mb plan nd I have bin using it since yesterday.. Downloaded 10large apps nd 12movies still ma gig seems lyk notin has happened to it.. Lemme don even tire sef

  14. Pls how my gigs can I get in one single mtnsim becos I got it once but dey later that reply me with I have 2.99gigs already.pls answer me YOMIPROF.

  15. But my lil problem is that I can browse wit the 3gig on my blackberry but when I switch ON my my phone my EDGE goes big but after like 10-15 mins it goes small again (edge) αη∂ can't browse ,till I switch OFF my phone and restart again,it goes big and so on

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