Is Your Android Giving You Problem? Fix It Here

These days, Android phone despite the fact that it’s has
gained more market than blackberry, can easily be bricked or developed a major
problem. The other day, a colleague of mine in the process of installing a
pregnancy test app on her android device got it stocked and paused for over
some hours. A hard reset was done and the phone got back to normal.

I know there are so many of us whose Android device might be
giving you some  problem or malfunctioning
 in one way or the other, please feel
free to post the problems here so that a reasonable solution will be proffered accordingly.
And to those who demanded for an  OS upgrade,
rooting guide and best data plan for your device, sorry for not replying you on
time because I was so occupied with a major task. 
Just feel free to post your Android device problems
here and a reasonable solution will be proffered accordingly.
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472 thoughts on “Is Your Android Giving You Problem? Fix It Here

  1. Please help me! My tecno q1 was bricked after performing 'whole format' using 'SP flash tool'. My phone is not booting and charging, but if i connect it with a PC, It will show that a device is connectd. Please How can i resolve this problem? I just bought it last month.

    • I'll answer your question accordingly.
      First, to root your htc one, follow this link and carefully read the tutorial in it below

      How To Root Htc one

      Secondly, The current vpn server that works for browsing on Android using mtn bis is YF for now and it is not too fast as expected. Every other vpn server ain't working as mtn, etisalat and glo network deactivated Tcp and icmp protocol. But Airtel bis doesn't require vpn server before it will work.

  2. Thank you so much for this opportunity sir. My sony ericsson xperia arc stopped booting, it restarts when it gets to the sony ericsson logo, please what's the way forward? How do I also get to discovery mode? Thank you in advance.

    • Helo mr Dele Johnson,

      You need to repair it with SUS. You can download it here or here

      Then follow this steps after the download.

      remove the battery > do NOT try to turn it on > install SUS > restart your PC > run SUS > press and hold back then connect the usb cable > do NOT release the back button > and wait, if that doesn't work restart your PC > disable your firewall and antivirus > run SUS and try again

    • To get to recovery mode, You need either a kernel capable of going into recovery, or the app

      When the phone starts and you feel it vibrate (the second time since the phone vibrate once to let you know it's switching on) then start pressing volume down or menu

  3. Help! My Samsung Tab GT-P1000 bricked.. Was trying to do an upgrade from 2.2 to 4.2 using odin, but flashing was interrupted, now my tab can't go into download mood, hard reset, screen not even coming on, when I plug it via usb or charger, my led just keep flashing that's all, have tried reparation wit it's .pit file.. Still noting, pls what should I do to revive it back.. Thanks

    • Lagos, Apapa….
      Is it now a hardware problem?
      But I didn't tamper with the bootloader.
      I only used PDA, CSC nd Phone(modem.bin) file…
      Only if saw all this coming, would have just used CyanogenMod.
      I have all the firmware files both 2.2, 2.3 the bootloader, .pit file …
      Thanks a lot for ur reply

  4. Yomi, i have try to flash in recovery.img but the error SP FLASH TOOL gave me was 'handset does not support DRAM. Pls what else can i do?

    • Hello friend,
      Sorry for replying you late but is the fone rooted?

      Unlock the boot loader if you have not even once, just by installing RUU for upgrading initialization and please , but If you have previously unlocked bootloader fastboot oem lock command must relock the boot loader. After relock the bootloader, RUU, please proceed to the fully initialized and upgrades.

      When you install the RUU radio (baseband) firmware and hboot area will be updated. In addition, any errors in the system, even slightly, will be returned to all normal.

      Or better still, visit this link

  5. Yomiprof, you are such a genius, i've bookmarked your page and checks in everyday.
    Now i've gotten an android phone and i will be able to enjoy your wonderful tutorials.
    Pls how do i root my infinix surf smart, thanks alot.

  6. Yomiprof, you are such a genius, i've bookmarked your page and checks in everyday.
    Now i've gotten an android phone and i will be able to enjoy your wonderful tutorials.
    Pls how do i root my infinix surf smart, thanks alot.

    • To activate the airtel bis, load #1500 on your sim and dial *440*161#. If you get not eligible message, dial *440*16# and your Gigs will be given to you.

      Set your apn to
      Password and Username: internet

  7. Hii..some guys told me that..they loss their mobile samsung s-5302 gps & one sim work not properly..can this true . Plz help .i want also try

    • Hello Adebisi,
      Before you talk of upgrading your htc desire, or installing cwd, is your phone rooted?

      try turning your phone off, then pulling the battery. After you've pulled the battery and waited a few seconds, hold the volume down button and put the battery back in the phone. Then continue to hold volume down while you power up the phone and it should land on the bootloader.

      To enter fastboot on your device,
      Go to settings, then battery. The check box for fastboot is at the bottom.

  8. Pls yomiprof, i did the airtel bis for 1500, and was given 2gb but since then i've been unable to browse with it on my infinix smart surf x350.
    i have set the APN as you directed yet nothing.

    • Relax Nwafor, it's because this is the first time you are subscribing to that package. Do this, load 100 box on your airtel sim and sub for 10mb by dialing *141*712*11#

      After then, it will open it up and continue to browse without any ish but make sure your apn is and password/username: internet.

  9. To unlock your Techno P3, you have to formate it..
    Follow this procedure below:-

    1.First, turn off your Android device

    Press and hold the “power”, “volume down”, and “camera” buttons simultaneously. If your mobile device does not have a camera function, just press and hold the “power” and “volume down” buttons.

    Release the buttons once your Android device is powered on.

    Scroll using your “Volume up and down” button until you find the “Factory data reset”, and then tap it.

    Tap “Reset phone”

    This will clear out all of your data, but it will allow you to unlock your Android mobile device.

    A confirmation message to clear data will appear.Select “Erase everything”, which will permanently delete all of the data.

    You should now be able to use your Android device when you had no Google account or email address registered.

  10. Hello Prof, Myque vpn is working here oo, seems the owner just doesnt make noise about it, cos i have a friend that told he's been using it for almost 2 months now

  11. hi yomi, i rooted my tecno phantom a+ successfully yesterday, then i downloaded an app called lcd density, the app reboot the device but since then the phone would not turn on, it will just hang at where it displays tecno. i tried to unbrick it, i've downloaded the custom rom, sp flash tool and driver, but the problem i'm having now is that the system doesnt recognize the driver i downloaded. pls help oo its very urgent

    • Hello Mayo,
      This is what you should do, boot it from Safe mode and unistall the lcd density app. Please try and let me know the outcome of it. (hope you know how to boot from safemode? if you don't, refer to the previous post).

