Attention To All Samsung Galaxy Users – Must Read

This is to all Samsung users and it’s
very important you read carefully. A loyal and committed blog reader just drew
my attention to the latest Lollipop updates bugs so that you won’t fall victim
of it.
Lollipop 5.0.1 updates was rolled out
a week ago to Samsung Galaxy users and it’s been causing lots of problems. A
lot of people who has updated their Samsung Galaxy to Lollipop 5.0.1 have been
complaining heavily. See some of the there complain below;

The update has:
1) Significantly slowed my phone down.
2) The delete button for e-mails is relocated, annoying.
3) Close all applications…takes forever.
4) All my favorites lost on internet.
5) All new color and themes, which I didn’t want.
“I cant assign message ring tone to
contacts, Now mine keeps rebooting , 8 times so far today , the new colors are

“I have had my g4 for nearly a year but
I hate it now with 5.0.1….BRIGHT. Terrible eyestrain. Blinding white
background black text. The dimmest setting on my phone is still brighter than I
can tolerate causing headaches and vertigo if I use it for more than a few min.”

New update feels like more of a
The following features are no longer available:-
1) To be able to skip songs straight from the lock-screen.
(Now I have to log into my phone every time I want to skip a track, this is
especially not fun when exercising
2) The A-Z feature is now missing from the music player when listening to
3) Can no longer send group text messages.
4) Where have the text messaging emoticons gone?
Also not to mention the fact that the new interface is not at all visually
pleasing, nasty color choices!

The truth is, this update crashes lots of apps.. and
most annoying is it stops “MESSAGES”.

This is just few that I can extract; so
if you are a Samsung Galaxy user and you see the updates, don’t updates yet if
not, you’ll hate your new Galaxy device.
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25 thoughts on “Attention To All Samsung Galaxy Users – Must Read”

  1. Sir I was using window 8 b4…. But when I changed it to window 7…..and if I insert my flash drive or moderm it won't show

    And also I can't adjust screen brightness and also volume using keyboard

    And I can't run my youcam. It will say you have incompatible Vga or drivers to run youcam
    Pls sir help @ [email protected]

    • Hello Kelly Siskid,

      You are experiencing that because your system doesn't have some drivers install. And it happened because you didn't back up your system drivers before you downgraded it to Window7.

      Go to Start up>>.Click on My Computer>>>Click on System and Security>>>Click on Device manager and you'll see some of your drivers missing.

      There are two ways to fix this.
      First, Its either you get a wifi connection directly connected to your PC either from a cafee or Android Smartphone or otherwise. Then click on the drivers that are missing and you'll see and option to update drivers, do that ,a allow it to search the net automatically.

      Secondly, Follow the suggestion of Mr Emmanuel Akor by getting Drivers Pack Solution, the latest version from any computer CD shop closest to you. It should be around N200 or download it directly from the net.

      Hope it helps.

  2. Oga Prof, Most of these phones that are out especially these affordable devices such as Innjoo one, Innjoo Note, Infinix Hot Note… sometimes the specs alone is not enough to judge these devices for instance most of us didn't know Infinix Zero has a bad Battery before buying, Issues like Low app storage space and laggs are things we need to know before hand. For me personally Innjoo One is likely going to be my next Device But i cant find a sincere reveiw of this devices on Youtube. And Phone Geeks like me know Unboxing is far from Review.
    I suggest a Honest Review from You Prof.
    Also Prof when is Innjoo Note Pro and Infinix Zero 2 coming to Nigeria. And is it possible buying Xioami Devices in Nigeria and where? What other Devices would You suggest that's Affordable.. thanks

    • Hello Fred,
      Unlike the Infinix Zero, I made a review on that on this blog few weeks before it was launched and even after it was launched… critically comparing it with InnJoo i2S.

      For the InnJoo Note pro and the Infinix Zero 2, no date has been given yet but I want to beleive soonest.

      You can get Xiaomi in Nigeria. Go to Slot or any other certified Phone dealers. Alot of devices are affordable depending on the amount you budget for it.

    • Note that you don't need to root your Tecno S9 before you change your imei…. I have replied to your first question.

      But to root your Tecno S9, Use Framaroot. You can download it here

      Install it on your device,
      Click on Super SU
      Click on Borohmir, and you should get a success

      Reboot your device and you are good to go.

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