How to Upgrade Infinix Hot Note Pro x551 & Infinix Hot x507 to Lollipop 5.1

I know a lot of Infinix hot note pro
and infinix hot x507 are tired of waiting for Lollipop update since its already
available for infinix hot note. However, I’m going to share with you in easy
steps how you can update your Hot note pro and Hot x507 to lollipop 5.1
The truth is you can actually get a
lollipop OTA update if you follow me carefully.

 Before you get the OTA update, you will need to first of all flash 0730 ROM on your device. All thanks to Infinixmobility forum and Vipelshaer for the provision of this Lollipop ROM.

==>You must be running on stock
recovery on Infinix hot x507 and Infinix Hot note pro (download stock recovery for infinix hot note pro here)
==>You must have a PC with SP
Flash tool installed.
==>First of all flash 0730 ROM version
to your device via SP Flash tool which is downloadable (for Infinix hot note pro only) here
Click on the file as seen in the img below for your download to begin

==>Download Vcom Port driver here
==>Download SP Flash tool here
==>Make sure your phone is charged
==>Back up your files and contact to
avoid stories that touch
==>For Infinix hot users only
download this rom here 

How to Upgrade Infinix Hot Note Pro
& Infinix Hot to Lollipop 5.1

1. Extract the downloaded vcom driver.
2. Go to device manager>click
action>click add legacy hardware
3. Under welcome to add new hardware
click next
4. Select advanced option and click
5. Select ‘show all devices’ and click
6. Click have disk
7. Browse to your vcom extracted folder
and select the driver setup up file and click    
open, then ok.
8. Select Mediatek preloader usb vcom
driver and click next.
1. Make sure phone has about 90% charge
as well as your pc.
2. Enable usb debugging under
settings>developer options
3. Connect to Pc…ignore any driver
failure warnings.
1. Navigate to the sp flash tool folder
2. Run the sp flash tool.exe as admin
3. Click on scatter loading. Navigate
to the infinix rom folder and select the scatter file
4. At the left hand side just below the
‘scatter loading’  panel click on ‘download now’  then
change it to ‘firmware upgrade’ Restart your phone using the power button and
wait. The phone
will be upgraded on booting-Make sure
you don’t tamper with usb at this point.
5. The final result after about 5-10
min should be like this if all went well
6. After that confirmation close flash
tool. Disconnect phone and switch it on. It will take some minutes before the
setup is complete.

Finally,  once your device is turn on, go to ‘system
there you will see a new update available probably the 0813 version or
the recent 0828 version, update it and the security guard at the gate will
welcome you to Lollipop 5.1.
Note: You must be running a stock recovery or else you’ll brick your device.
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100 thoughts on “How to Upgrade Infinix Hot Note Pro x551 & Infinix Hot x507 to Lollipop 5.1”

  1. Prof…. I need your help I got an update for my hot note x551 but after downloading I clicked install.. A display pop up "failed to update to………." I really need to update

  2. Oga sir, i followed the instructions carefully, when restarting the phone, a dialogue box appears

    "PMT Change for the rom, it must be downloaded"

    Pls how do I go about it. Thank you very much as I patiently for your reply

  3. Good day Prof. I'm rooted on Infinix Hot Note Pro, should I unroot before continuing or I can upgrade with the root permission installed?

  4. Prof, I must really commend your effort to try to answer almost all problems brought to you..
    I also brought one to you and will appreciate if you can answer me..
    My openvpn connects on my phone.. But it doesn't work for any browser application.. It only works for Instagram and 2go.. But the simple server I also downloaded works for browser applications.. Please what can I do to make the openvpn work for all apps?

  5. I successfully upgraded my Infinix hot note pro. Thanks to yomiprof. But I lost all my app and videos, pictures so painful. Can it be recovered??? ?

    • I'm really sorry about that.. but you can always download them back. Though their is an app you can use to recover all your applications, videos etc back. Check out disk digger from playstore

  6. please yomi proff help a bro. i have hot note pro and i wanna update to lollipop. i do understand the above steps on how to update except the running on stock recovery part. i have downloaded the necessary files. please do throw more light on how to run on stock recovery before flashing the 0730 rom. thanks

    • U have to place d stock recovery file on the root of your SD card and then open Mobile uncle and click on Recovery Update and then choose the stock recovery and it will Install and ask for a boot into recovery…

      Hope it helped..

