Infinix Hot2 Complain/Solution Thread – Fix it Here

In every device newly launched, there must always be a
complain in one way or the other. Despite the fact that Infinix with Google
Pioneer the first android one in Africa by launching infinix hot2, cheap and
reliable; for those who has received their order have  one or two things
to say.

So if you are having any issue about the latest Infinix hot2
Android one device kindly post it below. Like some people are complaining that
it doesn’t support HSPA+ but it doesn’t really matter since it supports 3G and I bet it won’t hamper your internet speed.
While some other persons are complaining that it doesn’t
come pre- installed with gallery app, Video player, music player
and file manager app. That is not true, it can be fix. The truth is that
majority are so familiar with Lollipop & Kitkat OS that they forget that Android
6.0 is around the corner.
So if you have bought the latest
Infinix Hot2 Android One device, tell us your experience or you are having
issue with it, tell us what the problem is and capable hands will help you fix
it below.
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341 thoughts on “Infinix Hot2 Complain/Solution Thread – Fix it Here”

  1. pls prof am trying to unlock glo bolt E303 but not positive
    and people keep telling me that is not posible
    pls how tru? and pls if there is solution,kindly put me tru.
    you are a blessing to our generation.

  2. My Prof, mine does have the gallery app. And I don't know to view my photos. Can I make it have Hspa+the normal 3g doesn't surf fast. I need help pls Prof.

  3. mobile uncles tools doesnt function the same way it does on other mtk phones. for exam under engineer mode, theres no ''engineer (mtk)''. imei backup and restore doesnt work.
    i had to use chamelephone to change my imei.

    it doesnt come with a file manager, im currently using ES file manager.

    autoproxy doesnt start, it says ''failed to start (error:only position independent executables(PIE) are supported.) .i had to switch to proxydroid.

    psiphon handler; anytime i try the ''force root tunnel whole device method'' it says root mode not supported on this version of android.

    the battery doesnt last as much as they claim, but it charges faaaaaast.

    ive rooted the phone though i havent made a cwm backup. its a great phone, i just wish the battery will last looooooonger.

  4. prof,i believe infinix hot imei could be changed with mtk engineer without being rooted which mine isn't able to do.l wanna ask if it will be possible if the phone is rooted and i want u to guide me on how to root it myself

    • Open your file manager (I guess you've downloaded one), select and play the mp3 of your choice. As it is playing, you select a drop-drown menu where you'll see "Set ringtone" and vaam you are done. This is for ES Explorer shaa, but I guess the variation will not be much for other file managers.

  5. I can't access my photos and videos. My laptop can not detect the phone. It keeps saying has stopped. I can't take photos or videos or even listen to music. It keeps going off saying phone is too hot and now there is a warning sign at the notifications bar and I do not know what it is about.

  6. My phone goes off saying it is too hot. Then I can't access my photos, videos or music. My laptop can't detect it and it keeps saying stopped working. Now there is warning sign at the notifications bar and I do not know what it is for. I have only had this phone for one week. Help.

    • Hello Andhiii,
      Too many applications are running at the background of your android device that is making it too hot. I'll suggest you factory reset it. If you are rooted, kindly unroot before you factory reset it

  7. Hello

    My problem with the phone is that the apps keep tripping off.

    If I want to access my music or camera, sometimes I can do that other times it takes a long time to load.

    To put it in context. If I want to take a picture immediately it will take ages to load and then not open. Same thing with music player and vlc

    • Hello Nife,
      It's your cache settings. Go to settings>>apps and scroll down to music apps and clear it's cache. Do the same to your vlc and then rebooth your device.

  8. Thank you very much.
    I had recorded a couple of videos on lumia 520 when I try to play them on vlc. It plays for a like a second and then just audio while the video freezes up. Any solution

  9. Hii prof. I need to know how to create cwm recovery on my phone, it's really essential cos I've not been able to tweak and play with some apps just due to the fact that ionn wanna brick my phone. Please help with this asap, thanks.

  10. I've not tried so flash tool as I don't have the scatter files. I tried creating scatter files from mtkdroid tools but when I click on block maps, the scatter file option there is greyed out, I'm unable to click on it. I also tried backing up the ROM but it doesn't back up boot.img only system files. I really don't understand the way this phone has been setup… I tried terminal emulator to dump the boot.img on SD card but it doesn't produce the mtd files… Whew!!! Any help sir???

