Why Are You Killing Yourself Over Glo Blackberry Plan When You Can Get 1terabyte on VisaFone BB Plan

Some of you are thinking Visafone is dead but the
truth is, its not yet dead… still in the land of the living. Why are you all
worrying and killing yourself over Glo blackberry plan, Airtel blackberry plan
that zaps like hell? When you can get Visafone blackberry plan 1terrabyte for
N1,000. I’m sure you are now aware that Glo blackberry plan is not like before again ever since they increase their subscription price. It now zaps should in case you haven’t notice.

I made a post on that before but I wonder why
some of you neglected it. All you need to do to get 1 terabyte every month on
Visafone blackberry plan is for you to have access to their blackberry phone.
Visafone blackberry plan don’t work on ordinary
blackberry phone except theirs. You can get their device, fairly use or brand
new, activate their blackberry plan and tether it to the rest of your devices. 
The good news is that Visafone have coverage in almost all locations; but to be
fully sure your location is covered, just call this number 07041444444 ask them
if their data coverage is available in your area.
Normally, you should be able to get their Blackberry
device for N15,000 or less. Those of you in Lagos, just head straight to
computer village and buy the fairly use Visafone blackberry smartphone and you
are good to go.
You too look at it, you get 1terrabyte ( do you know
how many gigs you’ll reach before you get to 1 terabyte? 900GB) for 1months.
That should last you till eternity.
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43 thoughts on “Why Are You Killing Yourself Over Glo Blackberry Plan When You Can Get 1terabyte on VisaFone BB Plan”

    • It's not about tweaking…
      The reason why Visafone made their own bb is because Visafone uses CDMA network and most phones don't work with CDMA so that's why…. Even if you tweak the imei of your phone, it still wouldn't work

  1. Am very intrested but dont know of signal strength my freinds wo stay 4miles away signal is good 250kbs to 150kbs My location ijegun lagos under alimosho. Been calling their cc but not picking

  2. Please yomi do you know what the speed is like in Enugu and anambra? And please if this service works well for you, do well to indicate where you live..

  3. I Got Mine Last week. And im enjoying it. Just that i am always in the fear of when they will fold up, as we are hearing that MTN has acquired the company. Prof can u please help us get confirmed info as regard this ??????????????

  4. Here in kaduna if you are lucky to find 3g network the download speed doesn't even go betin 12kbps…. I don't knw of d service in Lagos and oda places

  5. abeg bhadmus,tell us the speed rate,if you have uc browser on your phone,try and take this test ,download a movie in the daytime and look at how many kbps it counts both un upload and download line speed,
    den at nite also what is the kbps line speed..pls help us

    cause what most ppl are saying is dat normal cheat is way faster dan visaphone blackberry cause the speed is about 100kb-80kb which to me is like using 1G,not even 2G so if thats the speed den it means no diff between etisalat social me pack and visaphone speed.

  6. I pity anyone that goes for visaphone NCOs of the cheap subscription, don't come back here and complain speed ooo, I don't know any other service provider that is slower in speed than visaphone, the Glo speed which I always complain around my place is far far and far better than the visaphone.

  7. I'm equally usin this visafone BlackBerry plan and the download spee is not bad at all. Note I am am my wifi hotspot too

  8. Use psiphon bt first u need to change ur imei to dat of old bb curve8600 den go to ur apn and put only blackberry.net dnt put anytin again den to ur psiphon usechoose real host or Header den use twitter.com go to more option put d eti normal ip which is den port is 8080 save and connect…enjoy dnt forget to teach odas.

  9. I have been using this visafone for the past 2years now and i don't even the last time i subbed for all this crazy network data bundles. Its relaible here in ikorodu. Bought 3 yesterday at computer village again. All programmed and registered immediately at zenith bank opposite slot. I just finishrd downloading 1.3gb file now. Started download 11.46pm last night. Completed as at 6:03am. Thats pretty nice though. I just slept off after teetering. Its all i do. Visafone rocks.


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