What Network Are You Currently Using to Surf & Download Online?

Some people are finding it difficult to stay long online because
of the sudden upheaval of MTN Bis on Android, PC and other platform but what if
you have something important to download, which plan will you use?

I know lots of you use different data plan to download online
but woe betide the MTN sim that is not qualified for the unlimited daily plan
of N150 or Airtel weekend plan of N100 for 1GB. I’m simply going to share the
one have used so far in the past few days. 
I’m aware of Unlimited Spectranet, Smile and Swift for N5k.
I’m also aware that Glo 12GB for N1800 is hanging till further notice. Airtel
unlimited night plan still rocks without speed throttling.  It is a timely unlimited base plan.
Starts from 12am -6am
For 1hour plan, dial *481*1# (N100)
For 3hours plan, dial *481*2#(N200)
For 6hours plan, dial *481*3#(N500)
If etisalat is good in your location, you can subscribe for
Etisalat Social me or ChatPak of N500 monthly, N300 weekly or N100 daily with
Tweakware vpn and download unlimited.
Dial*342*1*1# valid for 24hrs and it cost N100
Dial*342*2*1# valid for 7days and it cost N300
Dial *343*6*11# valid for 1month and it cost N500
Download tweakware vpn if you don’t have it here>>Open it and select Etisalat Social me from the list of available free
browsing tweaks from the settings menu.>>select any of the free servers
and hit the connect button. It may not be fast depending on your location.
Etisalat Blackberry Plan on android – I’m aware that
Etisalat Blackberry plan is currently working on Android devices but doesn’t
power all application. Though I haven’t test it but if you’ve tested it and it
works out fine for you, kindly let us know.
Visafone Blackberry – If you are still contemplating if you
should go for visa terabyte data for N1,000 or not, I’ll advice you better go
for it because no body actually know when this data famine will end.
To others, kindly tell us which network you are using to
download unlimited or partially unlimited.
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78 thoughts on “What Network Are You Currently Using to Surf & Download Online?”

  1. Hmn, oga prof pls don't even talk about etisalat social me, if u want to download wit it. D browsing speed is kul buh d download speed can make u end up with a broken screen, i subscribe since yesterday since it entered speed throtling have not being able download anything reasonable with it. Imagine Downloading AT 4k/s in d midst of connecting and reconecting.. …. … ..
    If no b say I buy dis fone new na only God for know how many times I for don knack dis fone for wall

  2. Its true that there is scarcity of data at the moment but Etisalat socialme is still the best and cheapest for now. People run away from it only bcos or its behavior when downloading wit it. But there is a way to bypass that speed throttling and use it unlimited the way you want. U can the article HERE

  3. Abeg Oga Yomi, I want to backup my phone with MTK Droid, it detect my phone,but d cyan-blue/yellow color didn't show(all required drivers installed).The phone is not rooted.

    Is it because d phone is not rooted?

  4. Still managing glo bis. though glo speed has reduced but i preferred it. I will still try airtel bb subscription. And God forbid those airtel 1 hour subscription is a worst subscription I have ever tried because it refused to download anything till it expired. Etisalat is no go area, They Internet is very poor in my area since they don't know how to cover everywhere with their network despite am in Lagos. Nothing concern me with mtn anymore because I have finally ported so they loosed another customer yesterday . Pls where can I get the smile sim, and will it work with any 4G phone?

  5. For the Airtel BlackBerry plan of 3GB for 1K, does it require change of IMEI? Also, are there any APN changes to be made? Thanks.

    • I don't think Airtel Blacberry plan of N1,000 3gb Works on Android except blackberry phones. What works on Android is that of N1,500 for 3GB

  6. I still rock my visafone unlimited terabytes for just 1k per month and guess wat its pretty stable. I use d curve4 cdma device and i have few other friends who uses the bold5. So visafone still rocks.

    • @Chigozie ur psiphon settings is it 4 ETI BIS /CHAT PACKS /SOCIAL ME / OR MTN MUSIC PLUS,, PLZ B SPECIFIC & COMPLETE SETINZ & APN,,,???

  7. Pls prof the airtel #100for 1 gig is replying me dat am not qualified. Pls prof how can I be qualified to use this plan.dat is the cheapest for me.

  8. If u wnt eti bis to work on ur android kindly change ur imei to dat of old bb fone pls.Afta dat goto ur apn on ur fone setting put only "blackberry.net" liv d rest dnt put anytin den exit ur settings go back to choose it as ur "apn".den to ur psiphon tick Remove port den choose "Realhost" ur proxyaddress shld b twitter.com or instagram.com, den click save goto more option on ur psiphon choose "use d following settings" ur host address shld b ur port shld b 8080 datz all go back and connect ur psiphon and start flexing it Thanks

  9. Bros, yur settings no work 4 my tecno G9 tab o. plz can yu make yur explanation clearer. There are two proxy columns in psiphon, which are yu referring to? the first or second? Tanx

  10. I'm using etisalat bb subcription of 1k for 3gb. It works fine. Just creat a new access point: apn: blackberry.net proxy: pott:8080 then use phsiphon to power all other apps. Just check on use system setting in the phsiphon.

  11. Am currently using Airtel bb sub 1k fkr 3gig….. just change your imei to any bb10 imei,(am using Q10 imei)…. and tgen cbange your access point settings to Apn>> web.blackberry.com then username and password >> internet, thats all…. just load 1k on your airtel line and dial *440*1#. Should incase u still need more hlp, feel free to contact me on whatsapl 08139572448

  12. Do not let ppl misguide you,i am a sure Internet guru,i can't do without the Internet, never.
    I did sub of 300 on Etisalat,hacked tweakware,since Friday till this minute af downloaded 7gig both in music,videos,online surfing.im actually jst managing it.i hear der is an unlimited plan of 8k monthly sub in warri up to speed of 2mb per second,meaning you dowload I

    • Hello bro, you are been cheated. I use Airtel N1,000 3gB on my Huawei Y6 Pro android phone and it doesnt zap. I only tweak my imei to that of BB10 and it works just fine for me.

  13. After making my post some days agoe consining airtel 3gig for 1k. Some ppl still come to me and start asking me to give them imei to use… For christ sake imei should be the smallest thing to get, i just want u ti know that if u ask me for imei, i will charge u for it, even though its recharge card, just know that u will pay. U cant get everything for free

  14. Bcos its easy for you to gwt the imei thats why uvare thinking its the easiest thing, my friend what you thinking is difficult for you is the easiest thing for another person.
    So try and change ur mind set, a try can not make a forest and nobody knows it all


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