TECNO HiOS: Everything You Need to Know

must have heard of the Tecno very own customize HioS UI in which I’m so sure of
that their next device will come with; it comes with lots of features that will
make you want to dust off your current launcher and willfully embrace HiOS UI.

The Tecno HiOS UI is an advanced user interface that
improves efficiency of your smartphone. comes with awesome features which
  1. HiOS Wallpaper is another section
    that allows setting of wallpapers within the HiOS UI. You can customize your
    wallpaper with files within your phone or SD card
  2. The HiOS user interface features the
    Hi Theme. Hi Theme is the center of theme changing. Choose your device theme
    and give it a new feel. Improve your device elegance and beauty by choosing an
    improved HiOS theme.
  3. Hi Manager is the management center
    of the whole HiOS. Within this section or app icon on your all drawer while
    using the HiOS UI, tap the Hi Manager to reveal settings.
  4. Hi Manager allows updating of the
    icon size, the desktop apps. The grid interface and the color. This is the
    control point of the Tecno smartphone.
  5. Fonts were not a thing of Tecno
    phones. You could not change the device display font on the phone. But now with
    the HiOS UI you can change the font and feel of the Tecno phone.
  6. The Tecno HiOS UI has power
    management techniques. With the HiOS user interface your battery will never
    down within a short time. It also allows the auto switching when your battery
    drains to a lower percentage.
The HiOS will automatically change
to power saver mode when your battery is possibly below 30%. You phone can still
go on for extended time with the power saving
Tecno Boom J8 will be launch any moment from now and if you really want to have a
feel of this HiOS, then your next target device should be Boom J8. The Hios download is already available Tecno Camon C8 user but in beta version.

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43 thoughts on “TECNO HiOS: Everything You Need to Know”

  1. It about time Tecno. Didn't expect infinix to dust them to this. Prof please add this nigga to the WhatsApp group.

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  3. With this, I think it's safe to say TECNO can finally sit comfortably and confidently with phone giants in the world.

  4. hello prof. please my tecno J8 is always hot whenever am operating it. The battery drains fast and it hangs a lot even during booting on. please what can I do to save my phone because I love it so much.

    • Hello friend,
      some apps underneth are draining your battery that is why its always hot.Go to settings>about phone>>battery use, check the app with the most usage and disable it. reboot your device and watch if the problem is still ther.

      Alternatively, you can uninstall Facebook app and install fb lite. I consumes battery like hell


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