  11. Hello Prof
    Any way I can get your number
    The phone is really frustrating me. The user experience should be way more enjoyable than I am using it.
    I need to confirm if all the problems are peculiar to me

  12. Pls where is debugged located in infinix hot2 cos one of my application is asking me to select the debug icon under settings, application, development then I will see d debug icon yet I can't still find it but I have see it in other devices

  13. Pls prof recommend an application that can locate and search every nook and cranny of my android one for any nonsense, caches etc drops inside the phone by applications and can also format and reset the phone just like the factory reset embedded on the phone without me loosing my installed apps

  14. hello pls help me I can't delete, move or copy files from my infinix hot 2. it keep saying files can't be deleted and it keep saying about read only stuff and I don't understand pls help me on how to delete files

    • Open your file manager (I guess you've downloaded one), select and play the mp3 of your choice. As it is playing, you select a drop-drown menu where you'll see "Set ringtone" and vaam you are done. This is for ES Explorer shaa, but I guess the variation will not be much for other file managers.

  15. Please about the Hot2….I want to place an order, but I heard from people that the camera quality is not good, please who has this phone how's the camera, and please how bad is the battery

  16. pls how do i put on the mobile data. i'v tried everything i can. i use just a sim on the phone but each time i select it for cellular data it just keeps saying this may take a minute. i cant browse except i'm connected to a wifi. pls help

  17. Hello Prof, when I dial a number to make calls, the hold, speaker, etc keys that appears on the screen doesn't work when tapped. Is it a factory problem? Pls help. Thanks.

  18. Mine doesn't reboot, battery drains fast, can't with 3g network as a matter of the device is now irritating me, I have posted on Efritin for sale after just 11days I bought it. Switch off at will. I think it's a mistake for me to have bought it

  19. Pls how can I get a CWM recovery for my Infinix Hot2,that seems to be the most important thing to me after rooting……pls anyone.

  20. Gud day prof. Plz am facing serious challenges with my new infinix hot 2. The fone is not detecting internal sd card. This is the 3 time am facing this issue and each time I have to factory reset the fone before working perfect loosing all my apps and media. I noticed the problem occur each time I shut the fone down and later on it

    • Yes I've upgraded the phone before the second and this occurrence. I can't use the camera, can't access the device pictures and play music and save/download media online, xender also complaining sd card disabled and lot more. Plz I don't wanna lose my files again by restoring factory.

    • This is exactly my problem… And if you switch on the camera… It shows insert an SD card b4 use.meanwhile there's enough space on the phone.. And I realized if u make another user.. All those things start working again.. But I wanna use owner.. Nd I've also updated mine to version 5.1.1 (that should be d latest)

    • I had to download two file managers.
      1. Go to play store, download file manager Hd and ES file explorer.
      2. Open file manager Hd and go to audio, click the music you want, it'll ask you open with ES Media player, click just once.
      4. While the song is playing, click the icon that looks like …
      5. A drop down would show and you can select it as ringtone.

      That's how I did mine.

  21. There is no is mode on the fone..jux s annoying.I also can't access my internal memory..I guess dat s d only problem m having wit d phone.pls help!!!.apart from dat,d phone s soooo sweet..really enjoying it(infinix hot 2)

    • Hello, YOu an access your internal memory and you SD card memory. Just go to settings and scroll down to storage. IF you want to access you SD card memory, instal ES File Esplorer.

      Note that their is a better rom for this device which is more sweeter and better than the follow come rom

  22. guuday prof.hav been trying to configure mtn with infinix but not working,if i put airtel it starts browsing immediately.pls help

  23. Prof please how can I delete folders and unused items on my infinix hot 2? It keep saying "the following files can't be deleted"

  24. Hello prof.. Been downloading movies on my infinix hot 2 but v bn unable to play d movies. Anytime I try playing it,it loads for a while and then write "unable to open".. Really frustrating..please what should I do?

  25. HELLO YOMI, I cant seem to take pictures or even view friends pix on whats app. Each time I tried to the phone tells me my SD card is full………what should I do? Also I need to move all my contact list saved on the SD card from my previous phone . I am currently using the SD card on the infinix and need to copy it into the phone. How do I go about this

    • Is you SD cArd actually full? The easiest way to transfer your contact from your other fone to your infinix phone is to syncronize it to your gmail. Sign in to gmail on your other phone, and it will syncronize all your contacts. Then sign in to gmail on your infinix phone, and all your contacts will automatically appear their.

  26. Yomiprof, i dob enter soup o. Bought d Hot2 for a colleague in d office and its bn war for me since. if you switch on the camera… It shows insert an SD card b4 use.meanwhile there's enough space on the phone.. And I realized if u make another user.. All those things start working again.. But I wanna use owner.. Nd I've also updated it to version 5.1.1 (that should be d latest). What do i do pls?

