How to Activate Glo Blackberry Data Plan of N1,500 For N1,000 & Enjoy All its Features

I’m going to share a secret with you
this morning; I’ve been using to keep up to date all my emails on Glo 1K
blackberry plan. Ideally, Glo blackberry Comonth only allow 1 email address,
while BBA months allow upto 10 web based email address with BB protects; but I’ve been using upto 5 web based email address on my 1K subscription.
So if you belong to the category of
individual who have more than one email address but you don’t want to spend
more than N1,000 on Glo blackberry subscription, then follow me carefully as
you read on.

I’m sure you are aware that data charge
on Comonth is slightly higher than BBA month.
How Can I Use Glo Comonth( 1K) &
Enjoy BBA (#1,500) Features?
==>Recharge your line with 1,500 and
activate Blackberry Absolute plan by dialing *777*23#
==>3Gb will be given to you which
you can use on your Android or blackberry to expire in 30days…
==>Activate the number of web based
email address you want to add to your device, blackberry protect etc  use
it and exhaust the 3GB before the expiration of 30days (make sure you finish the
whole MB before 30days expire)
==>Then activate Glo Comonth plan
the moment you exhaust your 3GB by dialing *777*21#
==>N1,000 will be deducted from your
account and Comonth plan will be activated for you. While other features of
your former Blackberry Absolute features remain active.
Note: This plan both works on all Blackberry 10 devices
You can then top up your data to extend
your data expiration duration while you keep on flexing the #1,500 plan for
#1k. I’ve been using these features for a very long time and I felt I should
share it out.
So why pay N1,500 for Blackberry
Absolute when you can enjoy its features for just N1,000… The ball is in your
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26 thoughts on “How to Activate Glo Blackberry Data Plan of N1,500 For N1,000 & Enjoy All its Features”

    • My brother, you can use Glo BB comonth or any other Glo BIS service on PC but you need the right version of blackberry desktop manager to do that.
      I dont use it here anymore because GLO network is slow in my area.
      But i can confirm to you Glo BIS is working fine with PC

  1. Pls yomi whats the latest on the glo bb subscription for android. it not working anymore on my android. is there any other way of making it work. thanks

    • Says who? Glo Blackberry is working on android very well without any ish. Check your apn to see if its correct or you should change your imei again.

      As of now, Glo bis works wella on Android phones

  2. Prof e hard to reach u oooo
    I need ur email address first and I need ur help I bricked my s4mini I no get backup pls where on earth I fit get d backup cos I no get

    • Your Samsung S3 is not an mtk device, therefore changing your imei will require Z3X box or octupus bus. Go to any computer village closer to your residence and check specifically for those who specializes on software repairs… they have the box and it will cost you only a N1,000

  3. Hello prof I change my imei to blackberry and APN to but my network is not coming up unless I use gloflat as APN

  4. Mr Yomi pls am finding it difficult to change d imei of gionee m3. the phone has been rooted and i followed all d steps but its not changing. pls I need ur help

  5. Yomi, a glo centre staff, told me today that ppl are having issue with comonth, that anothe plan dat gifs 3GB data is d new giz he gave me d shortcode *777*12#. Pls research and tell me more.


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