Win A Samsung Smart Phone Sending Happy Independent Message

Good morning friends, I know independence is still rocking,
Tunnel guru is still rocking and chocolate is still rocking. To those experiencing
problem on their Android, iPhone or pc  due to internet issues, please report them
here lets solve it together. I’m fully online today. One of the best ways to
enjoy chocolate tunneling software is to have your own server, but you can create your own free vps

One of the largest and stable network across  Africa Airtel mobile network is currently running a promo and I think every airtel lovers
should participate in it because you stand a chance of winning a Samsung Smart
All you need to do is to create a unique happy independence
message that every body will have no choice but to like, send it to your love ones and  you stand a
chance to own your Samsung Smart Phone
How Can I Participate?

You need an operamini browser to participate or
download the latest version here

2.       Go

And  follow the instructions there 
to create your unique mind blowing message.


The secret is this, once your message is created share it on
Facebook and encourage your love one’s to like the message. That’s all!
Remember, that you don’t have anything to lose.
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