Get Free 150MB Now From MTN

Good morning people, I’m pretty sure your day is moving on
well. Just want to update those of us that have an MTN sim to rock this
wonderful free data offer from MTN. A loyal respected fan just message me this
morning about it and it works just fine. I already got 150MB on my 3 MTN sims.
All Kudos goes to him.

How Can I Get Free 150MB on my MTN Sim?

==>Text App to 131
You’ll receive a congratulation message of your free 150MB
to download… Enjoy it while it last.
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37 thoughts on “Get Free 150MB Now From MTN”

  1. Prof pls I need ur help seriously, My brother give me a phone he buy from US, Nokia lumin 521 but can't use any of nigeria sim with it, he keep asking me of a code, please I Need ur help for dis. Tnx!!!

    • Hello Bro,
      You Lumia is locked and you'll need to unlock it. Howvever, there are some unlocking tools online for free but I can't guarantee if they are completely free… You can check this site here

  2. How to browse with d 150mb on java..Create Connection Settings with below IP and port
    »Port: 80
    »Homepage: m
    In Your Opera mini 4.2Lab, input below
    »SOCKET: socket://
    »Front Query :
    »Proxy Type: HTTP
    »Proxy Server: [email protected]
    For Ucweb Handler
    »Front Query:
    »Proxy Type: HTTP or Real Host
    »Proxy Server: [email protected]
    Make sure you power it with at least Five naira credit

  3. Prof..pls help me out..i tried using ma Glo Bis on I lata found out it was deactivated..I can't browse wit it on ma fone anymro bt it's workin on oda fone..pls wats d solution

    • what kind of phone are u using? check your apn settings. Make sure its set to no password and no username.
      I don't think your Glo BiS is deactivated. Dial *777*0# to see if you'll be able to chedck your balance on it. Finally, are you sure your imei on that phone as not been reset back to your default imei…

    • HEllo Salome,
      Sorry for what you are passing through. No its not from the IMEI if you are using BB Z3. Go to your apn and verify that its set to

    • I saw it since, I already used mine to download 2 episodes of a seasonal movie.

      Just use the access point you normally use for MTN bis daily, then in your simpleserver, change,
      Injection host to:
      Injection query to:

      Press Start on your simpleserver
      Turn in network connection and start browsing, it will be slow at first but later, it will be fast!

  4. Please sir, my computer is encountering . Dll error.. Ve tried solving it, but can't quite! Can't run some software

  5. i don't get it bro… d msg was sent and i rcvd processing msg but later d sent sign changed to "!" (not sent) after few secs. but my issue is, if u get a response dat u have 1hour of happy blah blah after tweaking IMEI what does it mean? And lastly, kindly add me to whatsapp group 08052524846. There aud be some in active member to delete. pls urgent rply.

  6. I need free gigg oooo… Prof, av not been lucky on dis cheats and tweaking. Invalid request, 1hr of happy link those r d replies i get. Pls help me IMEI dat i fit tweak biko. Keep it up boss!

  7. Sir Prof. I've gotten the 150mb but i don't know how to use it, I use d tecno h5. How can I use it sir, The 150mb?


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