    Why our vpn is the best is that our vpn is the fastest and most
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    24 hours.
    we reply if your account when username and password is
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    download it
    NB: CONNECT THE TCP for those use it for MTN
    USERNAME: web
    PASSWORD: web
    If this APN did not work on ur sim try
    Username: internet
    Password: internet
    TO USE ON YOUR WINDOWS PC download it http://
    After downloading the "heroesvpn for mtn 0mb tweak"
    1. install the openvpn
    2. you will see HEROESVPN-CONFIG folder,
    drag the folder and drop it in this directory,
    local dsk C rogram files/openvpn/config for 32bit operating
    local dsk C rogram files (x86)/openvpn/config for 64bit
    operating system
    NB: if you want find the "local dsk C" you will goto my computer
    close all the open files
    3. How to run the openvpn on your desktop
    3.1 For window xp users just double click on openvpn and
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    will see run as administrator
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    NB: use you username to make the payment to my bank account.
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    Make sure you dont have money in your sim card
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  13. htc sensation xl gets stuck and reboots while running some apps like flash share and GTA n its working fine on other phones i sent them to. pls yomi, u cn reply to me @ [email protected]. my battery doesnt charge further after getting to 89%

    • Sorry for not replying you earlier bro.
      What is the current os version your device is running at the moment? And also, do you mean you want to root it or unroot it?

  14. Hello yomi please have been trying to install bbm on my Samsung galaxy note10.1 tab thats the GT N8000 and I cant find it anywhere not even the playstore and my friends that also use the tab have that problem too.thanks

  15. dear prof yomi,
    Kindly help me to unlock nokia lumia 520.2 At&t to able to access network in nigeria:
    Detail are:
    CODE: 059t105
    SKU: 6087a
    DATE: 200913
    tpe rm-915
    fcc id qtlrm-9i5
    ic: 661ab-rm915
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    MY E- MAIL : [email protected]

  16. Hello yomi, I have two android with similar problem. Tecno p9 and enet. They all refuse to boot beyond trade mark. I tried to reset following the previous on the site, which was successful but the problem is still there. I also tried to boot to safe mode, it also failed.Please help.

  17. prof my HTC droid is giving dis specific problem it keeps rejecting sim card, I wil av to factory reset d fone before it accept sim card bak, am fed up of DAT cos ds is d fourth time av done so

  18. help me. sometimes my infinix android device will just hang and the screen sensitivity will not work unless I drop it down for some time and later pick it back. also my launcher always malfunction. which best launcher do u think I can make use for my device.

    • First of all, i'll suggest you check the memory you have left on your device and any app you know you are not making use of, kindly delete it. Some application atimes can make fone to hang unnecessarily most especially some incompatible themes.

      Concerning the luncher, i'll suggest you use Apex launcher

  19. Hi Yomi… please my phatom a+ is showing full storage, please how can i go about rooting as for me to get more space and download more application… thanking u in anticipation

    • plug your phone to a windows pc via USB and let the drivers install
      or if they dont automatically install, install this application here
      go to settings –> About phone –> Tap build number 7 times
      go back to settings –> developer options
      make sure the usb debugging box is ticked.
      download the rooting tool from here

      extract the files
      right click on the run.bat file and run as administrator
      all done!

      ==>Read this tutorial also to help you maximise space How To fix Android space running out

  20. Hey man, great job on this site.. i got an s4 mini 10190 with an airtel sim too, only that when i switch it from gsm network to wcdma, it reverts immediately back to gsm only. i'm thinking its a factory defect, but if not what can i do? thanks.

  21. Sup bro, how are you. It's really been a while o

    You will never get tired of helping peeps in ur own little way, so as God almight will never be too tired to bestow upon you an unending favor, blessing and knowledge.

    Pls explain the setting of that your freedom on android pls I need it. Thanks


  22. My Xperia Z is experiencing this sudden death thing.
    It is not powering on and it was fully charged as at the last time i checked it.
    When i try charging it, it only shows a red LED indicator but it doesn't come up.
    I have already tried to soft reset it but that does not seem to work.
    My Laptop doesnt detect it too.
    The phone has been off for two days now and this is seriously slowing down my work.
    Pls What do i need to do?

  23. Prof Yomi, my tecno D3 stopped booting, i have flashed it twice yet no luck. Each time i switch it on a caution sign appears and that is all. What must i do?

  24. Prof yomi pls I need or help.I just downloaded real football 2013 on my techno p5.wen I want to launch d app it w write a connection error has occurred.pls help

  25. hello prof, i have a tecno p5 that poorly connects to network please what can i do to improve its network connectivity.

  26. Prof my tecno p5 has been working properly but all of a sudden it started giving low or no network signal…. Pls what shld i do to rectify that?

  27. In following your intsructions to root my Tecno A+, I downloaded Pdanet and eroot. I however was prompted to download pdanet on my android. Ive tried to do this, but it keeps telling me I have no space for the download. This is the reason I want to root in the first place. What do I do to get around this bottleneck please?

    • Hello bro if you have downloaded pdanet on ur system, no need to download it again on your android. Just continue with d rest instructin in rooting it. once done, then you can now apply link2sd.

      make sure you have a back up of your rom

  28. Hi Yomi, I got a tecno a+ about 6months ago and its been fantastic until a week ago when i noticed it started hanging especially the keypad whenever I want to type. What could be the cause of this? This phone is practically new.

    • Did u recently install any app on ur device b4 d hanging started? Do u have installed on ur fone antivirus?

      If you recently installed a new app b4 d hanging started, boot ur device from safe mode and unistall d app. If you dnt have antivirus on ur device, just visit google store and down one, den scan thoroughly ur device.

  29. Hello prof, while trying to install a custom rom on my a+, I ended up messing with it with d app ROM manager. Now my fone won't boot into recovery again. First, it will show d tecno logofor a long time until I remove d ba3. Buh, wat it does now after showing d techno logo for a short while is to roboot.

    • Hello Dhrey,
      Did you have a back up of the Rom? if you don't, i'll suggest you get a friend that use the exact type of your Phone, back up his Rom and flash the rom on your device. It will be okay after then.

    • Thanks prof. Buh I'm thinking there should be anoda solution oda than flashing it cos the fone still function fine. Inability to boot to recovery mode is just the only problem wt it now.

  30. Hello Prof,my Tecno android will not boot in after inserting my battery and turning it on,it only shows the 'TECNO' and stays there..what can I do.

  31. Goodmorning prof my tecno p5 when swiched on after few seconds it hang n den finally swithed off. Pls what can I Do

    • Good morning bro, sorry for what you fone is allowing you to pass through. I guess you must have installed an incompatible app that's why it does misbehave.

      However, i'll suggest you perform a hard reset on your P5 inorder to restore everything back to it's initial stage.

