Glo Free Browsing Using Your-Freedom

I don’t know why so many are still finding it difficult to use
chocolate software on their system. If you can’t  still use chocolate on your PC,  below is Your Freedom settings for free glo browsing. Just make sure you get the set up correctly.

YF Setup For Glo Browsing
and register an account if you don’t have one. 
Note the username and password because you will be needing it.

==> Download this version of freedom

==>Run and  install the software

==> Donfigure the downloaded freedom software like this

Your Freedom  server address:

Connection mode: http
or cgi
Tweak: glo and  in the options below,  click only boxes 1 ,3 , 6 and 7 and leave
every other thing the way they are.

==>Now  go back to  the account information tab and insert your username
and password  you created in step 1. Click
save and exit.

Modem Settings
==>Select your Glo modem to your PC,
==>Set your apn: glosecure
==>Hit the connect button
Browser Settings
Configure your browser to this loop back address using this
proxy at port:8080
Save and exit.
Connect and surf until you are tied of surfing.
If you don’t have problem with chocolate connecting, there is
no need of using  your freedom.
And as many as are still having problem connecting with Pd
proxy on Pc, Tunnel guru is a better alternative. Just request for it and you
will have the settings.
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13 thoughts on “Glo Free Browsing Using Your-Freedom

  1. Yomi, It Looks Like Some Evil Forces Are Against My Glo Sim.
    Chocolate Refused To Work, This Freedom Too.
    Infact I Don Tire.
    I Quit Till Another Network Cheat Show.

  2. Prof, thank 4 ur effort. The sever u gave 4 the freedom stuff it like isn't working again.. In the debugging message of mine, it is showing ''new-style resolver was unable to resolve, using old resolved''. What can i do to resolve this problem. Also, am i going to input the proxy and port:8080 in the browser like mozila ?

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