Twitter Disappearing Message, Fleet – Here is Everything You Should Know

Twitter has launched a new feature called “Fleet”, a new, less permanent way to post on the social media platform.

Fleet is tweets that disappear after 24 hours, similar to the stories feature on Snapchat and Instagram. Announce earlier this year, and tested in brazil, India, Italy and South Korea… it is now available for all users globally.

Twitter fleet

Fleets can include text, photos and videos. They will be available at the top of users’ home timelines on Twitter and on the sender’s profile. Once they are posted, they stay for 24 hours and then expire so people can no longer access them.

Users can also send direct messages from a Fleet post. Twitter says it will also be introducing stickers and live broadcasting at some point in the future. You cannot, however, like or retweet a fleet.

The entire format is one that has been used and pioneered by apps like Snapchat and Instagram, and later adopted by platforms Facebook (which owns Instagram), LinkedIn and others.

Twitter acknowledged the familiarity of the new feature.

To share a Tweet in a Fleet tap the “Share” icon at the bottom of the Tweet and then tap, “Share in Fleet.” Then, add what you think about it with some text or emojis.

Twitter also confirmed it was working on a live audio feature, called Spaces, that it aimed to test soon. The feature would allow users to talk in public group conversations. It has similarities with Clubhouse, a social platform using voice chat rooms.

The feature is now available to all mobile users globally regardless of your location. Just update your app to see the feature.

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