  32. Hello, my Infinix Buzz refuses to boot after the battery ran down and I charged it. It keeps directing me to an Android Restore page that is not active when I try to navigate it. Is there anything I can do to correct this problem? Hard resets have not worked.

  33. Help my techno p5 keeps rebooting an showing techno goes off n on n does not go beyond the techno sign. i did the android factory wipe and cache wipe still same.

    • Did you install anyapp before this issue started? if yes, kindly boot your device to safe mode and uninstall the app. otherwise, you'll need to look for the exact type of techno device and flash the rom to your own.

  34. Hello. My techno a+ battery drains very fast even with out me using.At 1st I thought it was battery problem,i got a new ba3 but no change.The Fone drains my battery

    • Hello anonym, it is an application that is running @d background that drains ur battery. To see what’s using your battery the most, go to Settings > About Phone > Battery.

      once it's been ascertain, just unistall the app.

  35. Please my Tecno P5 touchscreen no longer works.It means I can not do anything with the phone.When a comes in, you cant pick it,I initially thought its a virus attack on the phone, so I removed the SD card and inserted it on my PC where I scanned it but no virus was found.Kindly assist with what I can do to fix this.Thanks in advance.

    • Hello bro aorry about that, boot your phone to safemode, and check if it works from safe mode, if it doesn't, den you need to factory reset it. Before you factory reset it, save all your files to ur SD card.

  36. Pls my tecno p9 has been acting up and it's saying unfortunately launcher has stopped and has going on I won't be able to access anything on my phone and something it would go off and not come on even after pressing the power button.pls profer a solution to this issue of mine

  37. i rooted my tecno p5 n wen i tried to upgrade it crashed wen it came on it keeps showing " unfortunately, system UI has stopped" pls help cos don't know wat to do

  38. I yomi, am avin a prob wit my new tecno p9,my j.bro mistakenly test my phone with hard reset method dat he read online,while formatin,i got him,so i try to stop it bt not respondin,so at d phone bk side i saw dis(if your pad mini get freezed.long press the power button for 15 seconds to shutdown.) so i perform dis since then,the phone did nt on again.even if i charge it ,it wil just kip flash out tecno,pls help me for god sake.,one enginer say i go reflash wit pc,dat i shoudnt have stop it.

  39. Please yomi my tecno m3 is discharging I don't know what to do for over 3 day I have not been able to charge up to 100 percent

  40. I installed Hi Font on my M3, and i tried to download one of the fonts,but wen i downloaded it, d phone got off wen d phone was switched off, i tried to on it bak, but it is hanging, it is only showing Tecno logo. Pls help me MR YOMI, wat can i do?

  41. Hello, I use a Sony Xperia L (C2104), it observed it just went blank while I was trying to tap on my menu on the touch screen. In an attempt to switch it on, it wont complete booting. When switched on it displays the Sony Xperia logo, then it goes on to show the rainbow wave of colours and hangs there for as long as it is on. Again it doesnt goes off if I try to switch off using the power off button. It will only go off when I remove the battery. PLEASE PLEASE I NEED HELP. SUCH HELP CAN BE SENT TO MY MAIL BOX- [email protected]

  42. Plss prof…..after I rooted my tecno S3 and applied font,it got stucked on the boot.I don't know what to do plsss its urgent
    Thanks a lot as you reply

    • Boot it into safemode, and unistall that particular font app your downoloaded. After this, your S3 will be okay.

      You can boot it into safe mode by following the below:
      ==>Turn the device off.
      ==>Wait for a few second before you turn it on again.
      ==>Turn the device on again by pressing the Power button.
      ==>Press Volume down key when the Samsung logo appear on screen.
      ==>Hold Volume down key until the safe mode Appear on the lower left key.
      ==>Release the Volume down key.

    • Prof.its tecno S3 not samsung and the volum down will direct you to factory mode not safe mode and it doesn't boot to menu

    • It all depend on various techno phones. That is why I'll always advice you buy your Techno Android in a place where you have atleast 1yr warranty so if anything happen along the line, you can always return.

  43. good morning.sorry pls i cant watch video on my tecno p9 pls wqt do i do it is alwasy saying file type not suppoted

    • Hello friend,
      Which data plan are you using? If it's Airtel bis, set you apn to
      Password and username: internet.
      Save it as your default and you are good to go.

  44. Please yomi prof, I have a problem with airtel working on my tecno f7+. I can call, text but can't browse because the line refuses to show any network status( whether E, H or H+) The sim works well on my blackberry and I tried another airtel line on my tecno but still the same issue and other network don't have the same problem on the phone.

  45. Please help me out. I tried hard resetting my techno M3 but each time the options pop out but it is in chinese language and I don't know the option to click.

  46. Hello prof,
    The screen on my phone (Tecno H5), although not broken, is not displaying any graphics other than white colour all through. It's like I am using the phone "blindly". I would appreciate your response. Thanks a lot.

  47. my tecno h5 screen goes blank as soon as i press the call button to make a call. the call still goes through tho, but even without blocking the sensor on the screen, the screen goes blank… pls any help on how to handle this?

  48. yomi pls my tecno phantom A+ shows no network signal..whenever i switch on the phone,,it shows the sign of searching at the signal side then before you know it cancels and shows the red x at he signal…pls what do i do

  49. @PHENOM
    Hello, Good afternoon. pls after i rooted my techno P5 with Frama root. the network Disappeared. i.e i cant call or send sms. pls what can i do. the problem occured a few minutes after rooting.

  50. Am omogbolahan… Pls @ tecno M3 is having problem of boot any time I on will not on it will just show.. Select boot mode [volume _up to select] and it will right 1. Recovery mode 2. bastboot mode. 3. Normal boot.. But if I decide to hold d volume key up it will not perform anything pls help me .

  51. Please, I need your help.My tecno m3 no longer charg.when I plug it in though it shows charging, it stays at 3% for hours.i use an original ntecno charger.please what can I do.

    • I think you must have tampered with your phone settings. Navigate to settings and slide tru, you should see a field that write "automatic display rotation",check it.

  52. Hi prof… Please I need your help… My techno m3 was stuck in boot loop and o tried hard reset but no avail… I later took it to a phone engineer who tried flashing the phone but he said the phone refused to flash and now the phone only vibrates when turned on. Please is there any alternative way of fixing it.. Please your reply is urgently needed. Thanx

  53. hello techno p9 went off for two days now due to battery low.i have tried putting it on but all to no avail.pls what shld i do?

    • You'll need to boost the battery for like 20min before it will come up. If u dnt have booster, take it to all dis phone repairer that u want to boost ur batt.

  54. Am omogbolahan… Pls @ tecno
    M3 is having problem of boot any time I
    on will not on it will just show..
    Select boot mode [volume _up to select]
    and it will right 1. Recovery mode 2.
    bastboot mode. 3. Normal boot.. But if I
    decide to hold d volume key up it will
    not perform anything pls help me .

