Get a Free Smartphone When You Open an Account With Sterling Bank With N10,000

Though this look like a marketing strategy to get new
customer to register with Sterling bank? We all love everything free, but are
things truly free?

9Mobile partnered with sterling bank and Solo phones to
introduce a contract smartphone pre-bundled with mobile plans to new and old
customers of the bank. However, the partnership is said to last for 12 months.
This is what it means, walk into any Sterling bank and open a
Sterling Plus account, then deposit minimum of N10,000… at completion, you’ll
walk home with Solo aspire 4 smartphone and a 9mobile sim. Every month, you’ll
be entitled to free data bundle from 9mobile.
Terms and Condition
After much digging, we found out that Once you deposit
N10,000 and collect the phone, you need to be depositing N5,105 for the
remaining 11months to take complete ownership of the phone.
To claim ownership of your monthly data, send SHOP to 200
after your sim registration.
Key Spec of Solo Aspire 4
Solo Aspire 4 is a midrange smartphone that comes preloaded
with Android 6.0, Onboard memory of 8GB + 1GB Ram memory. On the camera side,
we have 8MP+5MP rear and front camera respectively fueled by 4000mAh battery
9Mobile and Sterling bank said the phone is free… Is it
truly free?
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21 thoughts on “Get a Free Smartphone When You Open an Account With Sterling Bank With N10,000”

  1. If the money in my account is not tampered with, then i think its not really a bad idea to leave it for a one year period. What happens when one defaults in monthly deposit?

  2. I chatted them up and here is there response…….

    To get the Solo Aspire Phone, open a new sterling plus account
    Minimum account opening balance of N5,000.00 & Security deposit of N5,000.00 totaling N10,000.00 (To be placed under lien for the contract period of 12 months)
    Upfront payment of the 1st month subscription fee of N5,105.00
    Subsequent subscription fee of N5,105.00 to be paid over a period of 11 months on or before 28th of every month

    Execution of the contract agreement form
    Please note that existing New Sterling Plus Customer will only provide N5,000.00 (Security deposit & N5,105.00 upfront subscription fee)
    Apart from owning a cool Smart Phone, customers also get to enjoy the following benefits on a 9mobile network plan.
    90 national minutes monthly for 12 months
    15 SMS monthly for 12 months
    1.5GB free (one-off) data upon device activation
    500MB of data monthly for 12 months
    Free 30 days access to social media & Instant Messaging apps monthly for 12 months
    50% bonus on airtime recharge
    100% bonus on any data purchase for 1st 6 months
    50% bonus on any data purchase for the next 6 months.

  3. So what happen when you fail to complete the #5,105 every month deposits. Will they withdrew the phone from you and how? Is it a one sim card phone or what going to happen then?

  4. I just chatted them up on there website. The #5105 you pay monthly is part installmental payment for the phone. So they are not giving out the phone for free rather you paying #61260 stretch over a period of 12months. Would have upload the chat screen shoot but i can't find any upload button in the comment box


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