Best Unlimited Data Plan For Heavy Internet Users

One of the things you can’t take away from humanity is
internet surfing; it has come stay for good. In as much as you love to surf the
net, you also love to download. This plan has been around for a while and only
accessible to those using ntel sim.

Ntel 4G network is fast in most locations atleast from the
locations have been too, and they have one of the best 4G data plan even though
they unceremoniously increased the price of unlimited monthly data plan to N17,500
last year.
Their unlimited plan has been dope. It allows you to
download unlimited with fast internet connection without any form of
throttling. If you have a larger file to download… then one of these unlimited plans
will go a long way to serve you better.
Ntel Unlimited U-Daily: it gives you access to the internet
with unlimited download for good 48 hours for N1500. It has no data cap.
Ntel Unlimited U-Weekly: Gives you access to the internet
with unlimited download for 7days and it goes for N3,750. It has no data cap. You
can actually download more than 70GB if you wish to crumble the internet.

Ntel Unlimited U-Monthly: Goes for N17,500. I actually
prefer the weekly because if you calculate the price of the unlimited weekly,
its not upto the price of the monthly.
Ntel Unlimited Night plan: If you don’t want to stress
yourself with any of the above, you can try out their night plan from 10PM-6am.
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30 thoughts on “Best Unlimited Data Plan For Heavy Internet Users”

  1. That's so true. I have been using the u-weekly. It's even more good in downloading than streaming. I downloaded about 46 of 1080 and 720 definition films. Watching iptv links.

  2. It seems to me that Yomi needs to update this information for our people here. Frankly, I don't think you need to bother yourself about unlimited plans on ntel. They just started a promo two weeks ago that trump anything the competitors have. Get a WAWU ntel sim and enjoy free 10GB data valid for 30days. Also, you stand to enjoy 6x your subscription either data or combine Voice and data plan for a year. For instance, if you subscribe for their month data plan of #500 which is 1GB, you will receive 6GB. For #1,000 which is 2GB, you will receive 12GB. Same with the voice and data plan. You can also enjoy unlimited 2 days night plan for #500. Unlimited 7 days night plan is #1, 500 and 30 days is #5, 000. But the daily plans still remains the same price. But this would have to be on another sim. You are not allow to use two plans on your sim. This WAWU plans just started about three weeks ago. I am currently flexing it and I hope my people here would seize this opportunity. Just ask for WAWU sim from any Ntel seller and flex for a year on six times normal data. download their app and use it to check data or recharge.

    • Hello Mr Tunde,
      To configure your new ntel line please ensure you have the following in place

      1. Make sure that your device Flexible Division Duplex (FDD) have support for LTE 3 (1800MHz) and 8 (900MHz) spectrum bands.
      2. Set your apn as seen below;
      APN: ntel
      username: ntel
      password: ntel
      Save your apn settings and set it as your default apn. Choose 4G only

      You use option B if option A didn’t work for you.
      APN: ntel
      username: blank
      password: blank

      Save your apn settings and set it as default with 4G enabled only. Your ntel sim should browse now.


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