iPhone 7 is Now Available in Nigeria at a Giveaway Price, N540,000

Those of you who have been anticipating to get the newly
launched iPhone 7, it is now available in Nigeria at a giveaway price. I just
checked on Konga now and the 128GB variant goes for N540,000.

I checked another, and the 32GB variant goes for N430,000. 
is water resistant, dust resistant and the fastest phone in the world according
to geekbench result.
Isn’t this cheap?
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29 thoughts on “iPhone 7 is Now Available in Nigeria at a Giveaway Price, N540,000”

    • Top class you say. Iphone uses "namel to sell. There is nothing special about the phone. Samsung s7 flawed it hands down. I believe peole buy it for the name.

    • I must tell you that when Apple design iPhones/iPad, they never had the rich nor the poor in mind, they had everybody in mind.

      Nothing is made for the rich nor the poor, mentality makes it so. You are only people when you think you are poor. Being poor is a mindset thing.

      using iPhone is also a mindset thing.

  1. yes for the top class, i thing i understand about human being if they cant afford the money to a thing, they will not see a good side of that product
    but if the same people become a minister or commissioner in this country try, believe me you all they will not go for nothing less than this iphone they all condemned, Nigeria mentality.

  2. When you don't understand the Genesis of a product don't just assume wrongly… IPhone was designed to be used by everyone.. It's greed that turned the brand upside down… Go and watch Steve Jobs movie… He wanted a world where everyone would use gadgets that represent simplicity and efficiency… He was so driven by this goal…so the iPhone now isn't innovative anymore it's now a piece of jewelry that everyone labels for the high class. Steve Jobs himself wasn't high class and he remained true to that till he died.

  3. iPhone is a complete machine from another planet, but it's poor how many people don't know this even those using it use it for fashions&fame. I'm an iPhone addicted and happen to know how it's working IN&OUT.
    But I'm have to pause on this sky rocketing price tagged. Lol

  4. As an advanced android user, I'm not in interested in what iOS has to offer…my android can do almost everything, I'm not condemning the iPhone though I'm just saying it can't be my primary device due to its OS limitations…

  5. One of the "Best" part of Iphone is the GAME–the have the best game/graphic. Frankly, i'm not a fan of iphone but i still fancy the phone.
    With this current recession and all that, let me stay 'jejely' with my Elephone Vowney which still have better Specs than this.


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