  27. Mr yomi prof…am really enjoying dis android one rom on my infinix hot2 but some receive new update last week and till now I haven't gotten any update despite d fact dat I didn't root d phone please wat is d reason for my phone to not av seen d update? btw android one rom and infinix 5.1 rom for infinix hot2 which one is d best and recommendable? I downloaded Tcard flashable version of infinix android 5.1 rom from infinix site yesterday but during flashing it gives d error msg"partition table doesn't match" despite d fact dat I strictly followed d instruction… Please wat is d cause f d error? Thanks in anticipation sir.

  28. Please yesterday I went to guest profile on my phone and since then I haven't been able to view my pictures or even take pictures on my infinix hot 2. It keeps telling me insert SD card, tried on my guest profile and it's working please how do I rectify the issue. It also showed me turn off USB storage and internal storage. Please I nid assistance ASAP.

  29. Please I can not take pictures on my infinix hot 2, it keeps on saying insert SD card, please what can I do to remedy the problem. And also how do I switch off USB storage? Thank you in anticipation

  30. mr yomi, my own problem is strange, my phone will request for update and after downloading the latest update my phone will reboot and start d update process but at a point it will show error and won't update… it has happened twice and have removed the root access, I mean unroot

  31. mr yomi, my own problem is strange, my phone will request for update and after downloading the latest update my phone will reboot and start d update process but at a point it will show error and won't update… it has happened twice and have removed the root access, I mean unroot

    • Lol! it's not strange. Alot of people face this particular issue after rooting this device. Your only bet is to install the current Infinix hot2 5.1.1 OS available on infinix support forum. After that, no need for update, just chill and wait for the release of Android 6.0

  32. Prof. Yomi i need your help pleaseeee. My infifnix hot 2 just goes off 7;30pm and will come on 7:05 a.m
    Please help me
    i have checked under settings- sound and notification-interruptions but its not highlighted.
    it will now on again in the morning. please i don't want this again what will i do?..thanks

  33. To the guy with the powering on problem, look for a place called scheduled power an and off, deactivate it, someone just tempered with our phone and put a particular time for it to go on

  34. Mr Yomi, I just noticed that my Infinix Hot2, I can't select preferred storage. All apps, musics and videos are automatically saved on memory card

  35. Hello.
    I cnt find alll my pictures. And even when I take new picture it doesn't save. And o have a memory card in it. And still I can't view my pictures. It's empty. Even if I take a hundred pictures not even one shows…its really frustrating..
    Sometimes the networks just goes off for days. I wouldn't be able to brouse in those few days or even ping…
    I have been referring ever since why I got this phone. Cos it gives me headach everyday. Please how do I solve this photo problem of mine?

  36. Am #####NOAHDAM#######The Only Perfect Solution is Just to Upgrade Your phone To 5.1…..The new update is free and bugless…There is Gallery,filmanger and all issues you are having Have been fixed in it…….If you want to know how to upgrade your zero 2 to 5.1 and you having Issues just holla me on [email protected]

  37. hello. I dont want to sound rude but this issue is really annoying. You say we should upgrade the os to 5.1. On my phone, the os is already version 5.1, it still misbehaves. I did the latest OTA update of 16.7mb on the phone, still no improvement. What can someone do to sthis this and i am nowhere near lagos to go to infinix carecarl center.

  38. Hello Mr Yomi, I have the same issues I'm reading on here and all the solutions giving ain't working …can't assess internal memory, my PC doesn't detect my phone when connected on any of the media storage options, can't take pics with out SD …pics and music on the phone are stuck in the guest profile,google play doesn't play my music's and pics doesn't show on owners profile ….I have downloaded es explorer and upgraded to 5.1.1 still no change …all I can do is access my files now, but my music and photo app including my pc can't access the phones memory…what should I do??

  39. All those complaining that they have upgraded there phone to 5.1 and its same,here is what i have for you###They OTA update which normally pops up on your about 6-30MB is not they system update….its the Kernel if you did that and you are complaining you are still Having Issues thats not what we asked you to do But if you get any update Worth 100-600mb,thats the complete system update….YOU can also goto infinix website and download the latest update for your hot 2 and flash it Via sp flashtools…[email protected]

  40. I have downloade the es file manager and the quick pic but the gallary is not working. I can not blutooth pics to my phone and i can not download whatsapp pics

  41. morning prof.. my hot 2 is not reading my internal memory it shows it but I can't delete from it and anything I save just automatically goes to the external sdcard please how do I go by it.. its only the external SD card that show when I connect my phone to my computer

  42. Morning prof. Got this hot 2 a fee days back, and I don dey take panadol for the phone matter.
    1)google play won't play my music.
    2) my PC can't detect my internal storage. Even after debugging. I tried sending a movie to my device via xender but it keeps saying memory full while I still have 10gig of internal storage. My O.S is 5.1.1 already.
    And so many other issues.
    Any solution on why my PC can't detect my internal storage?

