Poll: How Much Did You Pay For Your Current Smartphone?

With the current and imminent dollar rise, the price of
smartphone has greatly increase beyond what one can imagine few years back. When
I bought my LG G5 Dual sim sometimes last year, it was around N149,000. Right
now it goes for N230,000 on Jumia Global. 

The truth is, the cost of smartphone varies widely from $60
or less to something like $1000 or above (N10,000 – N400,000) depending on what
smartphone you are talking about. With different prices come different
varieties of devices depending on consumer’s choices.
In a country like Nigeria, brands like Infinix, Tecno, Itel
are very much popular and their smartphone price ranges from N30,000 to
something like N130,000. Few years back, you can atleast boast of getting a
quality Infinix mid-range smartphone 2GB Ram 16GB internal memory for N17,600 –
N24,000 but right now, it is practically impossible because the prices of
gadgets have skyrocketed. 
Things have very much changed in the last few years and
brands like InnJoo are on a low key probably because they couldn’t meet up with
users expectations or users taste changed. 
This brings me to the question because I’m curious to know how
much did you (or will you, eventually) pay for your smartphone? Was it
subsidized? Are you on a phone lease (Those of you using Airtel Smartphone and
paying monthly)?
How much did you pay for your current smartphone?
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