It’s Official, Blackberry 10 Going into Extinction – Bye Bye to BB10

users have been predicting the death of BlackBerry 10 for
quite some time, and John Chen Blackberry CEO  has now confirmed that there will be no second coming
for BB10 devices in the future. Let’s nail it and hide it inside the coffin. Blackberry
will only release two more updates for that device this year and next year

clearly stated in his latest interviews with Golf News: “We will support BB10 for minimum two more years as a lot of
governments are using it, such as Canada, the U.S., Germany, and UK.”

company will now be focusing solely on its Android phones with the goal of
producing “most secure Android smartphone for the enterprise.”

sure you still remember the deadly targeted blow of the recent withdrawal of
major app support like Facebook and WhatsApp? This finally nailed it and buried
Blackberry 10 OS.
Blackberry 10 going out of extinction; all eyes are now focused on the new Blackberry
midrange Android phones nicknamed Rome and Hamburg; one of
them will come with a full touchscreen and the other will have a physical
users, will you also port to Android or continue using your Blackberry 10
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25 thoughts on “It’s Official, Blackberry 10 Going into Extinction – Bye Bye to BB10”

  1. Please prof I really need your help… I have a galaxy grand prime duos when I bought it the phone only saves files to the phone and not mc so I downloaded an app and messed with the programming but now my camera and Bluetooth no longer work please prof is it that I need to upgrade the os to 5.1 or re download the 4. 4? I have flashed the phone also it didn't work please help me sir…. Am sorry for complaining in this thread 07068725366 I will call back

  2. Shut up your mouth!!! @Kris jp…You where xo poor to buy a blackberry phone then! cheap Android phones helped your carrier.

  3. Me too I never like BlackBerry from beginning because it has no good applications. I tried to use it but i couldn't so I sold it. It's just good for pinging then when there's no android BBM. Apart from Bb cheap subscription i don't see anything in BlackBerry. Sorry to BLACKBERRY fans

  4. Prof,I mistakely stepped on my Longton tablet,although there was no crack on it when I booted the phone half of the screen was completely grey.

  5. I also have a Sony Xperia phone with a cracked screen making it difficult to read contents do I have to change the screen too?NOTE the screen is still working nd it's responsive how much will it cost?

  6. I think Blackberry's biggest mistake is the sale of BBM. They may have still been able to compete a little with Android if they still had sole rights to BBM…..At one point we were crazy about bb phones!..How have the mighty fallen.

  7. hello prof please enlighten us on the next working cheat. we have been agonizingly waiting cause all alternatives are too expensive. a quick response will be much appreciated thanks


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