  43. Seriously I dey vex, my camera is just showing "front camera" I can't switch to the back camera and also I got 11gig internal storage but anytime I take pictures it will tell me to delete some things on my SD card while I got enough space at internal can I change my storage path to internal memory?

  44. Hello Mr Yemi, I can't find my music, PIC, can't even copy and paste,munch or take a pic. But den I realised my PIC and music are in d file manager(New User) guest . how do I transfer them back to (Owner). I dunno how they got dia ooo.

  45. Hi prof ,pls my front camera option just disappeared cant find it anywhere and its quite frustrating ,i even went as far as downloading some selfie app maybe it will come up not nothing still .i will really be glad if you can help me out thankd

    • One of my customers that got his hot2 from Jumia through me complained of this and other problems. I want to try the updating to 5.1.1 then will get back if this solves the problems

  46. Hello Sir. I just got the phone & I have a problem with the SIM call settings. Under SIM card settings, I'm supposed to see an option of 'Always Ask'. This tells the phone to always ask on what SIM I want to call from. But on my own phone, that option doesn't come up & I can only set a preferred SIM for calls & SMS. Whenever I want to make calls from a specific SIM, I have to keep going to the SIM settings to select the particular SIM as the 'preferred SIM'. Please help out.

  47. Hello Sir. I just got the phone & I have a problem with the SIM call settings. Under SIM card settings, I'm supposed to see an option of 'Always Ask'. This tells the phone to always ask on what SIM I want to call from. But on my own phone, that option doesn't come up & I can only set a preferred SIM for calls & SMS. Whenever I want to make calls from a specific SIM, I have to keep going to the SIM settings to select the particular SIM as the 'preferred SIM'. Please help out.

  48. pls any advise…i rooted using kingroot latest version..evrything ok..d only problem is UPGRADING..i unrooted back inorder to upgrade to d new firmware update..but aftyer reaching like 30%,it just says system error..i have formatted and retried..same same..any advice

  49. pls can someone help on how to connect my infinix Hot 2 with internet.
    I bought glo data but coudnt open a single page- it is telling the "there is no internet connection". when I contacted glo customer care they told me my data is still running.
    pls someone should offer me a solution.
    [email protected]

  50. pls how do I do the following 1. put off my data on infinix hot 2 when not needed because I cant see the off option there, what I can see there is either sim one or two , I can't see off option ,,,,
    2. How do I can't see option always ask for sms message, wht i can only do is to set one particular sim, pls any help???

  51. How can I enable my sd card on my infinix hot 2 because when I try opening my camera it says sd card disabled and when I try opening my flash share too it sames the samething and my play music too dos not play my music please how can I resolve this issue and I already upgraded my system update but when it download and start rebooting what I got was error plsssssss I need help

  52. Greetings Yemi Prof. My phone freezes too often so much so that it goes of after 10mins in the middle of a call. Thats the major challenge I have. I can go round other challenges but this FREEZING thing is the real problem the HOT2 has. Thanks

    • Kindly go 2 settings,accounts, d top right of ur screen u will c 3 dots. U will c remove account (Google) click on it. After a while, login to ur Google account and ur problem is solved

  53. Please Prof, HELP! My infinix hot 2 stopped browsing with both my Airtel and Mtn sims with mobile data although it works with wifi.I'm nearly frustrated. What do I do please?

  54. Please Prof, HELP! My infinix hot 2 stopped browsing with both my Airtel and Mtn sims with mobile data although it works with wifi.I'm nearly frustrated. What do I do please?

  55. Good morning, my infinix hot2 won't let me download any mp3 it keeps bringing up a jumia ad and asking me to install jumia app when it already has one. Please help me out.

  56. Enter your comment… Hello Sir. I just got the phone & I
    have a problem with the SIM call
    settings. Under SIM card settings,
    I'm supposed to see an option of
    'Always Ask'. This tells the phone
    to always ask on what SIM I want
    to call from. But on my own
    phone, that option doesn't come
    up & I can only set a preferred
    SIM for calls & SMS. Whenever I
    want to make calls from a specific
    SIM, I have to keep going to the
    SIM settings to select the
    particular SIM as the 'preferred
    SIM'. Please help out.