  7. Pls help me i have tried changing my recovery image back to stock recovery image cus i was formerly on cwm image and ve flashed d stock recovery image but no changes or success it still on cwm image help guys

  8. Hello Mr. Yomi, I need your help,

    I mistakenly select a Miui rom (that's not for my device) when trying to port rom to Comfort and when the phone prompted for a reboot, i clicked on it (not knowing i chose the wrong ROM).,

    Now my phone got bricked (Hard Bricked; as it's not Turning ON again)..

    i took it to an engineer and he said it will be flashed but he's not having the file for the hot note pro (but the one of hot note), that he had also contact his mates and they do not have that as well..

    Now i've downloaded the ONE YOU POSTED in this tut, i wanna ask, will the phone come up back when its been flashed with this rom using SP Flash tool..

    Also, is there any other way of reviving this..

    NOTE: the phone is still communicating with the PC and SP Flash tool as well/

    Looking forward to hear back from you pls..

    • Thanks for your response sir, YES my phone is INFINIX HOT NOTE PRO.

      I'd flashed it using the "DOWNLOAD" option in the SP Flash tool but it pops-up "PMT changed for the ROM and must be downloaded"

      The phone is yet to come up sir.., please what should I do?

    • Thanks so much prof, it worked after choosing the "firmware upgrade".. Now my infinix hot note pro comes back to life and also enjoying the XUI..

      Thumbs up!

  9. Thanks y'all for ur response when I opted to upgrade my device. So i Finally upgraded my device to lollipop 2 days back. Must say, I'm really enjoying the all new XUI on the infinix hot pro. Just feels like I got a new phone. One thing I noticed tho, the new update use up more ram space than the former. I bliv there should be a workaround as regards the excess ram usage. Please if u have any proven solution don't hesitate to share. Thanks

  10. Prof, kindly help me out, am an infinix hot note pro
    holder and am yet to upgrade to lollipop cos of VCOM
    DRIVER installation. My system runs on window 8. U
    said in ur write up that we should go to device
    manager>click action>click add legacy hardware in
    other to install VCOM driver but I only see help
    whenever I clicked on action on my system….kindly
    shed more light to that area for me…. Waititng to hear
    from u Oga MI. Thanks

  11. I flashed X551-G808-A1-L-20150910 using ur method after flashing my phone refuses to come up and I try connecting it to system so dat I can flash back the stock rom here is the error it give me BROM ERROR:S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL (4032)
    [EMI] Enable DRAM Failed
    HINT: check your load matches to your target which is to be downloaded. Pls hw do I solve dis issue. kindly help me out

    • I can't see the image you sent. upload it to another platform. In your SP Flashtool did you choose firmware upgrade? also note that during the process, you are not suppose to in any way tamper with the process until it is complete.

      Waiting to hear from you

    • I follow the instruction strictly I choose firmware ugrade and I didn't touch it but after the upgrade the fone refuse to come up so while I was trying to revert it to stock rom I encounter dis error dat I posted above.
      dis is the information on the image dat u did not see
      [EMI] Enable DRAM Failed
      HINT: check your load matches to your target which is to be downloaded.
      how do I bring my fone back to life

    • Hello friend, sorry about what you are passing thru.
      If your PC can still detect your Infinix hot note pro, and its visible on SP Flashtool, I'll suggest you repeat the process again as listed above. Hope you had stock recovery installed on your device.

    • Yes I am stock recovery. Trying the process again is wat give me d error I posted above. I try to install back stock ROM it give same error but have download ed the above ROM should I try it with it

  12. pls yomi boss, i cant download for the hot note pro, cos the page is bring out we chat. and i need to upgrade my hot note pro to lollipop.thanks as i wait for ya help……

  13. Good morning Prof. Please I want to run stock recovery on my phone "Infinix hot note pro", before upgrading to lollipop. I have downloaded the stock recovery from the link provided to the root of my SD card, I have mobile uncle installed on my phone but my phone is not rooted. and I tried to click on recovery update from mobile uncle and then choose the stock recovery downloaded. But the information I got is " please root your android first". Pls what is the way forward because I don't want to root my phone.

  14. You don't need to worry yourself with recovery stuff and root problem when you are installing/flashing Rom via Sp Falsh Tool Because the Stock Rom will take care of that for you…
    just follow the instruction stated in the post and forget about the stock recovery part and upgrade your phone….
    happy flashing/upgrading your baby Phone


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