  55. pls my tecno f7 camera is workin wel b4 bt nw it nt clear.pls any one to help find a solution to it nd how much is d casing of f7

  56. Hello Prof,I just got an android from a friend,5 days later,I put it on my laptop to send videos and music and since then its bin hanging on d android logo each time I switch it on.I took it 2 several repairers for flashing but was told its a china android and could not be flashed. Pls Prof,is there any hope for me? I just can't throw away 15k pls

    • Am afraid you device as been bricked. There is hope for you if only you can get the exact Android phone (this time the good one), back up its rom with cwm and flash it to your own. It will work just fine after then.

  57. Plz i nid ur hlp i use a tecnoq1 bt d chargin point wasnt gud so was usin a desktop i repaired d chargin point 2day nd bot a charger….bt wen d fone is chargin i found out dat itz almst lyk i cnt do anytin on it cus d buttons dnt wrk or re vry vry slow cnt even switch it off yle chargin bt 1nce i remuve d charger evrytin z bk 2 normal plz wat cn i do so i cn use d fone yle itz chargin tnx

    • I'll suggest you used another charger to test run it plus something as been tampered with during the cos of yur repair.

      Just use another charger to charge it and see if their will be a diff.

  58. my infinix x570 is giving me problems,each time i want to update my apps,it shows me not enough space to download but i have over 10GB on my phone memory,what should i do pls help

  59. I'm using a tecno p5 and it's been giving me serious problem recently, it hangs at random and now it's no longa powering it will only show d tecno logo and and won't go down until i remove the battery. I flashed it last month and now it's developing the same problem again. Pls help me out

    • since you've flashed it and it's developing thesame problem again, I'll suggest you get a similar P5 and back up its rom to your device, then flash it to it.

    • Is it up to a week when this problem started? and did you install any app before this problem started? If your answer is yes to both question, then you need to take it back to factory settings and your device will be okay.

  60. Hi. my techno phantom A+ keeps rebooting itself most times when i try to use it when it has been on sleep mode for some time even when i recieve a call it just reboots itself then when it turns on i can continue working. what could be the problem?

  61. Thanks for ur response Prof,pls I don't seem to understand all those terminology.pls how can I get my android to u to enable u help me fix it.I'm willing 2 pay anything 2 get it back 2 life

  62. 's a fake s5 but looks like real one. I tried factory reset and the Samsung boot logo disappeared. It boots but displays android robot instead of Samsung and lately the keyboard started malfunctioning, it doesn't respond correctly. I tried touch pal keyboard, still same. I also did factory reset again, still same. What do I do?

  63. I have a tecno p9 mini pad, first i backed up my apps and data using titanium backup. then i later restore the fatory settings because all off my apps under the assistant are all gone intending to get them back through the factory reset. After the reset, i restored all the apps and data but PACKAGE INSTALLER AND ANDROID SYSTEM won't restore, so i decided to power it off. unfortunately for me my phone hangs with the tecno logo on the screen without it going off. After several trials, i managed to get to the system recovery mode. As i was about clearing the dalvik cache, my phone screen started flashing until it went off. Right now what my phone does is that it flashes the tecno logo (in white) but won't switch on. Please help me cause the phone is just too month old. Though the phone has been rooted with famaroot

  64. I cant uninstall apps from my tecno p9, is telling me dt launcher has failed. I cant install downloaded apk files too, is saying file format not supported. Please help me out prof.

  65. My tecno h5 has stopped working. It keeps saying that unfortunately system UI has stopped. ples what do I do, I have removed the Sd card but it still shows the same message. Thanks in advance

  66. Plz prof, am using a tecno f7 nd its nt charging though it shows charging wen I plug it….I've tried using a new ba3 nd charger still to no avail…..plz help me

    • Did you try using an original techno charger? But if your answer is yes, then your Port might be faulty.

      Faulty port
      * Charge the battery with a desktop charger. If the battery lasts normally on the phone then you might need to change the charger to a more powerful or firmer one to make proper contact with the port.
      * Try mouting the mass storage of the phone on a PC. If the PC is able to read the phone's memory card properly then that rules out the port from being the problem

  67. Plz yomi my tecno p5 connects well to wifi b4 it will show blue but after i rooted and unrooted it it was showin grey and if i try doin any thin it will show offline mode plz help me itz very very urgent pls

  68. Hello prof pls how do I downgrade the software of my samsung grand ..o upgraded it a while back and nw my phone is hanging thanks

  69. Please Iv been trying to download bbm for my techno phantom pad but all of them are not working can I get a sure link here pls? Any one to elp…thanks ahead.

  70. Thanks Prof for the opportunity.
    Please I'm looking for a good and lovely custom Rom for gioneeP2. Thanks in anticipation!

  71. thank God you created this forum again Prof you've been of a good help to me in time part now am here once again with three of my wahalas

    1: the back camera of my tecno p3 is not displaying if I want to snap it's only the front one that's displaying , but it will for some time after formating it ..please help me Prof

    2: please I ask a question similar to this but you didn't answer me. please Prof how can I download the LABEL gadget on my blog and how can I label my post

    3: thanks to you Prof for helping me with the linkwithin I downloaded it successfully but I don't know how to make my suggested post be seen, it's not displaying any post at all, I can only see the link within at the bottom right of the suggested stuff or YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE

    Please Prof just like I said earlier on, there are my wahalas please help me, and once again thanks for the past….

    • My good old friend who abandone me for long… I am loyal to your government ooo.

      Why don't your update it directly from your PC? Connect it to your PC and update it directly from that place.

    • You mean you allow your device to have dominion over you… lol! Just kidding,.. Are you sure it has not contacted virus? Install a good antivirus, and use it to scan thoroughly your m5, turn it off and on again.

    • At the moment, you can only change it via N IMEI change tool which is an hardware device because all the soft app seems not to be able to change it.

  72. Yomi, my phone has finally packed up. i did not get to increase my phone memory and my battery was low before i found out it cld not come on even while charging. please cld u help? Its Tecno Phantom A+ and it is rooted.

  73. Hi prof. the launcher of my phone tecno p9 is not working. Besides i cant install or uninstall apk files. When i tried to i received message that launcher is not working and sometimes that setting has stopped. What should i do prof.

    • It seems you downloaded an application that might have caused this launcher error. Navigate to where your launcher is located on your device and clear the cache (if it's clickable)
      and reboot your device into safemode and uninstall whatever app you have downloaded previously before the error started.

      You might also be considering to get another launcher from play store ADWlauncher precisely.