  57. Hello,I have two issues with my Hot 2 (1)when I insert my SD card it keeps telling me "damaged SD " but when i putb the same SD in other phones and in my computer it works well(2) I cant access my mobile data even after turning it on.

  58. Hello, I have tried using glo sim card to browse and it keeps failing, and again when I want to delete a file or folder from my infinix hot 2 it refuse and when I delete from my memory card it deletes, how can that b solved?

  59. Hello Prof, I just bought my Infinix Hot 2 x510 and I have the following challenges:
    (1) I can't access the internal memory of 16G
    (2) My pictures all of a sudden got disappeared
    (3) I can't play music or videos on the phone.

    Kindly advice.


  60. Have been using the infinix hot2 for a little while and I must say its really worth my cash but all of a sudden,it stopped showing my external memory card…I switched off the phone but each time I put it on,the phone just remains blank;not even the phone apps shows…how can I solve that problem?

  61. I use infinix hot2 and my battery drains very fast unlike wat I expect. I've tried wat I could bt to no avail. Pls Prof help cos d fone is nt even up to 2months old n I bought from jumia.

  62. Pls, I don't get a full network on my infinix hot. All I have is an "E" sign instead of "H" or "H+". I've tried to reboot the phone several times but it still does not change.

    • Did you set Pattern lock on it? if yes remove the pattern lock and see if it will solve the issue. If not, kindly upgrade to the latest hot 2 os 5.1 for the fix.

  63. Good Morning,am having issues with my Infinix Hot 2, it doesnt show me phone storage in the file manager and it doesnt show all my files, When I insert a mem card it shows me only the SD Card and excludes the Phone Storage. I am afraid to lose my files please wats the way forward..I await ur prompt reply. Thank You

    • I had this problem too few months back…wat I did was..I backed up my Fone memory to the computer.. Den formatted d phone…then I sent my files back.and I was back on track

    • Lol. If u downloaded it from play store, reboot ur phone and try again. If Not, please download it from playstore and open. Hope this helps.

  64. Dont root your hot 2 or else u won't be able to install regular updates again frm google. And dis updates fix bugs/errors 2 currently has file manager and some new wallpapers, dats if u have updated….enjoy

    • Power Off your phone
      Hold volume Down button and Power Button together for 5seconds
      Your phone will boot into Engineering Mode
      Use your volume button to scroll down , and Click on factory reset / wipe all data
      Confirm your Selection
      Your phone will reset and reboot automatically.

  65. Hello. Good Morning. My recent problem is that when i connect My phone to a pc, the internal memory storage doesnt show. Also, i cant transfer files from My sd card to the pbone memory even though i have the es file expkorer. It keeps saying "files cannot be transferred" and My sd card is full. Also, when downloading from uc web, i cant select the internal storage files as a path. In short , it all boils down to the internal memory!! I'm So frustrated. Thanks.

  66. Hello. My recent problem is that i cant access My internal memory when i connect to a pc. Even using es explorer, i cant send files from My sd card to the phone memory because it keeps saying "files cant be transferred ". When doenloading Also, the internal memory is not an option when asked to choose a download path. I'm frustrated because My sd card is full and i cant install anything even though i have enough space On the phone. Thanks!

  67. You should probably go and select usb option in your phone
    It has 4 options
    Connect as usb device
    Connect as a camera device
    Once connected in proper format you can easily transfer media
    To select these options
    Connect your usb. Then drop down your menu..yiu will see the option there..choose connect as media device to transfer songs.etc

  68. I laid my complaint earlier but fortunately, I've found the solution. For those who can't access their phone storage, go to users and switch to guest. Then go back and select "remove guest". Switch off your phone and switch on again. And that's it! U can go to uc web to confirm in the file area. I did this and it worked. Happy new year.

  69. I can't view my pictures after snapping, they disappear in 5 mins. U can't watch videos on my Hot 2. I have downloaded every thing they say is the solution and yet not change. Sometes I feel like smashing the fone xos its frustrating. Can't view document. The fone is just a waste of money.

  70. the infinix hot2 can't delete multiple contacts. the d thing is giving me trouble here ples fix it.
    another thing is after I upgraded it, the built in mass storage refuse to be read when I connect it to a system and even d contents can't be seen in d phone either. pls do something about them.

