10 Features to Expect on Android 15

As we anticipate the official release of Android 15 in a few months, plenty of exciting features have already been unveiled through developer previews and beta versions. Here’s a rundown of what to expect:

10 Features to Expect Coming to Android 15

Android 15

  1. Satellite Connectivity Support: Following Apple’s lead, Android 15 will introduce satellite connectivity support, allowing users to send texts even in areas with no cell towers.
  2. Enhanced Find My Device: Android 15 will revamp the Find My Device feature, enabling phones to ping each other via Bluetooth to help locate lost devices. There’s also a rumored “Powered Off finding” feature in the works.
  3. Battery Health Monitoring: Android 15 may offer users insight into their device’s battery health, a feature previously glimpsed in Android 14 but not fully implemented.
  4. App Archiving: Similar to Apple’s “offload apps,” Android 15 will introduce app archiving, allowing users to uninstall unused apps while preserving user data.
  5. Notification Cooldown: To combat notification overload, Android 15 will introduce a notification cooldown feature, reducing the volume of successive notifications from the same app.
  6. High-Quality Webcam Mode: Android 15 will enhance the smartphone-as-webcam experience with a new high-quality webcam mode, promising improved video quality.
  7. Partial Screen Sharing: Users can now share or record a single app instead of the entire screen, enhancing privacy during screen sharing sessions.
  8. Edge-to-Edge Apps: Android 15 will compel apps to utilize the entire screen space, optimizing the user experience on devices with slim bezels and large screens.
  9. Private Space: Android 15 might introduce a Private Space feature for added security, allowing users to create a separate space with its own password or PIN for sensitive apps and data.
  10. Sensitive Notifications: To combat OTP frauds, Android 15 will introduce Sensitive Notifications, preventing malicious apps from accessing OTPs and other sensitive information.

These upcoming features promise to make Android 15 an exciting and feature-rich operating system upgrade for users.


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