Infinix Hot2 (Android One) Now Available on Konga

If you have been wanting to get the Infinix hot2 (Android One) from
Jumia and you’ve been unable to buy it from Jumia because its out of stock… You
can now get it from Konga cos its available. The demand has been pretty high
from the very first day of launch and I’m afraid, as time goes on it the price
factor will change.

So if you still wanna get it, you can get if from konga here
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9 thoughts on “Infinix Hot2 (Android One) Now Available on Konga”

  1. The phone is amazing i got mine from Konga too please prof help check my blog www. thank though i know is wrong to post here but am begging please.

  2. pls prof am trying to unlock glo bolt E303 but not positive
    and people keep telling me that is not posible
    pls how tru? and pls if there is solution,kindly put me tru.
    you are a blessing to our generation.


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