  71. Pls how can I set my Samsung tab 10.1 to use blackberry subscription? Or any cheap data from global or mtn. Pls help my studies is a stake. Happy new year all.

  72. Pls help with how I can use bbm subscription on my Samsung tab 10.1. Pls my studies is astake. Or any cheap subscription for glo or mtn. Above 3g. Happy new year peeps ND prof

  73. can infinix hot 2 accept 32G Memory card? because when i insert 32G MC the software will be malfunctioning until i used the 4G… is there something im missing here

    Barely 24 hours handling the phone, had a request to upgrade… but the process was somehow aborted and up came an "error" message… And since it refused to power on/off, i removed the battery and tried to reboot it… but it has failed to boot… been booting for like 4 hours now without displaying anything… what can i do? or is this the end of 'Solomon Grundy'? #Shout out to 'prof' and all contributors!
    #restless somebody

    • Lol!This is not the end of Solomon Grundy. did you interrupt the upgrade during upgrading process? Also, connect your device to you pc and tell me if its been detected on your PC. If yes, then proceed to the next step here

    • Did you activate sleep mode? Remove it from sleep mode. Also you need to upgrade your device to the latest version of Android 5.1 to avoid all this errors.

  75. Please i want to know if the new 300amh battery for Infinix hot 2 is available in Nigeria cos the one it came with drains faster than anything else.

  76. Please i want to know if the new 300amh battery for Infinix hot 2 is available in Nigeria cos the one it came with drains faster than anything else.

  77. Hello PROF YOMI,

    I just got an Infinix hot2 5.1.1 OS few weeks back. I can't save files to either phone memory. It tells me "This file can not be created," meanwhile it does not show me another alternative to save it on my SD card. What can I do please?

  78. I can't view my picture any more I can't download anything my video my folders all are not showing again I can't even slap again is telling me to insert SD card please what can I do cus am fed up dis my whatapp number for dat have d knowledge to guide me through 07068292824

  79. Hi, how can i turn off the USB connection, every time i try to download a video it asks me to turn off the USB connection, and all my photos and music are not in the file manager like before, the file manager is empty.

  80. My Infinix Hot 2 doesn't ask of the sim I want to call or send message with out of the two sims. I have checked the settings and I found that the "ask always" box is not there. Please what can I do to correct it?

  81. Please my infinix hot 2 does not give me the option of selecting a SIM card when I dial a number or wants to send an SMS. It just go straight to a particular SIM instead of asking which SIM. How do I go solve this problem.

  82. hi… I'm using a tecno phantom A3,and the internal memory is very low. Please is it possible to increase/upgrade the RAM?. Thanks

  83. my infinix hot 2 upgraded and the ring tune changed also when my contacts call or i call the names dont show only the numbers shows. please how can i get the names to show against the numbers.

  84. My issues with my hot note 2 is that, I just updated to the latest version, after which I all my videos where wiped and my images too..

    I really don't understand, event my novel that I was writing using a particular app was also whipped.

    Although I'm not using a memory card, because it has large enough inbuilt space, so don't see the need for a memory card

    Please help me

  85. Pls, my in infinix hot 2 updated it self to android version 6, since den, if I call or some calls me, it doesn't display d number yet d contact name is on my phone. Pls how do I solve dis problem

  86. Im sorry, i update my phone to version 6 after, my sim contacts not showing, only accounts contacts show. What should i do to see my sim contacts plss? Its dual sim


    • Hello Amoah…
      It's the software upgrade. Give it some time for infinix to roll out bug fixes for this latest Android 6.0. Aside of debugging, do you encounter any other problem after the upgrade?

  88. Pls Yomi, my Google photos kps on stopping nd some of the photos nd videos kps on corrupting or deleting by themselves.. Wah shd I do??? Evn the sdcard kps on telling me damaged sdcard nd I wil hav to unmount nd remount it again after which some files will corrupt.. Pls wah shd I do??

  89. My infinix x510 comes up late when I try to press the power bottom to unluck it and also while trying to end a call after finishing my conversations, it takes some seconds for the screen to come up except I use d power bottom to end the call. Pls how do I solve this problem.

  90. Good morning. Please my infinix hot2 phone automatically download and upgraded my phone software to Android 6.0.ever since then my phone calls do not show the name the number was saved with. Also i cannot use songs on my phone as ringtone. Kindly assist

    • All you Have to do is To export your contacts To sd card,After That delete all the contacts in your Phone,after that import your Contacts Back Thats all.

      do you have file manager on your ANdroid 6.0?