  74. i did the switch off and my phone has refused to power on. i used a colleague's battery and it came on. so i assumed it was battery wahala. i went to computer village to buy battery. it came on and while charging it, i saw the charging logo but u won't believe the phone has refused to power on. Yomi, what cld be the problem? i need u to tell me possible trouble shoots.

  75. Mr Yomi..thumbs up for t'he good work. Am still unable to change my infinix 700 IMEI number after trying all the methods u posted. Please help me. God bless U.

    • if you can't find cds information while using mobile uncle method or terminal emulator, then it means you can't change your imei via soft app installation.. except via and hardware box like octupus. Kindly visit the Samsung imei changing thread and call the guy with the octupus box to verify if it support your device.

  76. Please .yemi..i dont know what happened to my tecno m3..i turned it off in order to change my sim card..but when i changed it and turned it on, it stayed on for a few minutes and then rebooted showing only the tecno logo for long..i turned it off with the switch key but it didnt respond so i removed the battery to turn it on again,same will on and then reboot into showing the tecno logo for long without going further…i've booted it into safe mode to see if i could fix any problem, it still rebooted into showing only the tecno logo from safe mode..please bro am totally confused..i've rooted the phone a long time ago and its never given me this problem..please what do i do, the phone is barely old..

    • It simply means your device is bricked… I don't know why this happen or maybe you lately installed and app before switching it off that doesn't support your device.

      The only solution now is to flash thesame type of device rom or visit this thread here and use the first method.


    • Sorry for not replying you on time… if your battery doesn't charge, test it with another charger to see if it charge. But remember you said you just changed your battery… if it still doesn't charge, then maybe the battery may not be compatible with your device.

      And finally, can you please capture a photo of your wifi setting background and send it to my mail box yomiprof @ gmail. com

    • Use Framaroot to root your Tecno d1.
      Download frama root here
      ==>Run and install it on your device
      ==>Click on Boromir
      ==>And you should get a success message that your device is rooted.

      To know if it's rooted, downlaod root checker from play store and run it. click on verify root access and the next messg you see will determine if it's rooted or not.

  78. Mr Yomi, I really appreciate your posts, have learnt and achieved a lot from your wealth of knowledge. buh I have a serious issue here, I have rooted my Techno M7 and changed the IMEI successfully, but after I enjoyed it for a while, my phone restarted itself and every other network dependent applications refuse to connect to internet, except BBM, WhatsApp and Opera mini,and except I connect to a wireless source all other applications are not just connecting to the internet and its only when I use Glo that such happens, MTN works well….. please what do I do?

  79. Pls my Tecno P5 refuses to rotate automatically even when the auto rotate screen menu under display settings is checked, pls help.

  80. Yomi nice work you doing here..pls my infinix x403 crashed and won't come on again…plss help tell me how to go abt it..where i can download d OS and d process of installation..Thanks

  81. Hello Prof. Please the GPS in my phone started turning on automatically. I've done hard reset many times. Then finally did factory reset but its still coming on by itself. Please what do I do because its draining my batter? Thank you.

  82. Pls can someone come to my aid?
    I reset my tecno p5 android phone using Backup and reset with my two sims in there.

    After this, the sims are no longer working even when i tried calling the two lines from other lines and try calling out from those lines.
    I have tried everytin possible, still no solution.

    Pls someone advise me.

    In case I can be reached on [email protected]

  83. please sir yomi prof, my tecno P3 just got stocked at the tecno logo. I wiped the cache n did factory reset but it still didn't work. Nid help plss…

  84. Hello Yomi.
    First, thank you for this platform.
    Lately my Tecno Phantom A+ doesn't complete installing apps. It keeps failing.
    I noticed that in the Assistant folder it says put APKs. Please how can I do that and get apps downloaded or updated and installed?

  85. Y does my tecno m3 keep showing an error occurred when an app is being installed, is there any importance in d credentials in d phone cus I deleted mine and I want it back….

  86. Pls yomi I really need ur help.I'm using tecno p5 and whenever I change my network mode to wcdma only, network won't come up.I av done alot of setting s but still can't solve d prob.pls can u help me out?

  87. Good evening Yomi, l nid ur help. My techno p9 mini pad keeps telling me unfortunately the launcher has stopped. Y is dis and what do l do? Tnks for your time.

  88. Hello yomi,my phone was smashed down by my little nephew and the glass on the screen got broken.since then it has been hanging,sometimes it goes off by itself and sometimes the screen goes off but the phone is still on.sometimes it cuts me off while browsing or chatting.please what can I do now cos its affecting even my battery now and everything.response needed urgently.thanks

  89. My techno P9 has been hanging since morning, I can't do anything on the screen and its on, when I turned it off, it comes back on and still hangs. Please help me on what to do. Thanks, will really appreciate all your assistance.

  90. Yomi, pls my techno phantom A+ does not charge when the phone is on but charges when switched off. When connected to PC its not detected or recognised by the PC. Pls what should I do.

  91. Hello Prof, i did a hard reset on my Techno P9 when it was having problem but since then, my phone has refused to come up when i press the power button…. Pls what can i do?

  92. hi prof. i love ur prompt reply to ppls questions. my tecno s9 is saying d back camera is not supported by d fone. pls how do i make it supported?

  93. Please I have been having memory problems on my phantom A+. It tells me to delete apps that the memory is low when I don't even have much on the phone. I have flashed the phone thrice yet after some time the problem will resurface. Help please

  94. Hi Prof, please i just started having a call problem with my S4. Whenever i receive or make a call, after a few seconds, the person at the other end no longer hears me, but i can hear them, it goes on like that until i eventually cut the call and call back. Please, what do you think is wrong and what can i do?

  95. Pls Yomi, I can't view my pictures anymore and when I snap, the picture will look dull after a while I can't see what I snap. secondly, I was trying to give some an application from my phone through bluetooth the next thing I saw I is that the bluetooth can't come up or go off, freezes till now and it is causing my phone to reboot. Pls what will I do to get my phone set again pls. I'm using htc sensation (beat audio).

    • Some apps are running on your background that are draining your battery. Go to settings from your home menu, click on apps and clear all the apps data cache… it will require you to login some of your apps after doing that. rebooth your device and charge it up

  96. I am so happy I came across the site…..I am using a techno R7 and all of a sudden it started vibrating continuously. Though my phone is working perfectly but I am scared it might stop working soon….,,,help pls……u can as well send the reply to my email [email protected]… thanks prof

    • That sounds so weird… vibrating? Is when you are called or recv a new messg that the vibration occurs? or even without doing anything, it still vibrates?

  97. My Tecno F7 camera icon for switching front and back camera sudddenly disappeared, pls what can I do? Awaiting ur reply, thank Yomi.

  98. Hello prof. My tecno G9 is not detected by my computer system when its on. It makes no sound but it charges. What could be the problem?

