My Conclusion on Infinix Hot Note 2 a.k.a Big 6

Yes, we’ve been celebrating the arrival of the little mighty Infinix note 2 6inches devices with a wow spec, 4040mah killer battery, big screen and awesome camera. The device is cool considering the fact that it’s the first of its kind on Infinix platform to support 4G LTE and 6inch.

A lot of you have waited for the 2GB ram variant and I’m sure you’ve even gotten hold of one. The question is now that you have it, how did you feel about the Infinix Hot Note 2?

One thing that actually piss me off the device is for the fact that it doesn’t support SMILE 4G Network and SPECTRANET. You too tell me, of what use is a 4G LTE smartphone that doesn’t support 4G Network? Which in turn means that it may not support the so called awaiting ntel 4G yet to be launch network. This is not nice at all and I won’t recommend it to anyone who intend to buy it because of the 4G network issh except if you just want to use for something else (you love it big, cool and classy kind of people and not for the speedy internet enchanters).

Those of you who own this device in Lagos, can you please tell us if it supports Coberanet and Swift? For Spectranet & Smile is a no go area.

Right now the only difference I see from the 1GB Infinix hot note 2 and the 2GB variant is just the Ram and nothing else. 4G LTE appearing on the 2GB variant is just for decoration and not for use. Prove me wrong if it works with any of the 4G networks in your country.

Don’t misquote me please, everything about the device is cool and awesome but the 4G appearing on that device is just like putting on singlet and boxers on a high expensive Italian shoe going to work. Prove me wrong if it supports your own 4G network.

In-short, I’ll even recommend you buy Tecno Camon C5 that supports 4G LTE, works with SMILE, SPECTRANET and their younger brother.

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38 thoughts on “My Conclusion on Infinix Hot Note 2 a.k.a Big 6”

  1. I like you Prof? nice one I've hated this phone right from the lunch date when they decided to split it into two different devices.

    I suspected their newly discovered 4G LTE is a market strategy but wasn't sure.
    To hell should infinix and their tortoise brain.

    well what about Xiomi redmi 3?

  2. thanks prof for this info. and i have been saving money to get this phone .

    another thing prof please send me your active mail address i want to discuss personal thing with you or rather send me a mail with this one im using to comment .

    thanks , God bless

  3. To me with all this I went to research field check the scores
    All this network comes with band e.g 800,2300 and others
    Now Smile 4g network has a band of this LTE-800
    Spectranet LTE-2300
    Swift LTE-2300 this are still popular 4g network we have for now and the features of infinix zero 3 goes like this only network band feature check the rest

    4G Network LTE band 1(2100), 3(1800), 7(2600), 38(2600), 39(1900), 40(2300), 41(2500)
    Final conclusion zero 3 will surely support spectranet and swift network because the band of both networks are present in zero 3 but smile network not supported because lack of 800 band still waiting for mtn and glo to lunch their 4g may zero 3 will be supported go to market and buy your zero 3 the band of note 2 will be available very soon thanks

  4. All those networks you mentioned,are you sure they are programmed to work like the normal networks?? I kinda doubt! I want to believe it will work on mtn/Glo/Etisalat/Airtel/any new mobile sim when they upgrade their network. Still waiting patiently and hopefully. Make we never write these device off first.

    • Hello Kolawole, nice research but stop encouraging yourself with all this broadband with Note 2 because even smile staff says it won't work. I'll only believe if it works on someone elses note 2.

  5. LTE network has 44 bands. An average smartphone can support only ten on those bands.

    Phones that are shipped to various regions have different bands installed. Infinix didn't do their homework well before manufacturing. However, the incoming NTEL, MTN and Glo LTE networks run on band 3, there is every possibility that Infinix devices would support those against that of Smile and Spectranet that runs on different bands.

  6. I have the infinix note 2 1gb ram version…. the problem is that it's very slow and laggy. .. is anybody experiencing such?


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