  91. kindly advice on how to recover my phone, i got update request on my infinix hot 2 phone, i accepted by selecting the request since three day now my phone is yet to booth. wht should i do. kindly help me.

  92. Hello prof, have tried root my fine with all the apps I know , it keeps failing n it shows no root access or permission. Pls guide me on what to do,I need the phone rooted badly, some of my apps are waiting for it thanks .

  93. Hello Prof, I am having issues deleting recordings from my infinix hot note. I delete them and after a while when I check back I see them there. I need a solution to permanently delete recordings please. Thank you

  94. Pls i just upgraded my hot2 from Android 5.1 to 6.0 as prompted by my phone. But right now the file manager app has stop accessing my files, identities of incoming callers do not longer show and some of my stored numbers do not have names attached. What is the solution please? Regards

    • Hello Celestine, its a general bug with the latest OS. but for your contact to display name, do this. Copy all your contacts to SD cards and delete the ones your have on your phone, once you've done that, reboot your device and copy it back to your sim.

      Alternative, sign in with your Gmail and sync all your contacts. delet all the one you have in your sim, and synchronise it back to your phone from your gmail contacts

    • Hello Esther,
      Some apps are consuming your battery that is why its all the hot. First of all go to your settings and set your network to 2G. Then go to settings again, apps and force stops application you are not currently using. Reboot your phone and watch the performance.

  95. pls prof thank you for this blog my hot2 is not responding to any apps at all it will show always no apps can perform this functiond it will pop up unfortunately the phone has stopped,pls what do i do

  96. Please i am using an Infinix zero. for the last 2 months, it keeps uninstalling all apps i download that didn't come with the phone. Its very annoying and frustrating.

    Please how can i stop it? Any advise?

  97. Hello, I switched off my phone to remove the memory card but now the infinix hot note 2 is not powering again. what will I do?

  98. i wanted to update my solo launcher on my infinix hot 2 nd it was slow so i stop it nd since my phone has been showing blankk face nd i cnt see anything to operate, is der anyway i could format with shortcut key

  99. i just bought the infinix hot 2, each time i try acessing play store icon on the phone they keep asking me of password, when i type my google account password they keep telling me is wront, but i entered the right password too, dont no the problem. cant do anything with the phone

    • Since you just bought it, I'll suggest you type your password in a plain text like an sms and then copy it to the password field. Make sure you enter the correct email address attached to the password.

  100. Hi!
    My phone infinix hot 2 doesn't download on mobile data , be it playstore or anywhr except on WhatsApp. Once there is wifi connection, all pending downloads start downloading.
    How do I fix this problem

  101. Hi!
    My phone infinix hot 2 doesn't download on mobile data , be it playstore or anywhr except on WhatsApp. Once there is wifi connection, all pending downloads start downloading.
    How do I fix this problem

  102. I formatted by infinix x510 and now I can't access my camera my music and I can't download shows insert memory card…..I can only acsess these through guest user how can I solve the problem

    • Your phone is bricked. You need to unbrick it by flashing back your stock rom. If you haven't fix it, kindly reply to this comment and I'll send you the link

  103. I upgraded my infinix hot 2 to android 6.0 and since then I can't access my phone memory from a computer (both internal memory and SD card). Before I upgraded, I can access the memory but unable to access it since the upgrade to 6.0. No computer sees my phone anymore. I can use a computer to charge but that is all it can do, it can't be accessed. What can I do to access my phone from a computer?

    • Hello Moncoferne, Infinix hot2 Android 6.0 came with lots of bugs and you just experienced one of the bug. However, Infinix has released another bug fixed update via OTA 2 days ago; I don't know if you are able to get the update? If you are not, I'll suggest you wait for the bug update to get to your device or you can simply choose the option to downgrade back to Android 5.1 Lollipop and all your memory stuff will be back to normal.

      See guide on how to downgrade here

  104. My infinix hot 2 front camera is not working while I change camera from rear camera to front camera it says:-

    "Can't connect to the camera. please make sure to close other apps that may use camera or flashlight."

    Hence after restarting the phone it continues.

    • Hello Sultan Naeem,
      This can be happen when you have outdated software. I'll suggest you upgrade your device to the custom Android 5.1 Lollipop and everything will work out well for you. See the comment and link above you for more details.

    • It pops up that termal manager because your hot 2 is handling different applications at a time more than it can bear hence, it result to unnecessary hot ness. Once it comes up, you'll need to go to settings>>>apps>>> check for unnecessary you don't make use of or that runs from the background of your device and click on "Force Stop". Reboot your device and you are good to go.

