Update On Getting Your Unlock Code For E303 Modems

Good day friends, I just want to sincerely tender my
apologies to my friends whose modems I have not yet unlock due to the fact that my server has been down for some time. Though some unlock codes were generated
and distributed accordingly but not all. Those who did not receive their unlockcode, I will refer you to a friend of mine online whose server is up and he
will unlock your
modem for you in less than 48hours.

I am currently working on the New Dc unlocker client to work
with unlimited credit without password, once I am done, I will distribute it to everyone who
still need to unlock their modem. Meanwhile, those who have MF631,MF691,MF100,MF190 can easily unlock their modem with the old DC unlocker client. If you need the old Dc unlocker client to unlock these version i mentioned, just drop your comment and i will mail it to you.
For the Glo bolt users, your modem cannot be unlock by an
unlock code except via firmware upgrade. I will keep you posted about the
firmware upgrade. Kindly visit www.modemunlock.com
, drop your imei number their and he will provide you with an unlock code. www.modemunlock.com
Thanks for your understanding.
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22 thoughts on “Update On Getting Your Unlock Code For E303 Modems

  1. Yomi i got a message dat i am on blackberry voice but i havnt been able to browse with nd my money is being deducted when browsing what should i do?

  2. @Anonymous 1 & 2, i beleive you are both making ref to the old DC unlocker for unlocking the version of modems i posted above. Once am done with the new one, i will let the house know about it.
    @Bizzy, On what device are u using it? If you can empty your account to make sure you have 0.0 naira, i think it will be better. Like mine, i have been using it on my blackberry phone without any cash in dir

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