What Subscribers Think About MultiChoice DStv After Price Increment

Two weeks into the new price changes for DSTV subscriptions, many customers are unhappy. Some have stopped using their DSTV altogether, while others have switched to cheaper alternatives like SLTV or Startimes.

When Multichoice announced the price increase, people online were angry. They said it was the wrong time for higher prices. Some users said if you have good internet, you can use other services for entertainment and sports, not just DSTV.

MultiChoice DStv Gotv

One user said there’s not much on DSTV besides football, so why pay more? They said other businesses have raised their prices too, so DSTV is just doing the same.

Another user, Godgrace, who tweeps as @flourishbidex lamented that she had been wasting money on DSTv while SLTV offered the same service at a cheaper rate.

@flourishbidex wrote, “So, these are the channels SLTV offers for just 5k and I have been wasting my money on DStv sub nice one bye bye to DStv.”

Another user, Wealth, who tweeps as @Ola_Wealth001 wrote, “SLTV is the new movement, my people. God pun!sh DStv. All their channels sub na 5kall football channels.

In April, MultiChoice raised prices in Nigeria and other African countries, just four months after the last increase. The new prices started on May 1, 2024. I have already written a comprehensive article on SLTV, you can check here for more details. Let us know what you think in the comment.

MultiChoice DStv / GOtv Latest Price Review

The DStv Premium package will cost 25.42 percent more, with prices moving to 37,000 from 29,500. Similarly, the DStv Compact+ will cost 26.26 percent more (N25,000 from N19,800), while the Compact package will increase by 25.6 percent to N15,700 from N12,500.

Other packages also recorded increases. For GOtv, its Supa+ packages are now worth N15,700 against N12,500; the Supa package has increased to N9,600 from N7,600; and Max subscribers will now pay N7,200 from N5,700.



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