      Also, do not set your phone network to 3G only. Allow it to choose the network of its choice.

  105. Hi infinux hot 2 ohone din't have always ask me function..I went through the sim card seetin and calls ….I did not find the " always ask me" function. Hope you will have me the solution

  106. Hi I try to reset the infinix hot.2 but it is asking some kind of code…I do not know what is that code…please help me

  107. I have down loaded MX player still could play video and some files. Also I down loaded some APP on google play yet I could not see the mune of App. e.g. Openbibles

  108. My pictures, videos and songs were all transferred to my guest account and I don't know how to transfer them back to my own account. If I want to snap picture, they will ask me to insert an SD card of which there is an unfinished inbuilt memory. Please I need help.

    • Hello IJ, go to settings, apps And click on individuals clear data cache of each apps but don't touch google services. Reboot ur device and you re good to go.

  109. Pls I need help urgently! For about two days now the screen of the phone goes off not until after some minutes. I use it for my business and therefore am really up beat about it. Please give me quick response, since am loosing money. Thanks

  110. Hello pls I need your urgent attention because ever since I upgraded my device to 6., the screen goes off in the evening and won't light again until the next morning. I use my phone for business therefore it's causing me lots of discomfort. I would be very grateful if you can respond to my issue with all the urgency it demands.
    My phone is infinix hot 2. Thank you!

  111. Pls, I need your help… I don't understand all this tech stuff…. When I connect my infinix hot 2 to my pc I don't see any usb option…. I've re-booted and it's still the same

  112. Pls prof. I can't pick calls on my hot2. When it rings, I try to pick but it doesn't respond. I will have to call d person back. What should I do?

    • Your Infinix hot 2 is simply misbehaving due to lack of upgrade. Factory reset it. And when next you see an upgrade for your device, try and upgrade the engine. Back up your contacts and files, document and everything necessary before you factory reset it.

  113. Pls help me bn using internal storage 4 my infinix x510 since last yr. internal storage is ful nt insert SD card BT I noticed anytime I snap d pic will nt show or save, i may show nd later it will b no where 2 b found. Wht can I do

  114. pls I cant see my note2 have issues I can only see my network and battery signa and the go back bottin on my screen, but cant see my apps the screen is just dack…pls can you help me out?

  115. Hey guys… Let me tell u guys something u might not knw about the infinix hot 2 ….. its a very gud phone i can assure u… Especially if u consider the specs in relation to the price. But one thing is certain…. If u aint dat knowledgeable with phone software and stuff. U are bound to hate it.
    To start…. The phone doesn't come with a dedicated gallery or file manager app…. Still dont knw d reason y d two most sort after apps are not pre-installed. But u can download alternative apps from either Google play Store or Google… Dats what i did on mine.
    Also pls do not upgrade to marshmallows…. Theres a reason whys its d first Android one phone. So its more like an experiment phone. I advise u continue using the OS it came with… Dats d one dat have gone tru testing and proved reliable before mass production. Camera is great… Beta than tecno.. Battery management is gud… Compared to other phones with d same battery size.
    Now for those having problems with putting their favorite songs as ring tones…. Fixing this one is quite tricky… U have to download either a file manager that has that option to set any guven song as ringtone…. Or a music player that does the same. Me i use a music player to set my ringtone… The name of d music player i used is TTPOD.
    Then for those who cant see dia phone on their computer screen… Its either u upgraded ur OS or the USB cable u used is not compatible' u need to change it or ur phone has been faulty frm d onset.

    I knw some of these steps might b rigorous for some ppl… But dats hw it is… And we have to live with it dat way.
    I still enjoy d phone till day… And am not planning on changing the phone any time soon. Unless u have taste for high end phones… This just does everything i need on a phone.
    Piss out??

  116. please how can i fix my infinix hot X510, when u plug it to light, it charge the batry but it not showing, even if u try putin the phone on, it does not come up at all, the screen is okay and the touch screen. What do i do? Try flashing but it keep hanging. What can i do?

  117. Hello pls my phone keeps going off and on and it's keeps rebooting it's self, I have even flash d fone and no solution, pls help me here with my hot 2

  118. I have an infinix Hot 2 device and surprisingly my phone started showing “Unfortunately, Googleplay has stopped”. I did tried a factory reset on the phone and since after then the phone has been hanging but was still managing but now it goes off completely for more that 6 hours and will now later comes back, it might work for let say another 6-7 hours and along the line it goes off again. As am written this to you it has been off for let say about 5-8 hours now and still not comes back.

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