Get Ready to Say Goodbye to 4G Network – 5G Network in Progress…

Ahead of the 2020 fifth generation, 5G
commercial launch, Chinese original equipment manufacturer, Huawei said it was
seeking global partnership to build and expand the mobile industry ecosystem to
become more resilient to and ensure the success of the latest technology.

According to the technology giant, as a driving force to lead 5G innovation,
Huawei has continued to extend the global partnership initiatives with more
than 20 carriers, including CMCC, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, NTT DOCOMO,
Telefonica, TeliaSonera and Etisalat, and 10 industry partners, spanning
continents in Asia, Europe, and North America.

At the just concluded Mobile World Congress held in
Barcelona, Spain, in partnership with foremost tech firms, it showcased
technologies such as 5G New Radio Access Technologies.

Huawei initiated 5G research project in 2009. In the following years,
Huawei’s 5G team has been continuously contributing its exciting breakthroughs
to the development of 5G industry, including the identification of future
requirements, earliest field tests of air interface technologies, world’s first
sub-6 GHz 5G prototype…

The era of 5G is the era of everything on

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32 thoughts on “Get Ready to Say Goodbye to 4G Network – 5G Network in Progress…”

  1. Yp I think my comments on this platform is being frozen coz many of the comments I make never make it pass your gatekeepers. Could it be because I was one of the top commenters for last month? Maybe I should just be a reader and allow other people who have not wonb4 take over?

  2. I guess this will cause NTEL will go back to there drawing room and roll out 5G
    instead of the yeye 4G that will not run pass 3G.
    I always said it any where, we dont have 4G in Nigeria, because no network can get up to 50MB per/s highest you can see in Nigeria is 15MB and which you can hardly get such speed every time, make we no deceive our self ooo na third class 4G we get here, which mean 3G at the fullest is named 4G here, yeye country = yeye service provider


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