  99. Good day prof. ..first I want to tnk u for d gud wrk dat u have bin doing. may God continue to bless you. Pls Yomi, I want ur help cos d rear camera of my P5 just stopped working or let me say kind of disappeared. Each time I go to camera mood, its d front camera I see with no option to change back to rear camera. Pls what shud I do? #worried

    • Do this, uninstall apps you are not using. Go to settings>>>Apps>>>Clear your apps cache but don't touch goople play store. Restart your device and watch how it performs this time.

  100. hi, yomi, my Tecno n7 has totaly blacked out, after rooting, the formarted using sp flash tool, its now showing dead screen, cannot restart or start, just blackout, how do i revive my tecno…completely distressd

  101. Please bi have a problem with my tecno h7 and I can't receive any call on keeps saying has
    Please help me out

    • Go to settings from your home screen>>>Click on Apps, then click open all the apps and clear its data cache. But don't touch your playstore. Once you are done clearing all your cache, restart your device and it will be normal.

  102. hello Yomi, pls i cant listen to online radio or video streaming on my tecno p9 . it just wouldnt play, would keep buffering for video and for radio, it wont play. is it because i use blackberry imei? what can i do pls.

  103. I can't install android original browser on my p2s 1GB Ram wenever I'm installing it it will say app not installed and some app like that

    • Go to settings>>app
      Swipe it to riugh hand side to all
      Scroll down to certificate installer
      Click on force stop, >>>reboot your device and install your app

  104. Hi yomi.

    I have a fly era nano 7 IQ4407 that can't power on or boot. When i press the power on it only vibrates. When i charge it nothings happen. Can you pls help me fix it. Thank you so much prof.

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  106. There is an exciting opportunity to earn some extra money. Just copy and paste my link:
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  107. my phone techo h5, has lost mobile connection shows data connection is on, but cant open show no there way out…george ,kenya

  108. Boss please how do I solve this connection error I get in my playstore. When using my glo sim playstore doesn't open but all other apps do. When I switch to mtn it opens

  109. mr ezekiel,i will b vry vry happy n grateful if u can reply me asap…i downloaded a font app on my Sony xperia C,installed n rebooted my fone only for d app to disfigure the keyboard of my fone..i uninstalled d app n its still d same tin..i even factory reset my fone n its still d same,pls wat do i do cos i cnt even send text or chat cos my keyboard is disfigured..pls help me bro

  110. i use an android and the BBM i downloaded keeps minimizing automatically as i open it,the BBM notification icon keeps on blinking,as I open the app it will stay for like 3 or 5 seconds then minimize,and BBM used to work on this phone perfectly before,what can i do to fix it?

  111. hi please i am trying to update my whatsapp on my Techno F7, it was showing insufficient space, i have deleted most games and apps but no progress.Thank you. i await your response.

  112. Please help me out. My INFINIX Phone fell and the touch screen hanged all of a sudden but everything else is working properly. Though i can not operate it using the screen. The screen did not break. Please advise. What do i do to get it back working.

  113. Help my tecno phantom z no longer detects sim 1 no matter which sim I use. Started bout the same time I started tinkering with my imei. My phone is rooted. Tried hard reset and tried restoring imei from a previous back up with mtk druid tools n mobile uncle still no luck. Any suggestions pls

  114. Prof.,the screen of my techno s9 turns white when i turn it on but gradually turns back to normal as long as the screen does not sleep. Please help me fix this. Thanks.

  115. Prof.,the screen of my techno s9 turns white when i turn it on but gradually turns back to normal as long as the screen does not sleep. Please help me fix this. Thanks.

  116. pls prof help me. my samsung galaxy grand duos gt19082 after carrying out a hard reset on it freezes like for 10secs and releases and freeze again while watching videos, but freeze and stop a music that is playing and it will not continue. prof help. what do i do

  117. My Tecno M9 (Phantom AIII) is freezing. all the control keys are not working except volume & power. the touch screen is freezing. what could be the problem and possible solution? thanks in advance.

  118. Hi my BF has a tecno phantom 2 & his keyboard & camera aren't working too well what can he do to fix these issues?

  119. my verizon tab is just loading when i switch it on ,it will display an android icon and it will just be loading,what can i do

  120. Yomi Prof.
    Pls, my phantom mini is always going off whenever i am charging it and it won't come up until i take it to an engineer. pls, i need to know the cause and the solution. thank you

  121. Hi.
    Appreciate your good job.
    My Techno H6 suddenly went funny. All I see on the screen is a curtain that moves across in different funny colours. But guess what, the phone works. It vibrates when dialed. The soft keys are lighting. I can almost operate the phone from memory. But common, what use is a smart phone without the screen.
    The phone is a lot to me because of the learning apps installed.
    What help is there for my phone, or do I have a damaged screen?

    • Your phone has been tampered with unknowingly. Go to any computer village closer to ur for the repair or change of ur screen. Its a screen problem

  122. Hi Yomi. I really need your help. I am using tecno H7 and for some ime now it ha been restarting without tho once in a while it might reach the menu phase ie fully booted and i might be able to make calls or access my aps normally but it doesn't last. Most times it will reboot again and keep going tru the looping process of rebooting. I have formated my memory card, did a hard restart, cleared cache( which helped bit but not for long). Sometimes when it restarts, the letters and colours go haywire. I really need your help. thanks.

    • Hello Christian
      Obviously your Android Operating system is currupt and you'll need to reload it again. If you can get same kind of H7 device. Back it up and reinstall it to Ur own. It will solve the problem permanently.

    • Hello Christian
      Obviously your Android Operating system is currupt and you'll need to reload it again. If you can get same kind of H7 device. Back it up and reinstall it to Ur own. It will solve the problem permanently.

    • Hello Christian
      Obviously your Android Operating system is currupt and you'll need to reload it again. If you can get same kind of H7 device. Back it up and reinstall it to Ur own. It will solve the problem permanently.

  123. Hello. Pls my tecno F5 phone has not been getting any network in d two sims after i strtd using glo bis on it(though it wrkd for somtym). Pls wat do i do??

  124. prof, pls am using a techno h7, have been unable to download, it gives me an error msg of insufficient space, pls help

    • Go to Settings>>>Click on apps>>>You'll see all your apps, click on them one after the other and clear all the data cache. do all for all your apps, reboot your device and it should be back to default.

  125. Prof Yomi, I really need an urgent advice from you. I've been using Tecno P9 Tablet for some months now. One day its battery suddenly shutdown and that was the beginning of the problem. I tried charging it, it showed no sign of charging on its screen but it was a bit hot though. I pressed the power button for about 15 seconds as directed on its back, it on but couldn't recognize both the inbuilt phone memory and the external memory card. It doesn't on by simply pressing the power key for about 3 seconds as before. I have to press the power button for about 15 second always to on it. I still make call with the Tecno p9 Tab and browse the net using the inbuilt browser. All the applications in th Internal memory are working as well. My problem is that it doesn't recognize both my inbuilt phone memory and my external memory card!! Please, prof , help me out.

    • Hello Mr Ben,]
      It appears your Tablet is malfuctioning and I'll advice you factory reset your device. It will go back to normal. Did you root it before all this problem? if Yes, unroot it before you factory reset it.

  126. Grt wrk here prof. Pls my techno p9 keeps showing me memry low and I downlldd romtoo bolite bt cant find log..what do I do, Root browser cant find log with it too…pls help me

  127. Hello please I need your help. My tecno h6 recently started misbehaving in the sense that when i operate it for a while it will display colorful lines and hanged then goes off, I will need to remove the b3 before I on it .sometime it will show blank and trip off. I know its a software issue but I don't know the compatible software and step to follow and flash it. Please recommend [email protected]

  128. hi yomi pls help me my infinix x570 has no been able to check balance or suscribe in any bundle when i try it popup sms say unfortunately the the and android phone has stoped.pls help

  129. my phone tel me unfortunately the process. com and android phone has stopped when i want to check balance pls help yomi

  130. Hi, my tecno L6 neither plays videos nor install app shortly after they are received from another phone either through bluetooth or flash share. please what can I do. I have successfully rooted the phone.

    • Do you mean it cann't detect on system when connected or it doesn't even show any sign of being connected to your PC even with usb cable? if that is so, change your usb cable and try it with another

  131. my battery drains faster now unlike before after I restored my ROM I backed up using CWM. Pls help, is there anything I didn't wipe?

    • Lots of apps are running at the background of your device. Go to settings>>>Apps>>> click on individual apps and force stop the apps you don't want it to run. then rebooth ur device

  132. My boss yomi morning morning please direct me to site I fit download small tecno and itel in fact all small china phone files, MTK , SPD and ANDROID files
    Thanks my chairman I like ur Blog.

  133. oga prof, my infinix x509 got bricked after i tried to install an update, and i did not back it up and i dont know someone with a working infinix x509 pls help me out

  134. hey bro did not kw what my junior bro did to my htc one m8….it couldnt read my sim and if i tried to open the dialer if will show proces isnt respnding….is it a software or hardware issue? rili need help

  135. hey bro did not kw what my junior bro did to my htc one m8….it couldnt read my sim and if i tried to open the dialer if will show proces isnt respnding….is it a software or hardware issue? rili need help

  136. pls help, my phone is always pausing when ever I am playing a video with the default video player, VLC, youtube and some other players….. it goes into pause and then continues on it own…. I have only one player that doesn't do that which is wondershare player……

    the sad thing about this is that my games do the same thing… it always goes into pause after every few seconds and I have to keep clicking play to continue the game…..
    pls help this started after I did a reset… I have uninstalled every app, factory reset but yet no luck…..

  137. My tecno p6 has refused to charge with normal charger except I connect it to a laptop. And it works with just one cord. I just changed the imei to blackberry own. I really need help

  138. i am having problem with my gionee m2. i have flash it but it not working pls hlep me fix the phone .it thine is virus problem.

  139. i have gionee m2 that has refuse to work due to virus attack and usually tell me fortunately this or that has stop to the extent that is not charging again.i have flashed the phone but still refused to work so what will i do to make it work again.

  140. Hi yomi, my infinix phone's status bar keeps coming down and will not allow me to work on my phone, what do I do? The phone is also hanging. The model is infinix surf.

  141. I hope this thread is still valid had to scroll through many pages to find this my phone isn't accepting apps on xender or flas share since day one help me (infinix hot note pro)

  142. Good day bro, pls I upgraded the applications on my techno F7 afterwards the upgraded apps have refused to work and each time I lunch then I get a message that the lunch is not responding giving a wait and quit option and it will hang, pls what should I do ?

  143. Please yomiprof I need a direct link to download lollipop rom for lenovo a319 . The ones I saw has a survey I need to complete before downloading but I need a link that has no survey .Thanks

  144. Please help me, I have pictures, videos, nd musics on my tecno n7 bt my gallery says no image/video, , plsaw can I fix it because I am very tired of goin 2 d file manager nd sorting things out myself, please help me

  145. My techno F7 heated up and was off didnt respond when switch it on. It was fixed later by a repairer but it could not detect the mobile network even though the sims are detected.

  146. Hello Prof,
    I have a Samsung Galaxy s3 working well except that whenever I try to use the camera, I get an error message that "Camera Failed". Have you had this experience, if so, what worked for you? kindly share a solution with me please.
    Thank you in anticipation.

  147. Hi Yomi,

    Pls how can resolve the camera problem on my Tecno F7 ,It says" launcher has stopped working"I tried installing a third party camera application but if could still not work?

  148. i plug my techno r5 in the night for charging, i unplug in, in the morning when i on it, it refuse to display, but it car ring and also perform some other function, but it can not display. what might be the problem and solution.

  149. hi, my techno p9 has refused to turn on all of a sudden but when i connect to the pc it shows that a device is connected. what do i do please?

  150. my tecno p9 gives this error message when i try to open an app "internal storage is running out, the process has been stopped. Please free up some space and try again"

  151. Prof hi.,pls help can't pick calls on my h7. It says unfortunately process have stopped working.I have done factory resets.and downloaded ultimate screen call

  152. my tecno p5 is misbehaving showing unfortunatly pro has stopped and others i canist browse because of the disturbe help me pplease

  153. i have a techno N7 i tried everything i can to install google play services some versions are cant pass the parkage others it does as if it wants to install then it either says insafitien memory or cant install

  154. i`ve made mistake to remove place of settings ,gallerty ,browser, callender,with one application in my phone in my tecno p9,but itry my best to install it gain everything is vain .pleas what can i do because my phone doesnot support for browsing and snap

  155. i mistakely remove place of settgings ,gallery,briwser,callendar with one aplication but i try my best to re install it is not done ,pleas what can i do because my phone does not support foer browsing and camera,and other things i need your help pleas

  156. Yomi, pls i'm having problem with my Innjoo fire phone, it just keeps operating itself, which makes me not to be able to do anything on it. Pls what do i do to rectify it?

  157. My Tecno D9 was being charged while turned OFF and it was showing charging sign. When i later uplugged the phone and try to power it ON, it refuse to show any sign on coming ON. I later plug it back to charge and this time it refuses to show any sign of being charged.And up till now has refuse to power ON even after charging it for almost 24hours… Please help me [email protected]

  158. My Techno phantom z is hanging, takes time to respond to commands and always says one application or the other has stopped working, like the dialer.

  159. My techno h6 has been given a two problems of which I tried to fix. 1. The battery drain fast, where I've changed the battery but still the same.
    2. Using several chargers for like 2hours it will just be charging but wouldn't increased the charging percent. Lots of frustration. It has been taken to techno's office but no solution. Please help me out.

  160. Gud morning Yomi. My techno L7 has been rooted over 3months ago. It was working fine not until last week. It keeps downloading apps on its own, hanging, pop ups appearing, dialer can't pick calls and freezing me out of wot eva I might be doing. I Uninstaller all my apps and did factory reset. I rooted it again. It's back to doing d rubbish it was doing earlier. Plssssssssss, help me.

  161. An alcoholic wine poured on my phone (TECNO H6) and i removed the ba3 to let it dry…. After the third day, I input d ba3 buh d phone keeps vibrating both when d phone is switched on or off provided d ba3 is inside. Please how can I make it stop?

  162. I mistakenly flash my infinix zero calibration "driver/software". After flashing the phone to 4.4, 5.1 yet the phone caliberation doesnt work. Everything works fine except the caliberation. I am not able to do anything with the phone, the phone is displaying, working fine but the screen is not touching as a result of missing caliberation. I upgrade and downgrade to OS 4.4 and 5.1 respectively yet the issue persist. Please help

  163. Please I am having a serious problem with my tecno pad G9. It just started a problem of putting on the gps by itself and after switching it off completely from the Location Access, it will switch on again, i will put if off again and the circle continues. The worst is that, it is continually consuming my battery life and data and it's driving me really nuts. Please what can i do to reseolve it? Thanks

  164. Happy New Year sir, boss I tried updating my tecno phantom z mini, then I bricked, so I followed your steps and got it back up. the problem is that, now once you put on the bluetooth or Wi-Fi or hot-spot, the phone is no longer yours, the icons will keep lighting up, but the moment the phones display goes dim, that's the end of the phone. and even when you put it on, the battery runs down quickly like who crowd dey pursue. pls help before we use this phone stone person sir.

  165. Hey Yomi, my techno H6 has camera issues, it just decides when to work on its own, frustrating cause when I want to use it, it shows "can't connect to camera" help me pls.

  166. Please my techno y6 just suddenly stopped ringing out, playing music out, notification sounds gone, d only way you can hear them is with an earpiece. Please what can I do?

  167. Goodmorning, pls my tecno CamiamC8 acts up a lot, noticed it when I downloaded and app and it refuses to save the work, I complained to the apps customer care they tried all things possible to no avail…. Later I noticed that some apps will just shutdown on me esp snapchat.. While using it it will just seize and take me back to previous menu.. Sometimes my dailer will do same, once I dial a number it will shut off and show only option of which SIM to dial with. I have tried hard reset, factory reset, gbo ti gbo and gbo ya yet nothing.

    Complain to the people I bought it from and the said twil take 21days to send to their head office for repair that it may be a software issue… 21days is to long, if you have a remedy for me Pls help out

  168. Enter your comment…d sensitivity of my infinix surf spice is faulty also my phone downloads apps automatically and turns on the GPS

  169. Immediately I call with my techno f8 the screen goes blank and I can't end the call or see how many minutes am using. Please wat should I do

  170. Hi Yomi,good day pls my tecno f5 doesnt show that green whatsapp icon on my screen anymore to enable me know when i have a new message,pls what do i do about it thanks.

  171. sir my tecno p5plus cant format and i try to flash my tecno p5plus with is file using sp flash tools and am still seen the previous settings and all music and application that have put before am still seen it there back after formatting and loading it with is file using sp flash tools pls help me

  172. pls my phantom A+ camera as stop workn for lyk 4 days now..pls how can i solve d issue….its just sayung unfortunately camera as stop…thoo its shown buh its just blank

  173. hello prof. i have a samsung gt-n7105. i restored it to stock recovery and after booting, i used it for few hours, the battery went down and trying to charge it, it did not come up, so i removed the battery to charge. putting it back the phone refuse to come up. it is rooted and nothing is responding. i think it is dead. what do i do?

  174. Please my techno phantom z restarts especially when temperature gets high or wen i Have used it for long? Or at tymes wen am on call

  175. Pls sir my techno s9 suddenly stop to install app.

    When I click on install it doesn't make any move, I can only install automatically when I download from playstore

  176. Hello,pls my Techno G9 iPad just started showing a blank wallpaper and screen. I have tried resetting the wallpaper and it still the same.

  177. hi yomi, i had to googled to get this site. and i see u haven't been replying people promptly as you used to but i just have to get this a techno phantonZ goes off and on or hangs at will especially wen i watch videos or try installing apps.its hardly successfully comes on now,pls help!!!

    • Hello Unknown, Your phantom Z is crowded with lots of applications mostly you don't need. heavily crowded with cache.

      First of all go to settings>>>apps>>Click on individual apps and clear its cache one by one. Do that for all your applications but do not touch Google play store and google play services.

      Reboot your device.

      Go to playstore and download Clean Master>>intall it and run it. It will do the rest job for you. Uninstall unnecessary applications on ur device.

    • When it comes ON, what does it display? If at all it comes On, You have two ways to fix it.

      First of all Factory reset it. If it doesn't fix it, then you'll have to flash back your stock rom

  178. Hello Yomi, Pls, my Tecno D1 is misbehaving, it displaces any page you are working on automatically and return you to the homepage, then it hangs till you press the power boton before you can access it again and after few minutes, it repeat it again. Pls, what can I do?

  179. Please i put off my techno 8h and left it to charge. When I came back and checked it, it was showing 60% charged but when I tried to put it on it went blank and hasn't turned on.What do I do?

  180. Pls oga Yomi, my Tecno p9 downloaded applications on it own. Before I knew d phone crashed, I rested it L, now it get stuck after switching on at d trade mark. Pls how do i resolve this. Pls help before I faint ooo.

  181. Hi.. I reseted my phone and I can't sign I'm my Google account… It's saying that I have no connection yet I am in a high speed WiFi

  182. Please help me! My tecno n7 was bricked after installing "system icon apk". My phone though booting and charging, but whenever I tried to load any application, it's shutting down all the android OS. Please How can i resolve this problem?

  183. Please, my tecno m3 is behaving funny. it minimizes on its own, closes apps on its own and becomes dull at times. please help me out.

    • Hello freind,
      Your device is heavily fragmented and the easiest way to fix this is to factory reset your device. BAck up your contacts and file with Google Contacts, One drive and Google photos. Factory reset your device and it will be alright after it.

  184. pls i need Urgent Assistance My Gionee P5 mini is Always Writing Application error Each time I Try Opening An Apk……

  185. pls i need Urgent Assistance My Gionee P5 mini is Always Writing Application error Each time I Try Opening An Apk……

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